30 Artificial Snowball Decor Ideas to Complete Your Winter Decor

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Winter is synonymous to the snow. If you don’t have snow, make some indoor snowballs instead. It is also a fun and festive decoration to turn the ordinary snowballs into beautiful winter accents. You can use artificial snowballs to decorate your home, or use them as a gift accent. You can find various supplies at your local craft store to make artificial snowballs, including yarn, cotton balls, and fabric pieces. But if you’re not into DIY projects, you can buy fabric snowballs from a craft store. Kids love the naturally playful designs of snowballs, so make sure to include them in your winter decorations! There are wide ideas to use snowball for your winter decorations. You can apply this to your garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, Christmas tree, as stuffing bucket, to fill glass vase, and more. A large collection of snowballs will give your winter decorations a seasonal twist! We have gathered several artificial snowball decor ideas to inspire you. Let’s see the ideas below!

30 artificial snowball decor ideas1


This lovely white winter wreath complete with snowballs is a great choice for a festive Christmas front door decor. Don’t forget to add lush greenery and beads to create an attractive room design and attract the attention of many people. These bouquets will welcome your guests with a cheerful and inviting feeling. Winter Wreath with Snowball from digsdigs.


This farmhouse Christmas tree with snowball wreath provides a unique look and will attract crowds. Complementing the ornament with burlap ribbon, pinecone, greenery and silver ornaments is a great idea for this Christmas tree decoration. A few gifts under this Christmas tree will complete a unique look for your holiday season.Farmhouse Christmas Tree with Snowball  from digsdigs.


A galvanized tub complete with snowballs, firewood, spruce branches, berries and bows is a cool outdoor decoration for Christmas. You can also add this green plant to give this room a natural and fresh vibe. Place it in the corner of your room to become the perfect focal point of the room. Snowball Ornament from digsdigs.


The red snowflake bucket with fluffy snowballs and signs is a beautiful decoration for Christmas and looks really fun. Putting it under this Christmas tree will steal the attention of many people. This Santa statue hanging from the Christmas tree will give a charming holiday season atmosphere. These string lights also provide the perfect natak tree and dramatic lighting. Red Bucket Snowflake from digsdigs.


The centerpiece of a simple wooden tray with snowballs and greenery can be easily made and will boost your creativity. You can also buy them cheaply at flea markets for unique, low-budget room decor. This center piece is the perfect centerpiece and gives a cool feel to the entire room. Wooden Tray in Snowball from digsdigs.


A whimsical Christmas tree with snowballs, bear owl and reindeer is a very creative idea to please your kids this holiday season. Hanging this Christmas tree would make a festive winter decor and provide a chill accent to the rest of the room. Adding this white wreath also gives it a unique and attractive look. Christmas Tree with Snowballs from digsdigs.


A wire basket with shiny snowballs, spruce twigs, firewood, snowy pinecones, and a knitted cable beanie is a very attractive decoration for your dining table. This idea will produce a unique room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Opting for this old wire basket will give your table a rustic feel. Wire Basket with  Snowballs from digsdigs.


An outdoor Christmas arrangement of huge snowballs, fir branches, snowy branches and berries plus lights will rock the festive holiday season. This is a unique room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Adding this greenery and fake snow will make for a cool, fresh look. Outdoor Christmas Snowball Onament from digsdigs.


This white snow globe in a glass jar will create a stylish room decor and steal the attention of many. Paired with a white Christmas tree and a little penguin figurine this would make the perfect room decor. This pillar candle in acrylic holder makes the perfect room decor with dramatic lighting throughout the room. Glass Jar Snow Globe  from digsdigs.


Big snowball Christmas lights with berries and spruce branches are a creative and cute decorating idea for your holiday season. You can put it on the living room table or wherever you like. Buying it at a low price will produce a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Snowball Christmas Lights  from digsdigs.


Complete your Christmas décor with a snowball garland and string lights to brighten up your winter. These decorations will add a Christmas feel to your room and you can make your own. Making your own from white pompoms and fairy lights is a great idea for you to try. This idea will save your home budget and boost your creativity. Snowball Garland and String Lights from digsdigs.


Cute little snowball ornaments with labels are lovely Christmas decorations that you can make yourself. This will make your Christmas decorations even more festive and will grab the attention of many people. Complementing the look with this black ribbon will make it easier for you to hang it on this Christmas tree. This string light also provides the perfect lighting in this room. Little Snowball Ornaments from digsdigs.


A metal bathtub with glowing snow globes and labels is a fun rustic decor for any space this winter. Putting it on this shabby chic table will make the room decor stylish and will steal the attention of many people. This large painting behind the counter will give it a stylish and attractive look. This all-white color scheme creates a calm and spacious room. Metal Bathtub Snowball  from digsdigs.


A snowball with spruce twigs, pinecones, berries and twigs is a great Christmas decoration. Hanging on this Christmas tree will be a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. These pinecones will give your home a unique look and enliven the winter season. Galvanized pots also give this whole living room a rustic feel. Snowball Christmas Decoration from digsdigs.


This white snowball Christmas wreath accented by a large red ribbon will bring a snowy and fairytale feel to the sky. Hanging on the front door of this house will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling and a charming winter atmosphere. Making your own will result in a low budget decor and boost your creativity. White Snowball Christmas Wreath from digsdigs.


Crystal bowl with fluffy snowball, hot pink ornament is a cute and simple Christmas decoration to celebrate your winter. Putting it on one of the tables in this house will make the room decoration attractive and steal the attention of many people. This idea is suitable for you to apply because it will provide a stylish room decoration and enliven your winter. Crystal Bowl with Snowball from digsdigs.


A bucket with a large snowball and a sign is a cool rustic decoration for your farmhouse decor. Choosing this ornament will enliven your winter and will present a stylish decoration of the room. Making your own or buying one at this flea market will result in low-budget home decor. This is a brilliant idea for a festive holiday decoration. Bucket with Snowball from digsdigs.


A candleholder styled like a snowball is a very beautiful and cool decoration for your rustic space. Making it yourself will also increase your creativity and give a stylish room design. Paired with some greenery and carn berries this will make for a festive winter. These are the perfect centerpieces ideas for your dining table decoration. Snowball Candleholder from digsdigs.


A large branched rattan vase complete with snowball decoration is a beautiful and chic decoration for both indoor and outdoor. Complete the look with string lights to create an interesting room decoration for you to try. Placing it in the corner of the living room will give a stylish room and steal the attention of many people. Complementing the look with this rattan chair will be a comfortable room decoration. Snowball Decoration from digsdigs.


These snowballs stacked in galvanized pots will create a stylish room decor and will steal the attention of many. Its unique design will be the perfect focal point in any room. Add red ribbon to this galvanized handle for an eye-catching room decor. Placing it on a rustic chair and adding a stuffed bird will give it a stylish look. Snowball Galvanized Pots from digsdigs.


A snowball with a silver ribbon is a cool and cute Christmas decoration. You can hang it on a Christmas tree to make a festive room decoration. DIY ideas are easy for you to make and will boost your creativity. This decoration will give the room a stylish look and will become the focal point of the room. Snowball with a Silver Ribbon  from digsdigs.


White pompoms hanging like snowballs on the windows will bring a strong winter feel to this home. This decoration will give the impression of a cold room and will steal the attention of many people. Pair it with white window trim for a matching look. Making your own will also boost your creativity. White Pompoms Snowball from digsdigs.


This simple winter tray centerpiece with blue and white snowballs will make for a unique room design and grab the attention of many. You can also add candles complete with blue snow and snowflakes to create a unique and stylish ornament. Placing this ornament on a tray will result in a neat and uncluttered table decoration. White Snowball from digsdigs.


A pile of light snowballs for outdoor decoration will give your patio a different look. You can use these piles of snowballs to line the paths and make them look really Christmas. The addition of lights in this snow globe will give a unique terrace design and steal the attention of many people. You can make several piles of these snowballs to decorate your patio. Snowball Lights from digsdigs.


These snowballs and Christmas wreath bells provide a different look every holiday season. Hanging on the front door using red ribbon is a beautiful outdoor Christmas decoration. Making it yourself or buying it cheaply will save the budget in this space. This snowball wreath will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Snowballs and Bells Wreath from digsdigs.


A wooden basket filled with large snowballs is a great idea for a rustic winter room. You can make it yourself or buy it at a flea market for a cheap price for a stylish finish. Complete the look with green and red gloves for an eye-catching result. Place it in one of the rooms of your house to enliven your holiday season. Snowballs in Wooden Basket from digsdigs.


A snowball hanging on a Christmas tree is a pretty and simple winter decoration. Choosing burlap pots creates an eye-catching winter look and a natural feel to the entire room. This decoration idea does not take up too much budget so it will produce a unique ornament. Place it in your bedroom to be the perfect focal point of the room. Snowball Hanging Christmas Tree from digsdigs.


A clear bowl filled with snowballs is an attractive decoration for a lovely winter. You can make this snowball yourself for a unique room decoration. You can also buy it at a low price to provide a low budget room design. Place it on the table in your room to produce a stylish room design. Snowballs in Bowl from digsdigs.


This snowball branch thread will present a unique dining room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Lanterns with chains will be a beautiful winter decoration to enliven your winter. Placing this on the dining table will provide an attractive decoration. At this dining table you can add a small candle in a glass glass to give a dramatic impression to the whole room. Snowball Branch from digsdigs.


A large snowball wreath with a brown ribbon and ribbon on it is a great idea for winter. You can hang it on the tree in front of the house to create a unique room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Applying this wreath will brighten up the winter on your patio. Large Snowball Wreath from digsdigs.