20 Mess-Free Sensory Bin Ideas Your Kids Are Going To Love

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Sensory bins have become an extremely popular activity among young children and wow, do they ever love them! So why not sensory bins without the mess?

These sensory bins are super simple and mess free with all the wonderful benefits of free and busy play at home for kids.

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Sensory bins provide kids with fun ways to explore multiple senses all at the same time.

It also improves fine motor skills as well as language development.

However, if just the thought of the words, “sensory bin”, make you cringe, you are not alone.

Oh, the mess, the mess, the mess!

I’ll do it another day!

We all have had these thoughts.

To help you out with this, why not try a sensory play date! Start with one day a month. You can do it! Give it a try!

Well, if your still thinking, maybe another day, cleaning up a huge mess is not in the agenda… no worries!

I have compiled a list of Mess Free Sensory Bins you’re going to love!

Zero Mess Sensory Bins

Skip the mess this time with one of these wonderful sensory bin ideas that don’t leave chaos to clean up after.
  1. This Emotions Sensory Bin is not only good for sensory fun but also for emotional regulation.
  2. Cotton ball Sensory Bin? Why not! They’re quiet, calming, easy for small hands to manipulate and simple to clean up. Give it a go! Add a muffin tin to encourage color or size sorting!
  3. Open, close, open, close….listen to that cool sound! This zipper board is so much fun!
  4. Grab a variety of toys and craft items for a no mess colorful rainbow sensory bin that is all about the textures and experience. Bonus, you can add color sorting for more learning fun.
  5. Add those messy sensory bin fillers into balloons and you’ve create an amazing tactile activity.
  6. Put some of your child’s favourite toys into a bin or laundry basket and give this laundry basket push activity a go!
  7. What child doesn’t love magnets?! Mine sure do! This Magnetic Tubes sensory bin is mess free and sure to become a favourite.
  8. Some pom poms and some kitchen supplies is all you’ll need for this fun sensory bin!
  9. Your kids are going to love matching, sorting, twisting, turning with this Nuts and Bolts sensory bin.
  10. Why not try a DIY light table for hours of fun! The activity possibilities are endless!
  11. Make a single color theme like this fun yellow sensory bin from Simple Fun for Kids that is as quick to put together as it is to clean up!
  12. All you need is tissue paper to make your own Tissue Paper Sensory Bin! Simple, no-prep sensory bin fun!
  13. Marbles and water, who would have thought! So much fun! Hint: Place the sensory bin on a beach towel!

Simple Holiday Sensory Activities

Sensory bins for toddlers to explore during the holidays at home without the mess! So simple to put together and great for early child development.

Holidays are a natural occurring theme that kids are always enthusiastic about. So why not try some holiday sensory bins that also won’t add to the mess.

  1. Gobble, Gobble…this cute turkey is waiting to be fed! Pom poms and tongs make this a great fine motor practice activity!
  2. Look how adorable these ping pong ball snowmen are! Your kids will have lots of fun counting and building snowmen with this simple winter activity!
  3. The soft textures in this Valentine’s Day Sensory bin is sure to be calming.
  4. This Ooey, Gooey slimy eyes (without the mess) is an amazing Halloween Sensory activity, even if it’s not in a bin.
  5. Jingle Bell, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!! This auditory sensory bin will have your kids singing in no time!
  6. A few simple, green dollar store items and you’re set for this St. Patrick’s Day themed sensory bin.
  7. Christmas colored pom poms and erasers and your no mess Christmas sensory bin is complete.

There always seems to be a fear associated with sensory bins because of the anticipated mess.

But, I hope after reading through all of these amazing activities, that you will have a new found appreciation of them.

As you have seen, they don’t need to be messy!

However, if you’re willing give some messy play a go sometime, here are some great tips to get you started.

If you love the idea of sensory play but are weary of the mess, look no further! Here are 20 sensory bin ideas that are so fun with no mess!

Children love sensory bins so let’s embrace that excitement!

When I first started making them, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

However, I now know what works and doesn’t work for me (and the kids) and this helps with planning and preparing them (messy or not).

What mess free sensory bins have you had success with? Share your experiences with us.