30 Fall Wreaths to Welcome Your Guests

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During the Autumn season, making your home as cozy as possible is the goal when you have guests. Lighting cinnamon candles, providing plaid throw blankets, sprinkling the table with leaves, it’s all part of the process. 

Fall Wreath

But you don’t have to stop at the inside. You can extend the cozy welcome to the front porch too and with one simple addition: a fall wreath.  Adding a fall wreath will have your guests smiling before you even open the door! 

What Is A Fall Wreath?

A wreath is a household decoration typically made up of a ring-shaped assortment of natural elements such as twigs, berries, flowers, leaves, and other foliage. Wreaths are most popularly associated with Christmas and Advent holidays, but since ancient times these circular decorations have also been used during other seasons too.

The History of Wreaths

As a tradition, door wreaths go all the way back to ancient Etruscan Italy. Wreaths were a popular motif in ancient art, and they were also commonly associated with royalty. Throughout the history of the Roman Empire, Roman magistrates wore wreath-shaped crowns as a symbol of their social status.

How Do You Make a Fall Wreath?

Making homemade wreaths are simple enough that they are often one of the first crafting projects small children are asked to help participate in around the holidays. To make a crafted wreath, you’ll need the following basic materials:

  • Frame: Wreath frames and forms come in a few different materials such as wire, foam, and wood. The type of frame used in your wreath will typically depend on the types of materials you plan to attach to it.
  • Binding: Items are attached to a wreath frame using glue, twine, or ribbon. Light materials such as wheat stalks can be tied to a wreath, while heavier ones such as mini pumpkins will need to be glued with a hot glue gun.
  • Wrapping: Many wreaths feature wrapped material such as burlap, ribbons, lace, or yarn. Sometimes the natural material of the framed wreath, such as grapevine, is left unwrapped and bare in more minimalist wreath designs.
  • Centerpiece: Many seasonal wreaths feature a focal point or centerpiece elements such as a large ribbon bow or a sign. The wreath’s centerpiece is usually located at the bottom curve of the wreath or its center.
  • Mounting: Many wreaths are mounted with ribbon, but heavier wreaths may require mounting with wire to hold them up.

There may be other elements included in a fall wreath depending on which design you use, but the elements above can be used to create a founding recipe for any DIY wreath.

Check out these fall wreath ideas to welcome your guests.

30 DIY Fall Wreaths to Make Your Porch the Envy of the Neighborhood

1. Faux Leaf Fall Wreath

fall leaf wreath

Glorious colored leaves are a classic and ready source for making Fall decor. Using the ones in your backyard, you can make a beautiful wreath to hang on your front door and no one will underestimate the coziness they’re sure to find inside. (via Design Improvised)

2. Pinecone Wreath

pinecone wreath

Pinecones are another little piece of nature we can use in our Fall decorating and you can even get the kids in on it. Let the little ones gather the pinecones and then you take charge of the gluing and the crafting of the wreath itself. Everyone will be proud of the group effort. (via Keep Calm and Decorate)

3. Cinnamon Stick Fall Wreath

cinnamon stick wreath

Cinnamon is happily one of the scents of Fall. This simple cinnamon stick wreath will greet your guests with a cozy smell, all while being lovely to look at. I can guarantee that you won’t mind making this wreath at all and your hands will smell like cinnamon afterward. (via Crafts Unleashed)

4. Paper Leaf Calligraphy Fall Wreath

paper leaf calligraphy fall wreath

Short on time but long on craft supplies? Get your calligraphy hand ready. You can create this paper leaves wreath from scrap paper and suddenly, all your friends will be asking for one. You’ll have to host a wreath crafting party! (via St Judes Creations)

5. Clay Olive Leaf Wreath

Clay Olive Leaf Fall Wreath

Maybe you’re looking for a wreath that’s unique in both crafting medium and style. This one will solve it for you. Use clay to make these pretty olive leaves and you’ll have the most elegant minimalistic wreath on the block. (via Sparkle)

6. Grapevine Banner Fall Wreath

Grapevine Banner Fall Wreath

When you’ve got little ones running the house, you probably don’t have time for any long craft project. That’s okay!

You can hang a grapevine wreath and change up the mini paper banner with the seasons. Three cheers for versatile decorating! (via My Crafty Spot)

7. Felt Leaf Fall Wreath

Felt Leaf fall Wreath

It’s amazing how such a simple wreath can feel so much like Fall. Use felt and sticks to put this wreath together.

You can pick your felt colors based on your inside Fall decor. But whether you go red or gold or orange, it’s going to look lovely. (via Northstory)

8. Wood Slice Fall Wreath

Wood Slice Fall Wreath

Yes, using wood slices for projects is still a thing and Fall is probably the best season for it. Craft a fancy wreath like this one, bow and all, or leave it wood logs for Fall and add a red bow for Christmas. The options are limitless. (via Finding Home Farms)

9. Autumn Hue Colorful Felt Ball Wreath

Autumn Hue Colorful Felt Ball Wreath

Are you in on the felt ball craze? It’s the new crafting medium and everybody’s using them for rugs and garlands and coasters and mobiles for the nursery.

So why not use them to make a pretty Fall wreath? It’s happy, it’s seasonal and it’s family friendly. (via The Magic Onions)

10. Dried Apple Slice Fall Wreath

dried apple slice wreath

I don’t know about you, but using dried fruit in my Fall decor hadn’t crossed my mind. It makes total sense though!

Apples are found aplenty this time of year, so using some dried slices can give you not only a beautiful and unique wreath, but you’ll also get a yummy snack! (via L. Michelle)

11. Wheat Wreath

wheat wreath

You might have seen wheat wreaths like this before. They’re a Fall classic you just can’t beat.

But the banner adds a bit of personalization. It can read “Happy Fall” or “Give Thanks” or “Welcome” or whatever you want to greet your guests. (via A Houseful of Handmade)

12. Book Page Wreath

book page wreath

Thrifting alert. Next time you’re rifling through a thrift store, pick up an old book with yellowed pages.

You can use the paper when you get home to make this pretty book page wreath. Bonus points if you use some with illustrations in Fall colors. (via Design Dining Diapers)

13. Wood Branch and Moss Fall Wreath

Wood Branch and Moss Fall Wreath

We already talked about using wood slices for a wreath, but you can use branches too! If you’re trimming some trees in your yard, keep some of the wood to make this mossy wreath. When it’s dry, add a bow in a seasonal color, and you’ll never have to take it down. (via A Houseful of Handmade)

13. Dried Corn Husk Wreath

Dried Corn Husk Wreath

Tell me I’m not the only one who has admired the visual beauty of dried corn husks. Whether you’ve got them blowing across your yard or you stop by a field on your way home, you can easily make the most Fall feeling wreath ever with those golden crispy husks. (via Martha Stewart)

14. Simple Lavender Wreath

Simple Lavender Wreath

For a more feminine take on fall decor, this DIY lavender wreath from The DIY Mommy is an easy way to keep the summer vibes flowing even after the nights take on an autumn chill. It’s as simple as getting some hot glue and adhering faux lavender sprigs to a premade grapevine wreath.

Faux lavender sprigs can be found year-round and won’t wilt on the wreath like fresh-cut flowers would. That way you can continue to use this wreath year after year!

15. Large DIY Farmhouse Wreath

Large DIY Farmhouse Wreath

This large farmhouse style fall wreath at The Tattered Pew can be crafted for less than twenty dollars, so it’s an affordable facelift for your front porch. It includes lots of fresh, natural-looking elements, and it’s great for anyone who is tired of the same old faux leaf-and-twig DIY wreaths.

Even though the main color in this homemade wreath is green, foliage still acts as a neutral element in design. Switch up the faux flowers included to match this wreath with your existing decor. 

16. Magnolia Farmhouse Wreath

Magnolia Farmhouse Wreath

Magnolia trees are a common sight across most of the Southern United States, and this magnolia farmhouse wreath from Tater Tots and Jello can be constructed from materials at the dollar store. An off-set black-and-white buffalo check ribbon gives the wreath design a casual farmhouse vibe.

If you don’t want to use a black-and-white check, you can replace the ribbon pattern with any pattern that will look good with your other fall decorations. 

17. DIY Faux Fall Hydrangea Wreath

DIY Faux Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Hydrangeas are a beautiful flower to add to fall floral arrangements because they add tons of fluffy texture and variegated color to your fall decor. Dried hydrangea blooms can be used in place of faux hydrangea blooms, but these dried flowers are a bit harder to source, so faux hydrangea is an easier option to find for most people.

Use a mixture of different hydrangea colors such as green, pink, and cream to give the wreath some visual interest. Learn how to make your own at The Turquoise Home.

18. Rainbow Sunflower Fall Wreath

Rainbow Sunflower Fall Wreath

Fall wreaths often come decked out in yellow, orange, brown, and red, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional fall colors. This rainbow fall wreath from The Craft Patch Blog uses painted faux sunflowers in different colors to create a soft pastel rainbow effect.

Large white wooden beads are used as a neutral backdrop. The sunflowers can be painted with small bottles of affordable acrylic craft paint, which makes this a thrifty wreath to make as well as a beautiful one.

19. Chevron Burlap Fall Wreath

Chevron Burlap Fall Wreath

Burlap can be a fabric that may look plain on fall wreaths if you use it in an unaltered state. This might be the look you’re going for with more rustic fall wreaths, but if you want to update this look a little, try adding a brown-and-orange chevron design to your burlap with craft paint like this wreath from Our Clover House.

A chevron pattern can help make your burlap wreath look a little more modern while also adding some visual interest to the design. You can use some affordable toppers such as mini pumpkins, faux twigs, and pine cones to complete the look.

20. DIY Rustic Woven Fall Wreath

This is another wreath that features a faux sunflower, but this version requires a little bit more hands-on work. To create it, you need to take manila or a jute rope and weave it onto a wire wreath framework. The natural rope coloring is good for a rustic look, but you can also spray paint your rope base a different shade if you’re trying to match a color scheme in the rest of your decor.

This wreath is topped off with a black-and-white check ribbon to draw extra attention to the sunflower centerpiece. Learn how to make your own at Just That Perfect Piece.

21. Moss Wreath

Moss Wreath

If you want a more woodland look for your fall wreath, try using natural elements like wood and foliage. This moss wreath from The Shabby Creek Cottage is easy to make with sheet crafting moss and a foam form wreath.

The one from Shabby Creek is topped off with a soft-looking velvet teal ribbon to hang it, but you can also choose a brown or orange ribbon if you want to give this moss wreath a more autumnal vibe. You can even add some faux branches and leaves to add a little pizzazz to this forest-themed wreath.

22. Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Some wreaths can be large and clunky, and they may be overwhelming for smaller spaces. This embroidery hoop wreath at Tater Tots and Jello is simple to make by just tying some faux branches, mini pumpkins, and other fall elements to a plain wooden embroidery hoop.

The real star of this wreath is the small calligraphy greeting sign which lets guests know that fall has truly arrived. The advantage of this wreath design is that the included colors can be changed up to match just about any decor. The soft muted green and cream in this original design looks great with just about anything.

23. Bay Leaf Wreath

Bay Leaf Wreath

Fall wreaths don’t have to be big and complicated affairs. A simple and fresh-looking fall wreath can be thrown together with just a few sprigs of bay, a ribbon, and a green styrofoam wreath. Live bay sprigs can be used and they will add a lovely aroma to any entryway, or you can use faux bay if live laurel trees aren’t available.

To get the leaves in your bay leaf wreath to lay flat, you’ll need to learn how to trim them properly. Read a tutorial on how to get this look from Happy Happy Nester.

24. DIY Wood Bead Fall Wreath

For another variation on the wooden bead fall wreath, check out this neutral wreath in beige and cream shades at Prudent Penny Pincher. Delicate faux white berry twigs, corn husks, and burlap give this wreath serious farmhouse appeal.

This project costs less than twenty bucks to make and five minutes to go together but looks like something you’d spend a bunch of money for at a home decor boutique. Because this fall wreath is done out in neutrals, this means it can mesh well with many different color palettes.

25. DIY Teal Fall Wreath

DIY Teal Fall Wreath

This is another fall wreath design for people who are tired of the traditional fall color schemes. Mix up white and teal decor elements instead, but include classic motifs such as mini pumpkins and burlap lace that help mark it out as a fall decoration.

Fall wreaths with unnatural color schemes work well in more modern or minimalist interiors since rustic and natural elements can look out-of-place in a contemporary design. To see more about how to pull off this look in your home, check out the tutorial from My Golden Thimble.

26. Easy Fall Mum Wreath

Easy Fall Mum Wreath

Mums (also known as chrysanthemums) are one of the most popular fall flowers you’re likely to see dressing up people’s front porches and walkways in the autumn. These hearty flowers can grow well into autumn’s colder months. If you want to repeat a mum motif on your front door too, try out this easy fall mum wreath at The How-to Mom.  

27. Fall Crochet Wreath

This fall wreath from Crochet 365 Knit Too might appear simple at first glance, but the crocheted mini pumpkins and other accents do require a little work ahead of time. Focusing on the crocheted pieces and leaving the rest of the grapevine in the wreath undecorated helps keep your crochet work as the focal point of the wreath.

This project is simple and sophisticated enough to fit into any design. The crocheted piecework should be highly durable too, so you’ll be able to use this wreath as an heirloom year after year.

28. DIY Dollar Tree Rag Pumpkin Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Rag Pumpkin Wreath

Putting out fall decor doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money. This DIY rag pumpkin wreath at The Shabby Tree is made up of a dollar store supply list that will only total out to a few dollars’ worth of materials.

The act of tying the burlap rag strips onto the wire frame is the most labor-intensive part of this crafting project, but you’ll want to add plenty of them so your pumpkin wreath is nice and full. This will help give it the rounded shape that helps it resemble a real pumpkin.

29. Colorful Dried Flower Wreath

Colorful Dried Flower Wreath

Fall wreaths don’t have to be all pumpkins and corn husks. Check out this colorful dried flower wreath from Single Girl’s DIY to see a fall wreath with some romantic flair. This wreath incorporates natural elements such as dried roses, twigs, and berries.

Other good dried flowers for this arrangement include cone flowers, blanket flowers, and baby’s breath. Sticking to foliage green and shades of brown and tan helps keep this flower wreath neutral so that it fits in easily with other fall decor.

30. Easy DIY Fern Wreath

Easy DIY Fern Wreath

If dried flowers and ribbons aren’t really your style, this easy DIY fern wreath at A Well Purposed Woman might be more your speed. These bright green artificial ferns look great in fall wreaths, but you can also leave a foliage-based wreath like this one up throughout multiple seasons without it looking tacky.

Fall Wreath FAQ

What Style of Fall Wreath Should You Choose?

The style of fall wreath you use in your home should be dependent on the rest of your design. If you have a craftsman-style interior design, a more natural-looking wreath such as a fern wreath or a wooden wreath will match the aesthetic of your home.

On the other hand, if you have contemporary or minimalist interiors, a neutral wreath or one with pops of unnatural color will typically blend in better.

How Much Does a Fall Wreath Cost?

The cost of a fall wreath varies drastically on the materials you decide to use. If you cut a homemade wreath from twigs in your yard and decorate it with fallen leaves you find yourself, you can create a DIY wreath for pennies.

If you want to use luxurious materials such as silk ribbon and exotic dried flowers, however, you’ll end up spending quite a lot more on your project.

How Do You Save Money on Making a Fall Wreath?

The best way to cut costs for creating your fall wreaths is to choose crafting materials when they’re on sale and know ahead of time what design you want to create so you don’t waste any of them experimenting.

Fall wreaths are a great way for your household to usher in the fall with a fun new crafting project. Even though some of the wreaths on this list only cost a few minutes to make, they can make a serious impact on how sophisticated and finished your home’s interior looks during the season. Try one of the fall wreath ideas above and you’re sure to find something perfect to add to your seasonal decor!

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