14 Sustainable Brands Selling Craft Supplies For Eco-Friendly, Creative Projects

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Craft projects are fun activities for creative people or for families who want to spend quality time together. They are also a great way for children to build self-esteem and motor skills, develop their imagination and strengthen their attention. 

Unfortunately, mass-produced craft supplies are usually made with PVC, phthalates, artificial pigments, and many other toxic substances that are produced from petroleum and are not biodegradable.

These unsustainable materials and chemicals also put our health and that of our loved ones at risk. What’s worse, the detrimental effects of being exposed to those chemicals are even worse for children and toddlers because of their small, developing bodies.  

Thankfully, we do not have to buy unsustainable, toxic craft supplies. There are many options available that are both good for the planet and safe for humans.

We have compiled a list of 15 brands selling eco-friendly, non-toxic craft supplies so that you and your children can create and craft safely and sustainably with peace of mind. 


Reusable craft supplies, like scissors, paint brushes, or colored pencils, should be durable and made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials so that you can reuse them for a long time. 

In general, try to stay away from supplies made of virgin plastic, and instead, choose natural or recycled materials. FSC-certified wood, bamboo, recycled rubber, recycled plastic, or stainless steel are great eco-friendly options. 

More consumable supplies, like paint, crayons, or glue, should be produced using biodegradable, food-grade, and mineral- or plant-based ingredients. For instance, some natural, non-toxic ingredients are beeswax, fruit and vegetable pigments, and clay.   

If you are looking for paper, recycled paper is always your best option. And the most sustainable fabrics and cords you can find for your craft projects are usually made of organic or recycled cotton, reclaimed wool, hemplinen, or recycled acrylic. 


1) Eco-Kids

Categories: Crayons, Chalk, Paint, Sculpting Dough, Art Pads, Colored Pencils 

Materials: Beeswax, Recycled Paper, Fruit & Vegetable Pigments, Bamboo, Clay

Price: $6-36

Eco-kids is a sustainable brand creating safe, non-toxic art supplies for children.

Its products are all free of artificial pigments, phthalates, or PVC. 

The company sells different types of paint, beeswax crayons, art pads, a necklace-making kit, and many other eco-friendly craft supplies. It even offers an all-natural alternative to artificial modeling clays: its eco-dough is made with organic fruit, plant, and vegetable extracts! 

Eco-kids’ craft supplies are mostly produced with edible ingredients, including pigments made of powdered fruits, vegetables and minerals, and thickeners obtained from rice and potato starch. 

The brand makes many of its products in powder form to reduce the use of preservatives and to be able to package them in paper and cardboard instead of plastic.

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2) Worthwhile Paper

Categories: Washi Tape, Sketchbooks, Stickers, Stamps, Pencils

Materials: Rubber, Wood, Paper, Vinyl, Recycled Paper

Price: $4-25

Worthwhile Paper handcrafts paper goods using eco-friendly materials and processes. It blends energizing and bold colors with simple, soothing graphic patterns in its designs. 

The brand sells all kinds of products that can be used in craft projects. From beautifully designed cards and sketchbooks to stickers and pencils, Worthwhile Paper has you covered! 

You can also choose between various patterns and colors of washi tape, as well as cool stamps made from natural rubber. 

Worthwhile Paper makes its products using water-based screen printing inks and recycled paper from a Michigan paper mill that runs on 100% hydropower. It also plants a tree for every order and ships everything plastic-free. 

Shop Worthwhile Paper

3) Onyx and Green

Categories: Glue, Pencils, Scissors, Adhesive Tape, Pencil Sharpeners, Erasers 

Materials: Recycled Plastic, Corn-Based Plastic, Stainless Steel, Bamboo, Recycled Paper, Recycled Rubber

Price: $2-7

ONYX and Green specializes in the creation of sustainable office and school supplies. The brand has a lot of products that can be used for crafts, including different non-toxic, plant-based glues and adhesive tapes that come in a recycled plastic dispenser. 

For cutting paper or cardboard, you can use ONYX and Green’s refillable box cutter, or its scissors made of stainless steel and recycled or corn-based plastic. 

The brand also sells bamboo pencil sharpeners, erasers made from recycled rubber, and colorful highlighters produced using recycled water bottles. 

ONYX and Green’s most unique products are probably its colored pencils all made from recycled newspapers. We can still see some words on them, so they are really fun to use!

Shop Onyx and Green

4) Eco-Friendly Crafts

Categories: Crafting Kits, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Yarn, Paint, Chalk, Fabric

Materials: Plant-Based Ingredients, Felt, Recycled Wood, Beeswax, Recycled Cotton, Reclaimed Wool

Price: $0.5-119

The name says it all: Eco-Friendly Crafts creates safe, sustainable alternatives to conventional art and craft supplies. The company sells colored pencils made of recycled wood, beeswax crayons, and different types of non-toxic, all-natural paint.

For more unique craft supplies, it also offers several puppet-making kits that contain reclaimed wool, and felting kits in which you can create cute animals. 

If you love knitting or sewing, Eco-Friendly Crafts has an incredibly large selection of yarn. From recycled cotton and wool to bamboo yarn and recycled acrylic, there are so many options and colors available! 

The brand even has supplies for people who like embroidery, as well as macrame and crochet.

Shop Eco-Friendly Crafts

5) Honeysticks

Categories: Crayons, Paint, Coloring Books

Materials: Beeswax, Soy Wax, Food-Grade Ingredients, Recycled Paper

Price: $15-100

Honeysticks crafts non-toxic art supplies for toddlers and children to encourage their creative development. They are handmade in New Zealand from natural, food-grade ingredients. 

The brand sells practical beeswax crayons that are designed for little hands.

You can buy a pack of six or twelve eye-catching colors, and the beeswax they are made of is a natural by-product of honey production. 

Honeysticks also has bath crayons produced using soy wax sourced from sustainable plantations in the US, beeswax, and a plant-based emulsifier. Along with the company’s natural bath color drops, they are the perfect products to add some creativity to your child’s bathtime routine! 

Your toddler will also adore Honeysticks’ cute little paint brushes and its fun coloring books made of recycled paper. 

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6) Ecopiggy

Categories: Glitter, Face Paint, Crafting Kits 

Materials: Plant-Based Ingredients, Wood

Price: $10-19

Ecopiggy creates simple, natural and sustainable parenting essentials that are all non-toxic and free of harmful substances like BPA, PVC and phthalates. 

The brand sells plastic-free, biodegradable and plant-based glitter, which is extremely rare to find even nowadays!

Available in four gorgeous colors, it is even safe to use on your face. 

For a nice craft project in the springtime, pick Ecopiggy’s wooden egg crafting kit. You will be able to get creative and color these handmade eggs made of FSC-certified wood. But if you prefer painting real eggs, the company has a dyeing kit that contains food-grade ingredients like veggies and spices. 

You can also choose Ecopiggy’s clay and mineral-based face paints: they are made with non-toxic ingredients like organic, fair-trade shea butter and castor seed oil. 

Shop Ecopiggy

7) Crazy Crayons

Categories: Crayons

Materials: Recycled Crayons

Price: $1.50-80

Crazy Crayons collects used crayons from all over the United States and turns them into beautiful “new” crayons for many other people to enjoy. So far, it has collected over 120,000 pounds of unwanted crayons! Even though they are produced from recycled materials, the company’s “new” crayons color just like any other crayon.

They are also sterilized and non-toxic, so they are completely safe to use. 

All the crayons sold on Crazy Crayons’ website are made in multiple colors, and they feature a fun shape that little kids will love. You can choose between stars, sticks, Earth-shaped crayons, and some terrific dinosaurs. 

What is awesome is that if you purchase anything from Crazy Crayons, you are helping them maintain their recycling program and promote recycling education!

Shop Crazy Crayons

8) Natural Earth Paint

Categories: Paint, Varnish, Glitter, Dyeing & Crafting Kits, Paint Brushes 

Materials: Organic Ingredients, Mineral Pigments, Organic Cotton

Price: $2-60

Natural Earth Paint is a woman-owned, Gold certified Green America business that creates all kinds of art supplies and non-toxic paints. Its products only contain organic ingredients or mineral pigments that are handmade in small batches.  

If you are looking for paint for your craft projects, this brand has everything from complete paint kits to individual paint packets and bulk paint. 

The paint comes in a powder form, but you simply need to mix it with water for it to become a creamy, tempera-like paint. It can be used on many surfaces, including paper, fabric, wood, glass, and rocks. 

Natural Earth Paint also sells natural varnish, bamboo watercolor paper, eco-friendly glitter, and organic cotton canvas. 

Shop Natural Earth Paint

9) Stubby Pencil Studio

Categories: Crayons, Highlighter Pencils, Colored Pencils, Coloring Cards

Materials: Soy Wax, Mineral Powders, Wood

Price: $2-19

Stubby Pencil Studio is an Oregon-based brand selling eco-friendly art and stationery supplies produced using natural and sustainable materials. 

Its crayon rocks are pebble-shaped crayons that are easy to hold by children’s hands.

Available in a variety of beautiful colors and entirely biodegradable, they are made from soy wax and tinted with non-toxic mineral powders. 

Stubby Pencil Studio also offers wooden highlighter pencils so that we can stop using those wasteful plastic highlighters. Plus, these do not bleed, dry out or leak, which is ideal! 

You can also pick the brand’s colored pencils crafted from FSC-certified wood, or some of its cute, recycled paper coloring cards that you can decorate as you wish.

Shop Stubby Pencil Studio

10) Hemptique

Categories: Cord, Twine, Rope, Yarn, Paper, Fabric

Materials: Hemp, Recycled Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, Cotton

Price: $3-14

Hemptique is on a mission to bring high-quality hemp products to the world, including clothes and craft supplies. All the brand’s products are made with materials that are grown organically and sourced ethically. 

Hemptique is your go-to brand if you are looking for any type of rope, cord, or twine for your craft projects! Its hemp cords are sold in an incredibly large variety of colors, and they are entirely biodegradable and dyed with azo-free dyes.

The company also sells macramé ropes made from recycled cotton that are soft to the touch and easy to work with. Hemptique’s fabrics are great for all kinds of sewing projects, and its handmade paper can be used for watercolor painting and calligraphy.

Shop Hemptique

11) Sprout

Categories: Pencils, Colored Pencils 

Materials: Wood, Graphite, Clay, Non-GMO Seeds

Price: $13-16

Sprout is an award-winning, certified B Corporation making pencils and colored pencils that can be planted after you have used them, so they can have a second life as a plant. 

The pencils come with a seed capsule and, once they become too small to write with, you simply need to plant them in a bit of soil, water them, place them in the sun, and the seeds will sprout within 7 to 12 days.

They will grow into different types of plants, including herbs, vegetables, flowers, or even spruce trees! 

The pencils are climate neutral and they are made of PEFC or FSC-certified wood. You can also have them personalized with your own special message or name. 

Shop Sprout

12) Bella Luna Toys

Categories: Crayons, Colored Pencils, Crafting Kits, Paint, Yarn, Sculpting Dough, Watercolor Paper

Materials: Wood, Beeswax, Cotton, Wool, Non-Toxic & Natural Ingredients 

Price: $3-59

Bella Luna Toys is a one-stop shop for beautifully designed and handcrafted wooden toys and all kinds of craft supplies. 

The brand has all the basic art supplies that you may need for creative projects: scissors, crayons, colored pencils, non-toxic paint, paint brushes, and many others. 

Bella Luna Toys also offers different crafting kits that can be used by both adults and children. Some will teach you how to knit a little cat, and others how you can create your own floral paper. 

The company even sells modeling beeswax, a few carving kits, and a wooden fairy house that you can decorate using natural elements. 

Bella Luna Toys is a member of Green America, and it regularly supports non-profit organizations helping children around the world. 

Shop Bella Luna Toys

13) Veggie Baby

Categories: Paint, Sculpting Dough, Painting Pads

Materials: Fruit & Vegetable Powders, Recycled Paper

Price: $15-35

Veggie Baby produces high-quality art and craft supplies for babies and young children. Its products are all made from natural, plant-based ingredients, and they are free of preservatives, color additives, and harmful chemicals. 

While the brand does not have an extensive collection of craft supplies, it offers a great alternative to toxic, chemical paints. It has its own version of tempera paint made with organic fruit and vegetable powders, and finger paint produced using veggie powders. 

Sold in five different colors, Veggie Baby’s paint is vegan-friendly and completely edible, so you will not have to worry about your kids eating it!

You can also buy non-toxic, plant-based sculpting dough, as well as painting pads all made from post-consumer recycled paper. 

Shop Veggie Baby

14) EarthHero

Categories: Ribbons, Sculpting Dough, Crayons, Paint, Cord, Glitter, Coloring Books

Materials: Beeswax, Recycled Plastic, Hemp, Plant-Based Ingredients, Recycled Paper

Price: $4-55

Earth Hero is a sustainable online marketplace where you can find everything you may need in your daily life, including a nice selection of craft supplies sold by conscious brands.The company offers a wide variety of craft supplies, including crayons, plastic-free glitter, coloring books, and paint.

It also sells different types of ribbons made from recycled paper and hemp cords available in various colors. 

Earth Hero even has a cool sand casting kit and eco-friendly sculpting dough produced using organic flour that comes with helpful, recycled plastic accessories. 

Buying your craft supplies from Earth Hero means that you are supporting a certified B Corporation that is also climate-neutral and a member of 1% For The Planet! 

Shop EarthHero

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