20 Homemade Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

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Guys, it’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling, people are wearing sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes are all over Instagram, and it’s also time that we fill our Thanksgiving table with Turkey, stuffing, desserts, and showcase them all with a neat Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Homemade thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Having a centerpiece is an important part of any dinner party – or in this case, a holiday feast. You don’t want to go with anything too traditional like flowers because why not make your table feel like home? Here are some ideas you can try out! 

Which Are the Trendiest Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Try in 2021?

Fads and trends come and go, and those of you that really want to be the talk of the town is probably swarming the Internet to find out what’s the latest new addition in terms of how to decorate their house for Thanksgiving.

Thankfully enough, we did the research for you, and we looked over what designs everyone is raving about, and truth be told that besides a few variations, everyone seems to be sticking to the classics.

However, 5 designs seem to be particularly popular in 2021, and they will be discussed in the following section:

1. DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces – Fall Centerpiece

Diy thanksgiving centerpieces fall centerpiece

When it comes to rustic decors, the best way is to always stick to elements that can be found in nature or decorative features that are in season.

For example, one of the easiest ways to create DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces is to simply create them using flowers and plants that can only be found during the fall, and that’s why at the top of our list is the fall centerpiece.

In order to create one just like in the picture above, you’ll need an assortment of silk or real flowers, a pair of wire cutters, some length of tape ( we used scotch washi tape), a wooden container big enough for your bouquet, and whatever vase filler you have at your disposal.

Unfortunately, the problem with real flowers is that they don’t last as long. So we decided to use artificial ones instead. Silk flowers look good and the best part is that you can reuse them next year when they are done. When you buy silk flowers, make sure that the stems are long enough.

Pour some pebbles into the container. Put the stems in when you make a grid on top with tape. We used small pebbles because they help the stems stay put. This is easier to do in a box than in a basket because you can use tape easier when it is on top of the box.

Once you have set up the grid, make sure to reinforce it, as this will help keep the tape down.

This is how we put flowers in a container. First, you need to start in the middle and work your way out. But sometimes it can be easier to start at the edges of the container. First, choose one or two holes close to the edge for tall stem flowers like these ones.

The centerpiece looks very nice, and you can go ahead and try out whatever flowers you prefer, maybe even natural ones, although we do recommend that you choose everlasting flowers since they will retain their appearance and even their fragrance even when they are dried out.

2. Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece – Floral Garland

Thanksgiving table centerpiece floral garland

The next entry on our list also uses natural elements, although it puts a heavier focus on floral designs and bright vivid colors, and it’s called a floral garland.

To create this Thanksgiving table centerpiece, you’ll need a pair of very sharp scissors or pruning sheers, a roll of floral tape or floral wire, and whatever flowers you love most.

First, cut the stems so they are about 3 inches long, then group your flowers in 3’s and include any other leaf and plant stem you want.

To make a garland, start by using the second group to cover the first one, then secure it with wire, and if you want more groups in your garland, connect them all with wire.

You can have two kinds of flowers. If you want them to go in one way, connect them like this: first, do the first ones, then put the second ones on top of the first ones and make sure they go in the opposite way.

If you want more flowers, cut the stems shorter and attach them with wire, and you can put as many flowers as you want.

In the end, you can let your flowers hang off the table or make them all lay on the table. If you want to let them hang off the table, connect them to each other farther from one another so that they will droop down onto the floor without falling.

Similar to the previous entry, you have complete creative freedom when it comes to this centerpiece design, although you need to keep in mind that if you’re working with fresh flowers, you’ll have to make the decoration on Thanksgiving day so that it doesn’t wither away by dinner.

On the other hand, you could always use artificial flowers, like the silk ones we suggested in the previous centerpiece.

All in all, this table decoration is amazing, and it will go very well with a tablecloth that’s equally colorful.

3. Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces – Pumpkin Harvest Bowl

Easy thanksgiving centerpieces pumpkin harvest bowl

Our next entry is a little bit of a mix between the last two entries we showed you on our list: it’s perfect for Thanksgiving dinners and parties, and can also be used as decoration or even as an accent to any fall event. 

To create this type of table decoration, you need a pumpkin (not too big), some colorful leaves (fallen from trees), apples, orange pumpkins, and either artificial or natural flowers that go along nicely with those autumn-themed items. 

It also looks very pretty if you use different types of fruits and vegetables in your centerpiece, such as grapes, corn cobs, etc. 

If you decide to go with a flower centerpiece and it’s very sunny outside where you live, we recommend using artificial flowers because fresh ones might get damaged. 

Put in some artificial or dried flowers if you want, although this Thanksgiving centerpiece is already very colorful on its own without needing to add any flowers whatsoever. 

In case your pumpkins are too small to fit all the fruits and vegetables in them, fill up smaller bowls with them instead and display them on a large table covered in a bed of leaves. This Thanksgiving decoration idea looks

However, since this centerpiece seems like quite an easy one for DIY enthusiasts – given how easily accessible its materials usually are – this Thanksgiving centerpieces idea is perfect for last-minute plans, especially if you don’t have much time before dinner or the event. 

4. Thanksgiving Flower Centerpieces  – Candle Holder with Flowers

Thanksgiving flower centerpieces  candle holder with flowers

The next entry on our list is one of those Thanksgiving flower centerpieces that really bring out the calm and romantic side of dinner, although it works just as well for Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. 

To create this table decoration, you need a candle holder (the shape doesn’t really matter), and you’ll then surround it with floral decoration of your own making and design, making this a very flexible decoration idea as far as creativity goes.

If it’s too hard for you to put real flowers to surround the candle holder, we recommend using silk ones instead so it won’t be so much work getting them out afterward.

You can have several kinds of flowers but keep in mind that you can also use natural ones. After all, Thanksgiving is all about the family and friends you share your life with. 

If you want to put candles in the container, we recommend using beeswax candles since they’re not made from petrochemicals and while some people may prefer scented candles, some others might find them too overwhelming while trying to enjoy a nice dinner with their family or friends. 

Also, make sure to keep your candle far enough from the flowers so that it won’t catch on fire.

You can add anything else you want at this point: maybe even some vegetables if there’s room for them right next to the candle holder. 

This design is perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner party, although if you want to keep it simple, you can just use this design for your Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Thanksgiving Floral Centerpieces  – Autumn Colored-Flowers

Thanksgiving floral centerpieces   autumn colored flowers

The next entry on our long list of Thanksgiving floral centerpieces is one that’s perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner or party, no matter how big the group of people you’re planning to host is. 

To create this type of table decoration, you need to find flowers with autumn colors in them: orange, brown, purple, etc., as well as some typical products you’d usually have when harvesting in autumn, like the pumpkin, corn, apples, grapes and hours in the picture above.

However, if they don’t have these products when you go to buy them at the store or supermarket where you go shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner supplies, feel free to decorate them yourself however you want. 

One thing we recommend doing is making sure the arrangement looks nice from all sides. This way it will look better regardless of whether your guests are seated on one side of the table only (which means they’ll mainly see the decoration from one side), or if they’re seated on both sides. 

You can use artificial flowers, leaves, fruits, and vegetables for this centerpiece, but make sure to pick ones that look natural and pleasant even if you plan on using mostly artificial elements. 

Either way, a Thanksgiving dinner isn’t a Thanksgiving dinner without a centerpiece to adorn the table where your guests will be sitting down for the meal. 

More Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

The Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas showcased so far are the most popular ones of 2021, but that doesn’t mean that any other idea is outdated or out of style.

If you want to be remembered for this Thanksgiving feast, we advise you to check out the most popular centerpiece ideas of the past years as well and try creating something yourself.

The following section showcases some Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that will definitely make your dinner party a hit with everyone:

6. Pumpkin Menu Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Pumpkin Menu Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you’re going to start entertaining the idea of building atmospheres, would you love to go all out and provide your guests with a menu and everything, just like they’re eating in a gourmet restaurant?

Then we think this very first idea might be the one for you, right off the bat! Check out how The Merry Thought made a custom table menu centerpiece on the face of a pumpkin.

7. Simple Fall Bouquet DIY Thanksgiving Centrepiece

Simple Fall Bouquet DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you’re in a little bit of a hurry and don’t have much to work with right now, why not put together a simple fall bouquet? After all, a selection of nice seasonal autumn things can be just as pleasing to the eye as flowers in the summer!

We love the way A Blissful Nest outlines their process for putting together this case of twigs and dried fall flowers on a plaid throw.

8. Pumpkin, Candle, Pinecone, and Cranberry Box – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Pumpkin, Candle, Pinecone, and Cranberry Box - DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Do you love the idea of a stylishly scattered and gathered-looking centerpiece but you’re just not sure it will survive your family’s dinner if you let it spread too far across the table, straying from the center?

In that case, we think you might really appreciate the way 724 South House kept their cranberries and miniature pumpkins contained in a rustic-chic wooden box in order to make their centerpiece! Add a few candles to light and there you’ll have the atmosphere we were talking about earlier as well.

9. Pinecone, Gourd, and Grass-Filled Tray – Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Pinecone, Gourd, and Grass-Filled Tray - Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Were you quite intrigued indeed by the idea of making some kind of slightly more contained gathered centerpiece but you’re just not sure the wooden box idea is quite the one for you?

Then perhaps you’d prefer to create something similar but on a flatter slightly wider tray. Check out this tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow to learn more about how they created theirs using leaves, grass, pinecones, and gourds.

10. DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece – Pumpkin Vase 

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece - Pumpkin Vase 

If you’re going to involve a pumpkin in your centerpiece, would you rather embellish it with a little more than some stenciled paint? Then perhaps you’d prefer to take a look at the way A Pumpkin and A Princess turned theirs into a vase to hold a beautiful autumn bouquet!

In fact, you could even combine this idea with the painted dinner menu centerpiece quite easily in order to really make use of your pumpkin.

11. Rustic Branch Turkey Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Rustic Branch Turkey Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make your very own Thanksgiving centerpiece, would you rather create something that you actually have to construct the full shape of from scratch? Well, if the idea of working with natural supplies appeals to you, then we think you’re going to get a real kick out of the way Made in A Day created this turkey centerpiece made entirely from twigs and branches!

12. Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece –  Log and Tea Lights 

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece -  Log and Tea Lights

If you have a large table to work with and access to a sizeable branch and simple household power tools, then we think you might appreciate just how quickly Jenna Burger shows you how to make this beautifully rustic tea light log centerpiece happen! Even if you don’t light the candles, surrounding it with leaves and miniature pumpkins like you see here makes for a stunning autumn woodland aesthetic.

13. Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea –  Indian Corn and Gourd Vases

Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea -  Indian Corn and Gourd Vases

Are you working with even less time than the projects you’ve seen so far actually require for but you’re still feeling determined to make your own centerpiece and present a nice table? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Classy Mommy used simple glass vases filled with dried Indian corn and differently shaped small gourds to create something interesting and unique!

14. DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Cotton

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Cotton

Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the tray-based centerpiece idea but you can’t help wishing the tray matched your ideal fall rustic aesthetic a little better? Then we have a feeling the way D’Amore 1896 used an oblong wooden dough bowl as their base might be right up your alley!

We’re also totally in love with how they used snowy white cotton and fabric pumpkins alternated with branches to fill the dough bowl simply but beautifully.

15.  Mini Thanksgiving Centerpiece – Paper Pumpkins

Mini Thanksgiving Centerpiece - Paper Pumpkins

If you’re going to get really craft with your centerpiece, would you actually rather make something that’s simple enough for even your kids to get in on the creation process for?

Then we’d definitely suggest checking out how easily Craftaholics Anonymous made these lovely card paper pumpkins by cutting orange paper into strips and fastening them end to end strategically. It’s actually even simpler to do than it looks here.

16. Thankful Turkey Tail Feather Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thankful Turkey Tail Feather Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who will gladly use just about any project as an opportunity to do a little bit of upcycling, especially with things you might already have lying around your house?

In that case, we’re pretty convinced that this next design from Dandelion Patina might be right up your alley! They show you how to make a thankfulness turkey centerpiece, making the tail feathers out of paint stir sticks and old forks you’re not using in the kitchen anymore.

17. Colour-Wrapped Wheat Bouquet Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Colour-Wrapped Wheat Bouquet Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea

Are you actually a little bit of a minimalist in your sense of personal and decor style, even when it comes to dressing things up a little? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like this colour-wrapped wheat bouquet outlined step by step on Inspired by Charm!

They show you how to add a little color pop to the stems using bright embroidery floss before gathering the wheat into a vase, like flowers.

18. DIY Apple Candle Holders – Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

DIY Apple Candle Holders - Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Did you really love the idea of cutting tea light sized holes into a piece of nature and making a beautiful fall candle holder for your table but you just don’t have the space to be placing a whole tree branch in the middle of your dining room if you still want enough room to eat dinner?

Then we’d encourage you to try this cute apple candle idea outlined step by step on Juniper Home instead! We like that this project gives you the option of making many and scattering them all over the place, or just a few.

19. Succulent Cornucopia – Wonderful Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Succulent Cornucopia - Wonderful Thanksgiving Centerpiece

If you come from the kind of family or from a particular place that celebrates harvest just as heavily as Thanksgiving around this time of year then we’re sure you’re already familiar with just how beautiful looking a cornucopia can be!

We love the way Succulents and Sunshine put a slightly more contemporary and trendy spin on theirs, however, by filling it with succulents instead of just fruits and vegetables.

20. Old School Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Old School Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Do you actually already have a set of candlesticks and cases that you like to set out with your good china and silverware for nice holiday meals but you’re still hoping to add a little something extra to the scene?

Then we’d suggest checking out how easily Shades of Blue Interiors established a fall-inspired color scheme with their linens and mirrored it in a self-gathered autumn nature bouquet, then raised that even higher up as the centerpiece by setting it on some stacked books that match the scheme.

Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces: Closing Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a special day and we love to celebrate it in style. This is why we decided to present you with some amazing Thanksgiving centerpieces that will not only look great on your dinner table, but they will also make the whole dinner extra festive!

Sure enough, there are plenty of other ways you can prepare for Thanksgiving, but if you think you have everything covered, except for the Thanksgiving table centerpiece, we hope that this article managed to fill in that gap.

Choose a centerpiece and make sure to share this article with your friends and family – we truly hope that you find what you’re looking for.

We are positive that you are going to have an amazing time at this holiday feast, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with these designs – after all, your friends are probably thinking the same thing about the event itself!

Well, this was just one of many ideas that you can go for. If you ever feel stuck or just want more ideas then be sure to check out other articles on our website!

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