30 DIY Chalkboard Paint Projects

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Quick and Easy Chalkboard DIY Project | DIY Chalkboard Crafts

DIY Chalkboard Paint Crafts | DIY Craft Ideas

Interested with DIY chalkboard paint crafts? Looking for easy diy projects and diy craft ideas that involves upcycling? Here are featured 30 DIY projects using chalkboard paint! Another fun way of creating diy home decor – that involves crafts to your furniture that you and your kids will surely adore!

But first let us check on this tutorial on how to make your own chalkboard paint!Quick Fun and Easy DIY Projects | DIY Chalkboard Projects

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Start by getting your supplies:

  • Matte latex paint – color of your choosing
  • Non-Sanded tile grout (powdered)
  • Paint roller
  • 150 Grit Sandpaper (this is for smoothing your surface if needed)
  • Something to mix the pain with
  • Mixing container
  • Chalk
DIY Projects for the home | DIY Chalkboard Projects
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Mix everything together.

Creative DIY Projects To Try For the Home | DIY Chalkboard Projects
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And start painting to any surface you’d like to us for the project.

For a more detailed tutorial, you can click here to see how to make the best chalkboard paint!

And in case you would want to do something more for your DIY projects, you can also add a little twist to your chalkboard paint by making it magnetic. Check out our tutorial on how to make magnetic chalkboard paint here!

Creative DIY Projects for decoration | DIY Chalkboard Projects
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So let’s get started, here’s the round up of chalkboard paint ideas you can make!

1. DIY Mason Jar Crafts

DIY Project with Mason Jars | DIY Chalkboard Projects
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Create this easy and simple mason jar lighting project with chalkboard paint. It’s guaranteed to have a stunning effect, check out how you can make it here!


2. Creative Chalkboard Paint Desk Space

Help your kids learn to be tidy with this chalkboard paint idea. Have them arrange their stuff how they like it. Click here for the full tutorial.


3. Serving Tray

Get this classy and chic chalkboard tray for the next time you’re entertaining. See this link for the tutorial.


4. DIY Tags

Label drinks and other items with these fun and colorful chalk board tags! Click here for the how-to.


5. Chalkboard Pavers

Welcome guests, friends, and family to your home with these cute DIY chalkboard pavers. Your kids will love doodling on them and you’ll love writing out sweet notes and reminders on this DIY project, too! See tutorial here.


6. DIY Wine Charms

Guests will no longer have any problem keeping track of their glass with this cool DIY project. See the how-to here.


7. DIY Lunch Box Ideas

Here’s a perfect DIY artbox to keep the kiddos occupied! You can leave notes for them on this, too. See how to make one here


8. Chalkboard Table for Kids

Never have to clean up crayon marks from your kids’ table with this craft project. Just give them some chalk and they’ll be good to go. Click here for the instructions.


9. Chalkboard-painted Dresser

Turn your plain jane dresser into a cool chalkboard-painted one! This DIY project can make organizing drawers a lot simpler by making a chalk board label for each one. See tutorial here.


10. Mug and Plate

Leave some sweet notes for your friends or loved ones with this easy DIY project. See the how-to here.


11. DIY Chalkboard Wall

An awkward corner wall can be transformed into art that will keep you organized or keep the kiddos busy (and artistic, too!) See tutorial here.


12. DIY Placemats Projects

Make every meal exciting with DIY Chalkboard placemats! See the how-to here.


13. Fridge

Spruce up your kitchen and turn a regular white fridge into a chalkboard! Click here for the instructions.


14. DIY Headboard

Isn’t it amazing to wake up to a cute art or sweet note? You can do that with this DIY chalkboard headboard. How? Click here.


15. DIY Stairs

Give your stairs a little flair with this easy DIY project! How cool is that?! See tutorial here.


16. Spice Rack

Spice up your spice rack with this unique idea! This fake frame around 3 shelves look classic and impressive.


17. Wooden Chalkboard

This looks absolutely much cuter than a plain old chalkboard. See the how-to here.


18. Gift Wrapping Paper

Jazz up gift wrapping paper with this DIY chalkboard wrappers! Get the tutorial here.


19. Fabric Roll-Up Chalk board

This DIY Roll up Chalkboard is a fun way to teach and bond with your kiddos – plus it’s easy to make! See how to make this DIY project here.


20. DIY Table Runner Crafts

Write out your menu for your next dinner party or write some cute notes for your guests on this adorable table runner! See tutorial here.


21. Heart Wall Clock


22. DIY Labels

Sick of those boring labels? Check out this simple tutorial for making chalk board labels!


23. Chalk Notebook

Here’s a great move to double your composition notebook – as a chalkboard! Get the tutorial here.


24. Chalkboard Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving not your thing? Try this instead next Halloween!


25. DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Impress your guests and friends with this unique wine bottle centerpiece! Click here for the tutorial.


26. DIY Tote Bag

No need to look for the shopping list inside your bag. It’s now written ON the bag! Pretty handy. See tutorial here.


27. Creative Christmas Tree Idea

It’s never too early to start thinking about a non-traditional Christmas tree! Try this.


28. DIY Chalkboard Necklace

Make a new statement every time you wear it. See how you can make this DIY necklace here.


29. Chalkboard Pots

These would be the perfect pots for your garden. Know exactly which herb is growing by using some DIY chalkboard paint. Check out how you can make them here.


30. Chalkboard Charger Plates

You may have figured it out already, but we’ll say it anyway. Please do not use these plates for eating. Click here for the easy tutorial.


Did you enjoy our chalkboard paint ideas? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these DIY projects with chalkboard paint. Do you have any other craft project you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try. We love doing cool DIY projects by making craft projects, home decor projects, upcycling ideas, recipes, tutorials and anything you can do yourself. That’s why we created this site, we want people to be more in touch with their creative side and realize that there’s a lot of things that they can do themselves. We’d love to hear from you and create a community of DIY enthusiasts where any project is just a click away. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

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