25+ Awesome Heart Activities for Preschoolers

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Ready for a whole bunch of valentine-y heart activities for preschoolers? Your kids will immerse themselves in the sweetness of these Valentines Day activities while they also engage in all sorts of hands-on learning.

collage of heart-themed ideas for kids  showing craft, math, literacy, and science activities, with text that reads heart activities for preschoolers

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Hearts are great shapes to use in preschool activities anytime. You certainly don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day, as kids are drawn to heart shapes any time!

Below are preschool heart activities in a number of categories, depending on what you want to work on with your students. You can try your favorite or pick a couple of each!

Heart Activities For Preschoolers

There are plenty of ways to modify or add onto these activities. Some will give you ideas, some you can tweak on your own to meet the needs of your students. As usual when I round up learning activities, I like to focus on more hands-on, engaging activities.

These heart activities for preschoolers are no exception – you will find some really creative ideas here that the kids will have a blast doing, while they hone their skills at the same time!

Heart Preschool Art and Crafts

Getting creative (sometimes messy!) and exploring color, line, and shapes is so important for kids! Doing so allows children to practice all sorts of skills. From fine motor skills to creative thinking, these heart art and craft activities will give your students ample opportunity to make something they are proud of, while learning and having fun.

3 cute heart crafts for preschoolers are shown - a name craft, clay craft, and art paint smushing

Kids will get a kick out of creating their names from heart letters with our Heart Name Crafts. Pick your favorite or try them all!

Fingerprint Heart Gifts are so easy for preschoolers to make, and they turn out cute and colorful! They’ll be proud to pass these onto loved ones and friends.

Heart Smush Painting is an exciting process art heart activity from Artful Parent, where every painting looks totally different.

preschool heart crafts - shown are paper hearts with googly eyes, dotted paint around a white heart as a resist painting, and dyed wooden hearts

These Heart Family Portraits from No Time For Flash Cards are sure to get giggles from your kids because of the addition of googly eyes. I love the dog!

Introduce your preschoolers to the magic of resist art with these Dot Marker Heart Cards from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots.

We had colorful fun making Dyed Wooden Hearts. Be sure to check out the acts of kindness that accompanied the dyed manipulatives.

preschoolers heart arts and crafts projects - print hearts, beaded name hearts, fingerprint and handprint heart trees, and heart paper garlands

Process art is ideal for preschoolers. My kids loved this Heart Print Art Project, and you’ll get lots of pretty prints from it!

Lalymom’s Heart Garland gives children plenty of cutting practice. AND this could easily be turned into a pattern math activity.

These Beaded Name Hearts are one of our favorites for incorporating math, literacy, and fine motor all into one activity.

Our Valentine Hand Print Craft Tree is a tactile heart art project that kids love, especially since they can get their fingers and hands all messy!

Literacy Heart Activities

Your kiddos will heart these literacy activities as they work on strengthening their reading and letter skills. All of these literacy heart activities for preschoolers are hands-on, fairly simple, and great letter practice.

shown are: a name heart puzzle that reads Sammy, letter stamps with play dough hearts, a preschool boy placing a heart word into an evelope on a door with the word

Heart Name Puzzles from How Wee Learn first give preschoolers cutting practice. Then the kids reassemble their names by matching shapes and reading letters.

I Heart Crafty Things’ free Alphabet and Number Matching printable gives children sticker time as they match letters and numbers on big red hearts.

What a fun, active sight word practice! Sight Word Heart Delivery from Growing Book by Book will let kids practice being little mail carriers as they brush up on word recognition.

Conversation Heart Play Dough Stamping from No Time for Flash Cards will definitely be a hit, and it can be tailored to different age groups and ability levels. That’s definitely a bonus when you’re working with multiple kids at home or at school!

Heart Science For Preschoolers

Your students will have so much fun with science concepts. They get to experiment with candy hearts, play with bubbles and cloud dough, and learn about energy through playing with catapults. It’s never too early to introduce science concepts! These science-based heart activities for preschoolers are great places to start.

heart science activities showing: candy hearts science experiment in different liquids in jars, cloud foam in pink, purple, and blue with hearts on top, bubbles being blown through straws in heart containers with heart cookie cutters, frozen hearts in an ice tray

Preschoolers will adore pretending to be little scientists with this Candy Heart Experiment. It’s so fun to hear what the kids predict might happen to the hearts! It is a MUST when planning our heart activities for preschoolers.

Bright colors, cloud dough, and cute little hearts make Powerful Mothering’s Fizzing Heart Cloud Dough a thrilling science activity for preschool kids!

Kids love to get their hands on ice! These Heart Ice Science Experiments from Little Bins For Little Hands will have them learning science concepts without even realizing it.

Bubbles are magnetic for preschoolers. So this Heart Bubble Experiment from Pre-K Pages is a perfect way to incorporate science!

Preschool Sensory Heart Activities

Sensory activities are so important for young children, so I’ve included a few heart-themed sensory ideas here. Of course, you’ll find a little sensory in many of the other preschool heart activities on this page. Lots of ways for your kids to take advantage of all the great sensory input!

sensory heart projects for preschoolers: play dough purple and red hearts, a sensory glitter heart jar, smooshing gelatin hearts with a potato masher, and cracking heart candies with a nutcracker

This Candy Heart Breaking Activity is a great way to work those little hand muscles and give kids a fun sensory break.

Can’t you already tell how fun it will be to squash gelatin hearts with a potato masher? This Gelatin Heart Sensory Play from And Next Comes L is another perfect hands-on activity.

Our Heart Glitter Jars are mesmerizing and soothing for preschoolers. Make make and use them whenever you need a classroom calm down tool.

Math Heart Activities For Children

Math activities are brilliant with helping students grasp tricky concepts. These math-based heart activities preschoolers will definitely keep the kids. In fact, they probably won’t want to stop doing a few of them!

heart math activities: a heart-shaped lego mat, heart number matching puzzle, heart patterns in colored paper

I love this Lego Bricks Heart Blocks Mats from Fun with Mama! It covers math skills and so much more with preschoolers, plus it just looks fun.

Paper Heart Patterning from No Time For Flash Cards gives preschoolers a chance to practice math in a fun and colorful way.

Students will match numbers with heart shapes in this Broken Heart Numbers puzzle activity. This one is super simple, but my preschoolers used it over and over again.

3 math heart activities = dot marker pattern-making on a large heart shape, a graphing printable using candy hearts, printed out envelopes with numbers and hearts for a math game

Part craft, part math, this Heart Patterns heart activity from Happy Toddler Playtime will be a favorite in your classroom!

Candy Heart Graphing from The Kindergarten Connection is a great way to use those ubiquitous candy hearts, and introduce graphing as a math activity.

Fantastic Fun and Learning came up with an active way for kids to practice number recognition and counting with this Heart Math Scavenger Hunt.

Heart Baking With Preschoolers

You just can’t leave out the yummy treats when it comes to all of these heart activities for preschoolers! I mean, all of that learning will work up an appetite. Besides, baking with kids is a great way to sneak in some measuring, counting, direction-following, fine motor, and sensory skills.

3 heart baking photos - heart brownies, heart cupcakes, heart white chocolate bark

Heart-Shaped Bark Bites from Number 2 Pencil couldn’t be easier, and make a quick, cute heart treat for kids.

We made these Heart Brownies as a secret valentine to deliver to friends, and made a free printable for you to use!

Kids can help you make these Pink Heart Cupcakes from In The Playroom, or just jump in when it’s time to decorate. (That’s the really fun part!)

Materials For Heart Preschooler Activities

First, take a look around your house for any little heart toys or objects you may have. You might be able to use existing supplies for some of these activities.

If you’re out of anything or want to add to your supply collection (because we all need an excuse to buy cute new little items!), here are some ideas:

Done-For-You Preschool Lesson Plans

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photos showing lots of preschool heart activities - fingerprint painting, dot marker, sensory jar, cloud dough, and number activities

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