10 Family Activities to Do at Home This Winter

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With so much time spent at home lately, you may feel like you’re running out of ways to keep the family busy. With cold weather and shorter days to contend with, winter can be a difficult time to keep the kids entertained. Still, it's also a great opportunity to spend more time together as a family and enjoy one another’s company. If you’re struggling to think of new ideas to keep the whole family engaged, perhaps these suggestions will help. Here are 10 activities for you to try at home this season.


1.             Movie Marathons


Cosy up while it’s cold outside and throw a movie night complete with your family’s favourite films. To make this activity feel a bit more special, you could craft movie-themed decorations such as a director’s clapper board and your very own cinema-style sign showing the evening’s listings. Gather your family’s most loved snacks and enjoy a laid-back night of movie fun.


2.             Stargazing


Take advantage of afternoons when it gets dark early to stargaze as a family, giving your kids the opportunity to study the night sky before bedtime. Stargazing is an accessible activity for families and a great excuse to introduce kids to astronomy. Choose a clear night, wrap up warm in coats and blankets and let yourself be awestruck by the skies above — you can even use a stargazing app to give you more information about what you’re looking at.


3.             Winter Bonfire


A bonfire is an activity the whole family will enjoy — there’s something extra cosy about snuggling up in a blanket with a hot chocolate and sitting by the fire when it’s cold.


4.             Have a PJ Day


On the slowest of winter days, sometimes you just want to stay in your pyjamas and relax — and who said you can’t make that into a family activity? Host a pyjama day at home, encouraging everyone to stay in their most comfortable PJs all day long. This is the perfect opportunity to play board games, watch films or do a bit of baking — all the things you’re usually too busy to find time for.


5.             Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Get crafty with your children or teens on rainy days and make your own bath bombs at home. Making bath bombs is a fun, simple, and safe activity as a family, and kids and adults will love using the finished products.


6.             Go for a Wintry Walk


Despite the bad weather, winter is a beautiful time to get outside and connect with nature. Frosty woodland walks are sure to be a favourite for everyone, with lots of breathtaking sights to enjoy. The lack of foliage at this time of year lets the little ones see another side to our woodlands and provides the ideal opportunity to discuss the seasons.


7.             Do a Science Experiment


“At home” science experiments are an excellent way to teach your children something new about the world around them, enabling you to demonstrate how some of the scientific concepts they may have heard about work in real-world settings. You can do countless safe science experiments at homewith everyday items, from creating instant ice to making your own lava lamps.


8.             Listen to an Audiobook


If your little ones are too young to read independently or you just want to try something different, an audiobook is a fantastic way to keep them entertained. Find audio versions of their favourite stories so they can experience beloved characters and worlds in a whole new way.


9.             Create a Cardboard Wreath


If you have some old cardboard lying around, why not put it to use by creating your own wreath? This family activity is fun and simple, allowing you to use whatever craft supplies you already have. Try experimenting with pom-poms, felt or painted leaves to create a lovely decoration for the house — all you need to get started is a large ring of cardboard ready to be decorated.


10.         Make a Collage


Another arts and crafts project that’s easy to do at home is collaging. With nothing more than paper and glue, you can get stuck into a fun activity and create your very own work of art. Have your kids use coloured cards, tissue paper or cuttings from old magazines to make their collage — you can provide a template or have them create something completely original, depending on their age and preference.

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