19 Must-See First Day of School Sign Ideas (+ My Twins’ First Day of School Sign)

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Check out these memorable first day of school signs for your child’s first day!

Your child’s first day of school is such a special time of year!

Think about it this way: They only have 12!

You can easily capture these memorable moments by using first day of school signs and taking pictures of them before they head off to their new grade.

Even if you haven’t been doing this since kindergarten, don’t worry!

It’s never late to start this wonderful tradition.

I remember how nervous I was sending my twins off to kindergarten.

There were some issues with separation anxiety and I did my best to prepare them for school.

But, you know what?

Despite the challenges, I look back at those first day of school pictures and I feel so proud of how far they have come since then.

So not only does taking pictures with a first day of school sign create wonderful memories, they are a perfect reminder of how they have grown and changed!

What Kind of First Day of School Sign Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing a sign for your child’s first day of school, your imagination is your only limit!

Since I was pretty frazzled a wreck sending my twins off to kindergarten, I could only drum up some craft board and markers to make their first day of school sign (and my twins even helped too!).

My twins first day of kindergarten signs I made

I was not prepared and I wish I was!

That’s why I want to help you for that special day for your child or children!

As I said, use your imagination but the three main styles I included in this list are: Chalkboard, Letterboard, and Printable.

For the chalkboard signs, you simply have to buy one and fill in your child’s information with a piece of chalk or a liquid chalk pen.

I love these bold liquid chalk pens for these signs!

They are all easily wipable and can be reused.

Letterboards are also a great option, especially for older kids in middle school, high school, and even college.

That’s right!

Why not celebrate their first days all throughout their school years?

Lastly, I’ve included some free printables in case you are looking for something more customizable and affordable.

They are super cute too!

Overall, no matter what you choose, I know you are going to make your kiddo’s first day of school as special as possible!

First Day of School Signs

1. First Day of Kindergarten Sign

Having a little one going off to kindergarten is such an exciting time!

Make sure you commemorate the day with this adorable first day of kindergarten sign.

It’s a 10×12 reusable chalkboard, which is perfect if you have younger kiddos.

Or you can pass it along to a friend or family member.

This first day of school sign is easy to write on and wipe off and is made of durable and waterproof wood.

2. Simple Chalkboard Sign

For something with a simpler design, check out this first and last day of school chalkboard.

Many parents like to take a picture on the first and last days to see how much their little ones have grown throughout the year!

This double-sided lightweight 9×12 sign is made of eco-friendly PVC board and can be written on with chalk or liquid chalk markers.

They can be easily wiped too!

3. Free Printable First Day of School Sign

If you’re more of a DIYer, why not grab a free printable first day of school sign?

I wish I had known about this!

I love this one because it has a super cute lined paper and pencil crayon look.

You can customize it for your child’s special back-to-school pictures.

Frame it or laminate it and hang onto it as a keepsake!

4. Simple Printable First and Last Days of School

Again, I like to add in some simple designs and these free printable signs fit the bill!

There’s no need to add any details of your own.

Simply choose your child’s grade and print it out for your first-day pictures.

This is a great idea if you have multiple kiddos heading off to school – it keeps the picture simple and sweet.

5. DIY First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

Do you have a Cricut?

Then I know you’ll love this free SVG file so that you can make your own first day of school sign!

You can place the vinyl on a chalkboard, fill in your child’s information, or custom cut it to make a wonderful keepsake.

Why not make one for every year and hang them on your wall?

6. First Day of School Dinosaur Chalkboard Sign

For kiddos who love dinosaurs, check out this dinosaur chalkboard sign.

It’s double-sided for both the first and last days of school!

It’s made of PVC and measures 9×12, giving you plenty of room to fill out your child’s name, age, favorite color, what they love, and what they want to be when they grow up.

I really like this one because it also lets you fill in the year they will graduate!

7. First Day of School Mermaid Chalkboard Sign

Here’s another themed first day of school sign.

I love the beautiful mermaid design!

Again, this one is double-sided for the first and last days of school.

You can use a liquid chalk marker to write on the board and it can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

For a theme day, make sure to grab these free mermaid coloring pages!

8. First Day of School Flower Chalkboard Sign

Looking for a beautiful photo op?

This flower chalkboard sign is elegant and beautiful.

It also has a first day and last day side to fill out your child’s information.

Unlike the other chalkboards, this one recommends that you use traditional chalk and not a liquid chalk pen.

9. All About Me First Day of School Printables

Children have wonderful imaginations, so I can just imagine how fun it will be to fill out this all about me first day of school printable!

You can do one every year to see how their ideas grow and change.

And why not let them fill it in themselves?

Then you can see how their writing changes over the years.

10. First Day of School Photo and Interview Signs

Here’s another free printable first day of school sign that allows your child to answer questions about their interests.

It comes with a first day of school sign that they can hold in their pictures. Keep both as an amazing memory of their first day of school.

11. White First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

Most first day of school chalkboard signs are black, so I really like this white one. It’s reusable and measures 10×12.

You can write on it with both conventional chalk and a liquid chalk pen.

The high-quality PET film makes it easy to wipe off and reuse.

12. Rustic Farmhouse Letterboard for First Day of School

If you have an older child, they may not be keen to hold a colorful chalkboard on their first day of school. You can easily use a letterboard as a middle school first day of school sign.

This 10×10 letterboard has a beautiful rustic barn wood frame and comes with 374 precut reusable and changeable letters.

Oh, and it comes in a variety of colors too! Check out the pink, brown, or black backgrounds!

13. First Day and Last Day Printables

These first and last day printables are simple and feature your child’s grade and the school year. You can easily print off signs for their first day of preschool all the way up to grade 12!

14. Rustic Felt Letterboard Creative First Day of School Sign

Here’s another letterboard I know you’re going to love!

This one is felted and comes with beautiful fonts you can use to celebrate your child’s first day of school.

Again, I think letterboards make perfect high school and middle school first day of school signs. What an awesome way to celebrate your child even as they get older!

You can get this letterboard with a brown or black background and it comes with cursive months and days as well as symbols and letters.

15. DIY First Day of School Sign Photo Prop

Ready for another DIY? Here are some instructions for making your own first day of school sign frame, complete with apples and rulers!

This project uses a chalkboard, so you can write whatever you want on it. Or, if you have that Cricut, you can cut out vinyl pieces to customize it.

16. Chalkboard First Day of School Signs for Kindergarten to College

You can celebrate all of your child’s first days with these super simple chalkboard design signs from preschool to college.

Maybe your college-aged kiddo won’t want to hold a dinosaur sign but these are really chic for their first day of class pictures.

There are no dates on these signs, so you can use them every year and for multiple kids. Oh, and they’re double-sided so you can do last days too!

17. First Day of Kindergarten Sign With Handprints

I love this idea, and you can either buy a kit or make it yourself!

Imagine measuring your little one’s handprints every year of school.

This kit includes a double-sided chalkboard, white paint, and a black marker to create the handprints on a wooden apple-shaped board.

18. First & Last Day of School Signs

Why not also have an end of school sign also? This large first day of school sign is cute, modern and will look cute in pictures.

The sign is made out of shiplap wood and measures 10 inches. This sign will grow with your child from kindergarten to first grade to their high school graduation!

19. First Day of School Flags

Check out these cute flags for your first day sign!

These are the perfect size for little hands to hold!

the flag comes unassembled but it’s easy to set up – ribbon, flag and wooden stick.

Let your child help you create these fun little flags for their first day of kindergarten.

First Day of School Photo Ideas

Once you have picked out the first day of school sign you love, the question remains: How are you going to take your little one’s picture?

Of course, this doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal. You can take the picture in your home, by the front door, by the school bus, or outside the school.

But, if you want to get creative, here are some first day of school photo ideas:

I’ve already mentioned this, but take a picture on the first and last days of school to see how much your child has grown.

If you have more than one child heading off to school, gather all of your kiddos together with their signs and take a picture of them wearing their bookbags while sitting on your front step.

Or, you can set up some additional props like books, a ruler, and an apple. I saw a really cute idea with the child balancing these items on their head!

For older kids, you can opt for making a hashtag sign instead. You can print out something like #BackToSchool.

Have your child hold last year’s photo in this year’s photo! What a great way to see how they are growing!

Set up a photo wall and decorate it with school-related items. Get your child to hold their sign while standing in front of it and snap your picture.

For some non-sign ideas, you can write on the driveway with chalk and have your little one lay down beside your design. Or, you can write on a balloon.

The possibilities are endless!

First Day of School Tips

Be sure you commemorate your child’s first day of school by getting off on the right foot!

Prepping your child for their first day ensures that your photo session will go off without a hitch.

Here are some for a fantastic first day of school:

  • For little ones starting kindergarten, read some books about starting school to help them prepare for the big change.
  • If your child is starting a new school, try to visit the school and classroom beforehand. This way, your kiddo will know what to expect.
  • Practice getting up in the morning the week before school starts. This is especially helpful for older kids who got used to sleeping in every day!
  • Include a little note or joke with your child’s lunch if they have issues with being away from you. It’s a sweet little reminder that you are thinking about them.
  • To get your child excited about going back to school, take them out shopping for new clothes and supplies.

First Day of School Signs to Make the Day Super Special!

As I mentioned before, your child really only has 12 first days of school in their life!

Well, unless they go off to college and you want to continue the tradition.

Either way, these awesome first day of school sign ideas will definitely get you started on preparing for those special days.

I know I always look forward to taking pictures of my twins with their signs!

How about you? Do you take pictures of your kiddos on their first day of school?

Let me know your tradition in the comments!