18 Fun Things to Make with a Toilet Paper Roll

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Let’s take a walk down memory lane back to the days when we were all hoarding toilet paper like our lives depended on it. If you’re feeling a little stir crazy these days, bust out any toilet paper rolls you have lying around your house and get crafting. From Star Wars characters to bird feeders and even flying fish, the possibilities are endless when you’ve got a stash of toilet paper rolls on hand!

Toilet Paper Roll Snake

This adorable little craft will have kids creating their own snake out of multiple toilet paper rolls. After your kiddo is done and the paint is dry, it's playtime! Get the tutorial from The Clumsy Crafter

Birthday Crowns

What a cute idea for a birthday party favor! Kids can make their own crowns and wear them throughout the whole event. Get the tutorial over at Creative Jewish Mom

Bird Finder Binoculars

Whether you're on an outdoor adventure or peeking birdies from your window, these adorable Bird Finder Binoculars from Art Bar are perfect for exploring. All you need are some empty toilet paper rolls, string and colorful masking tape to make your own peepers.

Star Wars Characters

The gang's all here! This cast of Star Wars characters from Hello, Wonderful are perfect for your young Jedis. Great for an entire afternoon, these mini crafts use up that collection of TP rolls you've been collecting.

Flying Carp

Everyone's day can use a little more color, especially in the form of whimsical and cheery flying carp from Spuirrelly Minds! With basic supplies like tissue paper and double-sided tape, your littles will be running around with a few flying fish in no time.


Whether it's spring or not, you and the kiddos can enjoy the beauty of butterflies with this craft from One Little Project. The playful activity uses googly eyes, pipe cleaners and other crafty materials you most likely have on hand.

Collage Animal Marionettes

How adorable are these Collage Animal Marionettes from Art Bar?! Make your own with simple supplies, including bright beads and tissue paper.

Rocket Ships

3..2..1..blast off! Let your little astronaut explore the galaxy when you create this fun rocket ship made with supplies you already have on hand. Head to The Inspiration Edit for the free template!

Happy Birthday Sign

If you have a stack of old TP rolls lying around, why not turn them into a useful sign like this one? Color the tubes, do some specific cutting and you have a truly unique way to say "happy birthday!" Get all the details over Super Make It.

Race Car

Hook their LEGO men up with a new set of wheels by painting and adding cardboard tires to a toilet paper roll. Let them pick the colors and add the stickers to make it a unique ride all their own. Get the details over at Kifli és Levendula.

Super Hero Cuffs

You don't need special powers to make these awesome wristlets with your little hero. After painting the tubes, let your kids decorate them with stars, flowers, lightening bolts, or anything that they think gives them special powers. Find out how to make the slits for little arms just right over at Reading Confetti.

Toilet Paper Roll Tunnel

Keep Junior busy for hours—indoors or outside—with this simple project. Collect all of your leftover toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and tape them together on a wall into any kind of formation. The magic happens when you drop a marble or pom-pom down one end of the tunnel. Get the right angle over at Healthy Mama Info.

Seedling Pots

Work those green thumbs by using a toilet paper roll as a mini plant pot, perfect for starter herbs and veggies. Wrap each tube in brown packing paper to keep dirt from spilling out the bottom, and secure with a ribbon or string. Get inspired over at Home Work.

Slinky Snake

Practice dexterity and scissor cutting by whipping up one of these goggly-eyed reptiles. Start by painting and letting dry a toilet paper roll. Next, have your little one use safety scissors to snip a spiral shape into the roll. Decorate the bouncy creature with stripes or dots and a pair of inquisitive eyes. The gals over at Eighteen 25 have the low-down on how to get it just right.


Shape Stamps

Mama Jen of Mama Papa Bubba wows again! This project is the ultimate win-win. While the bambino brushes up on shapes and colors, you get to upcycle all of those saved rolls. On a rainy day, use the shapes to make cards or just let kiddo go stamp crazy on poster board.

photo: Gabby Cullen

Confetti Poppers

Speaking of parties... turn your kid's next one into the shindig of the year with these confetti poppers crafted out of a tied balloon wrapped and taped over a toilet tissue roll. Pour confetti into the open end, gently pull the end of the ballon... and POP! Check out our tutorial here

Bird Feeder

Keep an eye on your feathered friends by whipping up this easy feeder. All you have to do is spread shortening onto a toilet paper roll, and then roll the tube into bird seeds. The seeds will stick to the roll, and you can hang it up porch-side or stick it on a branch. Fireflies and Mud Pies has the details for this awesome idea.

Wall Art

This (or something like it) is just the thing for that blank wall in your kid's room. Obviously, you'll need A LOT of toilet tissue rolls, but once you're stocked up, tacky glue the rolls together. Bonus: The piece of art doubles as funky, hanging storage compartments. Admire this and other ideas by popping over to Style Me Pretty.


—Ayren Jackson-Cannady & Karly Wood



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