19 Crafty Things to Do with Old Cribs

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How amazing would it be for you to be able to upcycle and repurpose crib – so that you can always have a piece of that sweet newborn baby stage showcased in your home? You may be surprised to find that there are actually several different crib repurpose ideas out there! Here are just a few ways that a baby crib can be repurposed.

Whether you’re turning it into a useful organizational piece, a functional piece of furniture, or even a new play area for your child, you’ll be glad that you don’t have to throw it out!


Repurpose Old Cribs- Collage of clever ways to repurpose old cribs

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Creative and Fun DIY Crib Repurpose Ideas

One thing that most parents have in common is how we can be nostalgic with letting go of our precious little one’s baby items. It may seem silly to some, but, one of the hardest things we did was get rid of our son’s crib. When your baby transitions from a crib to a toddler bed, it is a really big milestone in their development. I wish I had found these crib repurpose ideas before we got rid of our son’s crib. If you just can’t stand the thought of getting rid of yours, this list is perfect for you.

1. Chalkboard Easel

This crib repurpose idea is so fun and practical! Turn your old crib into a big chalkboard easel for your porch. They’re perfect for seasonal decorating, parties, and more. It would even be cute for a business (think homemade goods or sandwich shop to list daily specials) or even as your own menu board for your house! What a great project with so many different uses!

Crib Chalkboard- Picture of side of crib being repurposed as a chalboard sign


2. Magazine Rack from a Repurposed Crib!!

If you just love your magazines, but hate having to dig through a basket to get to your favorite one, then this is the perfect DIY project for you! Keep your magazines handy behind a chair or off in the corner by turning one side of the crib into a magazine rack. Your repurpose crib now keeps your magazines from getting all bent!

Picture of Crib side being used as a magazine rack

3. DIY Upcycled Couch

Were you blessed by a set of multiples in your family? Or maybe you just had little ones really close together. Either way, if you have several cribs, then this is a great way to repurpose those cribs! Just turn them into a couch and VOILA! This is a great piece for a kids’ room, dorm, or the basement!

Picture of before & after of DIY couch using old crib


4. Repurpose Cribs into a Kid’s Bookshelf

If your house is flooded with children’s books instead of magazines, then just change the magazine rack to a kid’s bookshelf! This repurposed crib makes an ideal bookshelf for the kids. Those board and picture books fit on it perfectly and make it easy for little ones to see which book they want to pick.

Picture of crib being used as kid's bookshelf

5. DIY Drying Rack

I’ve always wanted a drying rack in the house, but I’d have never thought of this idea to turn one side of the crib into a drying rack!

  1. Mount it to the door of your laundry room
  2. Pull it out when you need it
  3. Put it away when you don’t

How genius is that!?

drying rack

6. Chore Chart

If you’re as busy as most mom’s it’s always good to have a way to keep up with everyone’s tasks and chores that they’re responsible for. This brilliant mom turned her old crib rail into a chore chart and behavior system for her kiddos. She even offers printables and lots of ideas to recreate her project!

Picture of crib being used as a chore chart

7. DIY Crib Porch Swing

This crib repurpose idea is not only clever, but also really pretty! Use your old crib to create a gorgeous porch swing for everyone in the family to enjoy. I love this idea because you can treasure a part of your child’s babyhood while still making something your whole family can enjoy.

Picture of a DIY porch swing made from a crib

8. Toy Chest

As parents of young ones, is there ever time that there aren’t toys laying around everywhere? Well, with this creative project, you can make sure those toys get put away every time! Just repurpose your old crib into a toy chest for your child! And what’s extra special about this project, is that it is sure to be one of those pieces that your kids want to keep for their own children in the future!

Picture of a DIY toy chest made from a crib

9. Crib Bench

This one is absolutely adorable! If you’re looking for a cozy reading nook for your kid’s room or if you’re a photographer and need some extra photography props, turn your old crib into a crib bench. Seriously, we can’t believe how adorable this project is! This could also be used in your entryway for people to sit and remove their shoes.

Picture of Bench made from crib

11. Art Table

Have a creative and artisitc member of the family? Then this DIY crib project will be their dream come true! Your child will love creating new ideas and projects on this repurposed crib turned art table. You can make it extra special by painting a chalkboard top, and adding pails of chalk, crayons, lots of craft paper, and more to their little creation station! This table is sure to get those creative juices flowing.  Heck, I want one for myself!

Picture of crib repurposed into an art table

12. DIY Crib Garden Bench

Another really great repurpose project is to create a garden bench from your old crib. We love the rustic look of this bench created by pairing light gray paint, dark gray paint, and furniture wax to create the distressed look.

Tip for Dads: This would make a great Mother’s Day gift that she will love for years to come!

Picture of bench made from an old crib

13. Craft Storage

Maybe you can’t use all of the parts of your old crib, but if you can use the crib spring, then you can turn it into this handcrafted storage by attaching baskets, pails, and jars to hold all of your crafts supplies! This could also be used for a dorm room to hold pictures, pens, pencils, and more! Why stop there? If you are crafty enough, you can even adjust some things and make this into kitchen storage for all of your utensils and measuring cups. The possibilities are endless!

Picture of crib being used as craft storage

14. DIY Shoe Rack

What??  You can, Repurpose crib sideboard into a shoe rack for heels!!  Freaking GENIUS!!

Are you constantly running around the house trying to find a complete pair of shoes? Well, then this DIY shoe rack is a perfect hack for all of your heels. It looks pretty enough that you can even set it out to display instead of tucking it into a closet. Plus, it lets you easily see what shoes you have and what you need. Oh, who am I kidding? We can always use another pair of heels!

Picture of DIY shoe rack using old crib


15. Hot Wheels Display: A Fun Repurpose Crib

Does your little one have a love for hot wheel cars? Are you tired from stepping on them all day long? Then use the side rail of your old crib to make this terrific hot wheels display. (Unsure of original source. If it’s yours, please let us know!) Another way that this can be used is as a spice rack in the kitchen or even as a place to store your fingernail polish or makeup!

Repurpose crib to display hot wheels cars

16. DIY Message Board

This is a fun one! Turn the crib spring into a message board where you can put important pieces of mail, notes to your family, shopping lists, and more. This also makes a great dorm room accessory for photos or reminders of assignments and events!

Picture of DIY Message Board using Old Crib

17. Repurpose a Crib into a DIY Dog Crate

Do you have a furbaby at home? Then try converting the crib into something for your furbaby! This dog crate is such a genius idea for dogs and puppies.  And it’ll look a lot nicer in your home than those wire crates you buy at the pet supplies shops. Cute and functional!

Picture of dog in a DIY dog crate made from an old crib

18. Bike Rack

Do your kids leave their bikes laying around in the garage or in the yard? We have a solution for that problem! Repurpose your crib into a bike rack for your kids’ bicycles and scooters. It will be a big help with organizing your garage.

Picture of bike rack made from old crib side

19. Play Tent

What kid doesn’t love playing in a tent? With this outdoor play tent (made from a crib repurposed) your kids will have so much fun playing outside, out of the sun! Be sure to use waterproof fabric if you plan to leave it outside. If you use it in your child’s bedroom, you can use any fabric that you want. Wouldn’t it be just perfect as a reading nook?

Picture of girl in tent made from on crib sides and crib sheets


20. Bar Cart

This crib repurpose idea is one just for the adults!  Turn your crib into a bar cart for yourself! It’s perfect to pull out for a barbecue night in the summer or New Year’s Eve party!


Picture of bar cart made from

Crib Repurposed: Ideas for the Sentimental Parent

Transitioning your little one from their baby crib to their new toddler bed or big bed is an event to remember! But, there is no need to get rid of that old crib just yet. If you like to upcycle and repurpose your items instead of buying new, try one of these fun and creative DIY ideas for repurposing your crib. This will let you keep something that’s old and sentimental to you and turn it into something new! It will definitely add to the sentiment of the crib.

Collage of crib being repurposed as a bookshelf and a bench

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