20 Simple And Easy Crafts to make with Mismatched Socks

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You don’t have to throw away old socks. A sock can be reused in many ways. Here are 20 easy and simple crafts to make with old socks.

I love to craft, especially when I can use what I already have at home!

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Craft with Socks:

Visit the website for the step-by-step tutorial.

1. Water Bottle Dog Toy from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Make a Crinkle Water Bottle Dog Toy and play with your pets! Upcycle that sock with an empty water bottle and dry dog food.

water bottle dog toy

2. Sock Monkey Tutorial from Craft with Confidence

Let's make cute Sock Monkeys!

sock monkey tutorial

3. Make Tie Dye Rainbow Socks from I Love to Create

Do you love color as much as we do?  Then you'll want to make a pair of your very own Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye socks.  We are so ecstatic about how these tie-dye socks turned out.

make tie dye rainbow socks

4. DIY Draft Stoppers from Garden Therapy

These DIY draft socks are super simple to make, inexpensive, and work well to stop the chilly drafts from under doors or from window sills.

DIY draft stoppers

5. Mismatched Sock Snake from Gros Grain Fab

Do you have a bag full of missing socks that you refuse to throw away? If so, this project will fit the bill!

mismatched sock snake

6. Little Lady Leg Warmers from This Thrifty House

These leg warmers were made from ladies' knee socks! My girl's little legs will stay warm and cozy this winter.

little lady leg warmers

7. No-Sew Sock Bean Bags from Be A Fun Mum

Here’s something fun to do with all those single socks, or if kids have outgrown them: make sock bean bags. Sock bean bags are fun for all kinds of things.

no-sew sock bean bags

8. Sock Snowman from The Whoot

If you are on the hunt for the cutest Holiday project, you will be bowled over when your eyes spy on these super cute Sock Snowmen!

sock snowman

9. DIY Boot Socks from The Creative Bubble

I love the look of boot socks. Turns out you can make your own boot socks from old socks!  This is a great way to save money. 

DIY boot socks

10. Sock Bun Tutorial from Luci's Morsels

After a number of requests for a sock bun tutorial, I finally got one together. From what I can tell, you don’t have to have long hair or thick hair to have an amazing sock bun. Because my hair is so thick, however, this is the only sock bun method that works for me with the result I want!

Sock Bun Tutorial

11. Sock Hobby Horse from Radmegan

I set out to make a pair of horses for my sweet goddaughter and her little dumping of a sister! 

sock hobby horse

12. Gift Wrap a Wine Bottle from Taryn Williford

Wine. And socks. It sounds like the beginning of a really strange party, but I promise it will all make sense soon.

gift wrap a wine bottle

13. Reusable Swiffer Pads from One Good Thing

Rather than using the pricey disposable sweeper pads, here’s a DIY alternative that’s infinitely reusable—a fuzzy sock! Just slip the sock onto the base of your Sweeper and use it just like you normally would.

reusable swiffer pads

14. iPhone Armband from The Art of Doing Stuff

Sure you can buy an expensive neoprene pocket to hold your phone while you run.  But why?  When you can make an elegant and sophisticated holder out of a dirty sock?

 iPhone armband

15. No-Sew Rice Heating Pack from Unsophisticook

Make your own microwavable heating pad in under 5 minutes with this easy DIY project… This simple no-sew homemade rice heating pad provides quick relief for sore or stiff muscles, or use it to warm up on cold days or a cold night!

no-sew rice heating pack

16. Socks to Arm Warmers from Craft with Confidence

Sure, I could have used them as socks; but where is the fun in that? Look at my new arm warmers!

socks to arm warmers

17. The Cutest Sock Puppet from One Crazy Mom

We are going to learn how to make a hand puppet! This easy DIY hand puppet is so simple and kids will love it. It’s perfect for storytime and more. Try this quick and easy DIY sock puppet today.

sock puppet

18. No-Sew Sock Worms from One Little Project

Aren’t these no-sew sock worms adorable!? And they’re super easy to make! You only need a few simple supplies that you can easily find around the house or at the dollar store and in less than 10 minutes you can make a cute little crawling creature.

sock worm

19. Fabric Pumpkins from Old Socks by A Well Purposed Woman

Fabric pumpkins are a fall decor favorite and now you can make your own sock pumpkins just by using up your mismatched socks. This step by step tutorial will show you how easy it is to make fabric pumpkins from old socks.

fabric pumpkins tutorial

20. Coffee Cozies from Diana Rambles

Create this quick and easy coffee cozy with an old sock. It’s perfect for any coffee container.

DIY Sock Coffee Cozy

What do you do with your mismatched socks that have lost their mate? Share and leave a comment below!

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