13 Easter Games for Kids

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The bunny may bring chocolate and marshmallow goodies, but what about when the hunt is over, and you’ve got an afternoon ahead? Try a few fun Easter games for kids. From egg-cellent educational ideas to bunny-based movement activities, hop to it and add these Easter games for kids to your holiday activity list!

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Name Hop Like a Bunny

Get in gross motor fun with this hoppy activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Not only can your kids hop like a bunny, but they can also build early literacy skills.

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Bunny Hop Memory Game

Help your preschooler to build memory skills with the Bunny Hop game ($35) from Amazon. The two-to four-player game gives kids the chance to learn about colors while having a hippity hoppity good time.

Peep Face Game

Add a Minute to Win It style game to your list of Easter activities. This Peep Game from Grace for Single Parents will put a smile, and a few sugar-coated marshmallow chickies, on your child’s face.

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Follow the Bunny Footprints

Turn follow the leader into bunny fun with rabbit feet. Place these cardboard bunny footprints from Amazon ($7) in your backyard, on a walkway or even in your playroom. The kids can jump from footprint to footprint or follow the rabbit around your home.

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Easter-Themed Bunny Bean Bag Toss

Bring the fun to your backyard bash with this Easter-themed bunny bean bag toss game from Amazon ($15). The Easter game comes with a 30”x54” game pad and four carrot-shaped bean bags.

Felt Egg Puzzles

This Easter your kids can craft their own puzzle—with felt. Cut colorful craft felt into egg-shaped ovals. Use the felt scraps to make stripes, polka dots and other pieces. Scatter the felt on a desk or the kitchen table. Your child can puzzle the pieces together to create a design. Unlike paper, the fuzzy felt will stick together. Add an extra layer to the game and ask your child to match colors or shapes on each egg.

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Easter Bingo

This Easter bingo game for kids ($9) is perfect for your family’s holiday party or just an afternoon of at-home play. Get your own set of cards and markers on Amazon here.

Easter Egg Matching

Take your child’s Easter paper crafts to a new level with this egg matching game from Kiddy Charts. This Easter game for kids helps little learners to get artsy, develop fine motor skills and build their memory.

Plastic Egg Play

How many ways can your kid reuse a plastic Easter egg? Give your child a basket of eggs and other items to use with them. From tempera paints and tape to mini animal figurines and other toys, your child can let their imagination loose and come up with a steady stream of idea awesomeness. Set a time limit, and count how many ways your kiddo can use the eggs in one, five, or more minutes—or pit two teams against each, and other to see who comes up with the most ideas.

Clothespin Bunny Pick-Up

Your crafty kiddo can make their own clothespin bunnies with pom poms, googly eyes and paint. After the tempera dries, use the clothespins to pick up handmade jellybeans. Click here to learn how to make the clothespin bunnies. To make the jellybeans, give your child markers or crayons and watch as they color their own ovals onto cardboard. Cut the cardboard out, scatter the faux candy on a table, and set a timer for 60 seconds. Count how many beans your child nabs in the minute!

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Potato Sack Race

Your little bunnies can get hopping with this potato sack race game from Amazon ($14). Each set comes with six bunny-print potato sacks and bunny ear headbands.

Egg-stravagant Easter Egg Hunt

Are you looking for Easter games with eggs? Even though you could go with the same old Easter egg hunt your kids do every year, you also could kick things up a notch with a color-coded game, treasure map hunt or one of these other amped up egg-y options.

Colorful Egg Roll

With some paper and paint, you can turn a classic Easter game into a fresh new tradition. We absolutely love what Jaime Reimer came up with, and it's a safe bet you will, too. Check out everything you need to know, including what supplies you'll need, by heading over to Hands On As We Grow.



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