14 Remarkably Clever Ways To Use Zip Ties

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Uses For Zip Ties

If I handed you a small bag and asked you to fill it with items you could use to solve household problems and fix things that weren’t working as they should, what would you put in it?

Duct tape is an obvious choice — many people consider it the most versatile “fixer” item you can carry with you or keep at home. But today I want to want to talk about another “fixer,” one that I would argue is nearly as versatile as duct tape: zip ties!

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Zip ties were invented in 1958 as a way to corral wiring on airplanes, and since that time, they’ve become staples in many different industries due to their affordability, ease of use, and surprising strength. Below, you’ll find 14 of the best everyday uses for zip ties, which might just convince you to keep a bag of them alongside your duct tape!

14 Everyday Uses For Zip Ties

Uses For Zip Ties

1. Make A Key Ring

You can use a small zip tie as a key ring, which is a handy option to have when you’re giving spare keys to a house- or pet-sitter when you go out of town. Just zip tie your spare house key, mailbox key, and any other important keys together so your sitter can easily keep track of them.

Uses For Zip Ties

2. Make Binder Rings

Use a couple of small zip ties to “bind” papers and documents together. Just punch a couple of holes along the edge and slip small zip ties through the holes. This is a simple and fun way to create a book of your child’s writing or artwork. They’ll love flipping through it!

Uses For Zip Ties

3. Organize Cables

One of my biggest pet peeves is tangled, messy, and chaotic cables! I do try to keep the cables as organized as possible, but my videographer husband taught me that the secret to having ultra-organized and sleek cables is —  zip ties! Take cables that are in the same area, and zip tie them together at regular intervals. The cables will run in one line, which reduces the chaos significantly.

Uses For Zip Ties

4. Lock Your Luggage

When you’re traveling (especially if you’re backpacking,) you might utilize luggage storage services to keep your bags for the day while you’re out sightseeing. While I’m sure that the majority of people at these services are perfectly trustworthy people, it never hurts to take an extra precaution or two, right?

If your bag has two zippers to close it, you can use a zip tie to secure the two zippers together. It probably won’t stop a determined thief, but it will deter most people from poking around in your bags while you’re out enjoying your trip.

Uses For Zip Ties

5. Make A Bubble Wand

Make a small loop at the end of a large zip tie and use it as a makeshift bubble wand! Try out one of these recipes for homemade bubble solution, and have a bubble party with the kids!

Uses For Zip Ties

6. Snake A Drain

Use a large zip tie to help fish hair out of a stopped-up drain. Use a sharp knife to cut diagonal notches along the sides of the zip tie. Then slide it into the drain, and move it up and down to loosen debris and pick up hair.

Uses For Zip Ties

7. Seal Bags

Use a zip tie to re-seal packages so that the food won’t get stale. This works great to keep marshmallows, brown sugar, and other foods from drying out.

Uses For Zip Ties

8. Childproof Your Cabinets

Can’t keep the kids out of the cabinets? Zip ties are a cheap and easy fix! Secure a zip tie between two adjacent knobs or handles to keep the kids out of a cupboard.

Uses For Zip Ties

9. Support Plants

Some plants need a little extra encouragement to stand up straight. Place a stake next to your plant, and use a loosely looped zip tie to secure the plant stem to the stake. (The zip tie should be loose enough to accommodate for the expected growth of the plant. You don’t want to accidentally strangle it!)

Uses For Zip Ties

10. Fix A Zipper

Got a pair of jeans with a zipper that just won’t stay up? Loop a zip tie through the end of your zipper, then zip up your pants. Hook the loop onto the button, then button your pants. And voila! Zipper crisis averted. :-)

Uses For Zip Ties

11. Secure A Bouquet

Use a zip tie to secure bouquets of flowers. This is great tip for brides who opt to make their own bouquets. It’s also a great way to keep flowers together as a bundle if you’re displaying them in a slightly larger vase.

Uses For Zip Ties

12. Pack Efficiently

Need to pack a lot of stuff into a small bag? Zip ties to the rescue! Roll your shirts and pants tightly, then secure each one with a zip tie. You’ll be able pack very efficiently! (Make sure to bring extra zip ties to use for the return trip.)

Uses For Zip Ties

13. Take Them Camping

Zip ties are a great multi-purpose item to keep with your camping supplies. Use a zip tie to fix broken hooks and loops on a tent. Or use one to secure your camp tablecloth to the table in windy conditions. You can also use them to get more traction on slippery hikes! (See below.)

Uses For Zip Ties

14. Improve Your Traction

If you need a bit of extra grip to power through a slippery trail, or even just an icy parking lot, grab a zip tie! Loop the zip tie around the toe of your shoe, with the fastener facing down towards the ground. Clip the excess length, and the clasp will give you that extra traction you’re looking for.

Uses For Zip Ties

BONUS: Zip Tie Tips & Tricks

How To Loosen A Zip Tie: Grab a small, strong, and sharp object (a craft knife or a small screwdriver would work well) and slide it between the strip part and the ratchet mechanism. Carefully slide the strip out.

Uses For Zip Ties

Using Zip Ties Outdoors: If you’re going to be using zip ties outdoors, look for ones that are marked as UV-resistant or UV-stable. Zip ties that are designed for indoor use will likely deteriorate over time when exposed to direct sunlight.

What’s your favorite way to use zip ties?