40 Valentine’s Day Crafts Anyone Can Make – Valentine Crafts for Kids and Couples

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It’s already that time of year, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! People are getting ready for all kinds of celebrations related to romance, including date nights with their loved ones and elaborate meals.

Valentine's day crafts

But if you’re looking for a way to celebrate without spending too much money, we’ve put together a list of some fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts that you can do at home with your kids, partner, or even alone!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

You’re probably excited about the holiday of love just as much as your kids are. It’s an excellent opportunity to bond over something everyone loves: gifts! You can create fun crafts with your children for the holiday of romance.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Check out the following Valentine’s Day crafting ideas for preschoolers!

1. Twig Monogram – Valentine Crafts 

Twig monogram valentine crafts

If you are looking for a quick Valentine’s Day DIY craft that does not take much time, you can help your child make a twig monogram, like the first letter of their name. It’s a simple way to add some rustic charm to your decor.

For this project, you need a pencil, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a lace ribbon, felt in two different colors, scissors, hemp twine, pom-poms, a glue gun, and branches.

Start by painting the branches in different colors. While waiting for them to dry, you can cut pieces of twine and lace. Use a glue gun to attach three pom-poms to the branches, leaving a small distance between them.

Then, have your child place their letter on the twigs and wrap the lace ribbon around. Afterward, let your little one add some twine and glue it under the monogram to hang it up in their room!

Check out our easy tutorial for step-by-step instructions with pictures on making a twig monogram! There’s also a video guide available.

2. Button Heart Wall Decor – Valentine Hearts 

Button heart wall decor valentine hearts 

Button heart wall decor represents a simple and heartwarming Valentine’s Day DIY craft for kids who love to get their hands dirty. You can decorate your home with a cute frame adorned by your child, thanks to this Valentine heart idea.

As far as supplies are concerned, you need artificial flowers, a glue gun, a paintbrush, wood glaze, a wood frame, buttons, a pencil, linen fabric, a lace ribbon, and scissors.

Start by gluing the buttons as a heart and cutting off any excess. Then, paint the frame with wood glaze to make it matte and smooth. When it’s dry, attach the linen fabric, have your child add the buttons on top of the frame, and add a lace ribbon to hang it up.

You can add even more charm to this already cute Valentine’s Day DIY project by gluing some artificial flowers on top of the frame!

Discover more about making button heart wall decor in our thorough tutorial with a video guide!

3. Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards – Easy Valentine Crafts

Handmade valentine's day cards easy valentine crafts

Let your little ones use their imaginations to create easy Valentine’s Day cards. It’s one of the most fun ways for preschoolers to express their creativity. Plus, you can make them together with your child and use them to decorate your home.

The necessary supplies for this easy Valentine craft project are card stock paper, markers, stickers, glitter glue pens, cotton swabs, scissors, a stapler, washi tape, pom-poms, and an ink pad.

First, have your child decorate the card stock paper with stickers and glitter glue pens. Then, use a cotton swab to apply some dabs of color on top for some texture. Add some washi tape or pom-poms to the card for an even more cute touch! Staple the finished product together.

Keep exploring our website for more inspiration on designing unique Valentine’s Day cards!

4. Romantic Tassel Garland – Valentine’s Day Garland 

Romantic tassel garland valentine's day garland 

If you’re seeking a quick and easy Valentine’s Day craft, we’ve got just the thing: a romantic tassel garland. It’s a perfect decoration for your home and also one of the most popular Valentine’s Day crafts.

Before getting started, make sure you have the following supplies for this Valentine’s Day garland: baker’s twine in two different colors, a tapestry needle, scissors, a 5×5-inch piece of cardboard, and yarn in three colors.

First, cut a 25-inch piece of twine and make a slip knot in the end. Thread the needle with one strand of yarn and pull it through the slip knot. Then, thread the needle with another strand and pull it through the loop closest to the end that you started with. Finally, pull the tail through the last loop and cut it off with scissors.

Repeat this process four times to obtain a total of five strands and tie the ends in a knot. Then, cut another 25-inch piece of twine, thread it through one side of the garland, and connect it to the other side.

A quick and easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids, a romantic tassel garland is also a great decoration for your home. Make one with your child today to celebrate the most romantic of holidays!

5. Pom-Pom Monsters – Valentine Decoration Ideas 

Pom pom monsters valentine decoration ideas 

Pom-pom monsters are an easy and fun Valentine’s Day decoration idea for kids. They’re also a great activity to keep your little one busy on a cold day. If you need ideas, here are some helpful guidelines for making your very own pom-pom creatures!

The necessary supplies are hot glue, red pipe cleaners, scissors, googly eyes, a pencil, pink yarn, and red felt.

Start by gluing the white felt ears, eyes, and legs onto the pink felt face. Then, have your child cut out a tongue from red felt and glue it on. Cut four pieces of pipe cleaner to use as arms and attach them to two more pieces for legs with a pencil.

Finally, wrap a yarn ball around the pom-pom head and attach it to the felt body with hot glue. Your child can arrange the arms and legs any way they like!

Visit our website to get more details about making pom-pom monsters for Valentine’s Day!

6. Felt Flowers Wall Art – DIY Valentine’s Decor

Felt flowers wall art diy valentine's decor

Combine your love of Valentine’s Day and crafting with this felt flower wall art project! It is simple, quick, and cheap to make, so children will have a blast making them.

You need the following supplies for this DIY Valentine’s decor project: pom-poms, a lace ribbon, a pencil, scissors, acrylic paints in three colors, a glue gun, wood board, felt in various colors, and a paintbrush.

First, cut out a heart from the pom-poms and line them up on the wood board. Trace around it with a pencil and use the glue gun to attach them. Then, paint each of them a different color. Let your child decide how they would like to arrange their felt flowers!

Check out our tutorial for more thorough instructions on making felt flowers wall art!

7. Easy Ribbon Heart – Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas 

Easy ribbon heart valentine's day decor ideas 

Ribbon hearts are a perfect craft for Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for something simple yet eye-catching. You can find the necessary supplies in any craft store near you, so they’re easy to come by.

These ribbon hearts are also one of the most popular Valentine’s Day decor ideas, so they’ll be a hit with your family and friends! To start this project, you need scissors, paper in various colors, a glue stick, and a red ribbon.

Begin by cutting strips of paper at various lengths. You can cut them at about 1 inch for the shorter strip and down to about 2 inches for the longer one. Then, use a glue stick to attach them to a red ribbon. You can do this in a zigzag pattern or have them all go straight down the length of the ribbon.

Learn more about making ribbon hearts by reading our in-depth tutorial!

8. Yarn-Wrapped Paper Hearts – Valentine Ornaments 

Yarn wrapped paper hearts valentine ornaments 

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without paper hearts, so you can whip them up with your kid’s help to design beautiful decorations that the entire family will appreciate. However, if you want to take it one step further, you can wrap the paper hearts in yarn to add depth.

It’s a simple craft, so you’ll both enjoy making these decorations. Plus, these paper hearts work splendidly as Valentine ornaments. You need the next items to start this project: a glue stick, red paper, yarn in various colors, cardboard, and scissors.

Cut the paper into heart shapes and begin wrapping them with yarn. You can use different yarn colors for each layer or keep it all the same! Have your child cut out a piece of cardboard to glue their hearts so that they’ll stand up.

You can hang these decorations on walls, windows, or doors. Discover more information in our full guide about making yarn-wrapped paper hearts!

9. Paper Creatures – Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Paper creatures valentine's day home decor

It’s essential to make time for creativity when spending Valentine’s Day with your child, so you can make paper creatures together. Kids can make them as gifts to give out for Valentine’s Day, or they can just draw and cut them out for decoration.

To design a paper creature like in the photo above for Valentine’s Day home decor, you need red yarn and paper, googly eyes, a hole punch, scissors, a pink pipe cleaner, yellow and red paper, and a glue stick.

One way to go about it is by cutting the bottom layer of paper into a heart shape. Next, use the hole punch to make two holes in the top layer and connect the two using yarn. Make sure you wrap it around both paper pieces so that they stay secure.

Have your kid draw a face on the front of each paper piece, then glue it to the heart-shaped bottom layer. Add googly eyes and a smile, and your creature is complete!

For an alternative way of crafting paper creatures for Valentine’s Day, be sure to visit our website!

10. Wooden Photo Frame – Valentine’s Home Decor 

Wooden photo frame valentine's home decor

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day craft to showcase in your home, a wood photo frame is a perfect project to work on with your child. It’s just a matter of assembling all pieces together with glue.

Besides, kids can create these frames to give to their classmates or teachers as a gift. Or they can use them to decorate lockers. It’s a simple craft that’s quick to make and works as Valentine’s home decor.

You need these items for this project: a thin paintbrush, moss, wood slices, acrylic paints in various colors, a cardboard picture frame, a glue gun, dry plants, and a pencil.

Build the photo frame using cardboard and use a paintbrush to spread a layer of glue on the backside of each wood slice. Pile up dry plants and moss on top, then secure them with another wooden piece. Press down until the adhesive dries completely to make sure nothing falls apart as you work.

Next, place your plant-covered slice onto one side of the cardboard rectangle, followed by another slice. Continue until you have a nice multi-layered frame!

Read more information about making photo frames out of wood in our tutorial!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

Here are some wonderful ideas when it comes to Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers!

1. Heart Garland – Valentine’s Day Garland

Heart garland valentine's day garland

If you’re looking for creative projects to keep your child occupied indoors on Valentine’s Day, try making a heart garland. You just need yarn, scissors, popsicle sticks or wooden skewers, and glue to complete this project.

Your kid can cut out any shape that they want with these materials, so it’s a good opportunity for them to show off their artistic skills! A Valentine’s Day garland is also one of those easy holiday crafts for toddlers because kids as young as 1 year old can join in the fun.

Start by cutting out hearts from red paper or felt using pre-cut shapes if necessary. Glue each heart onto a stick until it’s completely covered.

Add a little more glue to the opposite side of each stick, then carefully place it against a long piece of yarn. Do so until you have enough garland for your purposes. You can even hang different-shaped hearts from the same string!

Using popsicle sticks or wooden skewers to make Valentine’s Day decorations is a fun activity for all ages, including kids!

2. Heart Soap – Heart Decorations 

Heart soap heart decorations 

There are many ways to show off your child’s creativity during Valentine’s Day with soap crafts! For example, they can personalize colorful heart-shaped bars by adding their own artistic twist to the design.

Even preschoolers can make this project as heart decorations with a little bit of assistance from you. In fact, kids as young as 2 years old will love playing with the soap dough and creating their own unique designs!

Once finished, use a knife or cookie cutter to cut out hearts from the colorful mixture. Arrange them on a baking sheet, then let your toddler cool it in the fridge for a few hours until firm.

After that, place each heart inside one half of a heart-shaped locket that you have pre-cut using construction paper. Once they’re all inside, glue both sides together. Once you and your child are finished with this project, give it as a gift to your teacher or send one along to your friends!

3. Love Notes – Valentine Craft Ideas 

Love notes valentine craft ideas 

If you’re looking for a fun activity that doesn’t require too much preparation, cutting out love notes is an ideal choice. It’s also a good way to encourage your child to express their feelings on Valentine’s Day!

These little notes are easy to make if you set up a craft station with all your tools beforehand. You can use scrapbook paper to make the designs stand out, and it’s even more personal if you choose heart-themed paper. Pair different colors with a gold marker to finish off this project!

For this Valentine craft idea, kids need a pencil and paper. Give them pre-cut hearts in four different sizes and simple instructions like, “draw me a picture,” “write something nice about me,” or “draw your favorite thing.”

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to write out each instruction to make things easier for them. Or you can choose an activity that’s more difficult like drawing something abstract!

Kids will be excited to see their work displayed around the house! This is one of those easy Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers because it doesn’t require too much attention from you – just provide a little guidance when necessary.

4. Love Bug Mailbox – DIY Valentine Crafts 

Love bug mailbox diy valentine crafts 

If you’re looking for ways to turn your child’s school or classmates into the most romantic place on earth, try creating love bug mailbox cutouts with them!

This is one of those easy DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers because they can decorate these cute bugs all by themselves using markers, crayons, stickers, and other embellishments they like.

What’s great about this project is that kids can use their creativity to design a unique bug each time they make it. Kids as young as 3 years old may need assistance to finish the project, but they will love displaying their work around the house or school!

We found this idea on Pinterest, thanks to Dreaming Tree!

5. Heart Suncatchers – Valentine’s Day Art

Heart suncatchers valentine's day art

If you’re interested in an easy Valentine’s Day craft that your kids can do with school supplies, you should consider DIY heart suncatchers.

What’s great about this Valentine’s Day art project is that you don’t need much in the way of materials; in fact, all you really need are paper plates, crayons, and glue!

Cut out different-sized hearts using construction paper. Then use the paper plates to trace heart shapes on construction paper. In the following step, kids can use their color pencils or markers to create their designs.

Once both sides are colored, you can cut them out and use a glue stick to attach small pieces of construction paper – like polka dots, stripes, and other patterns – around the edges. Once they’re finished, let your children air-dry their hearts so that the glue doesn’t smear when it gets wet!

This is one of the easiest Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers because they can independently create their own little works of art. Besides, kids will enjoy the free-form design of this project since it doesn’t require too much work. And they’ll love hanging these up in their rooms.

If you prefer something more elaborate when it comes to DIY heart suncatchers, head over to I Heart Crafty Things and check out their tutorial!

6. Pipe Cleaner Hearts – Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas 

Pipe cleaner hearts valentine's day craft ideas 

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a little romance, and you can bring that element into your child’s life with these adorable pipe cleaner hearts!

This easy Valentine’s Day craft idea is great for toddlers because it doesn’t require too much work on their part. All you need are pipe cleaners, paper hearts, and pre-cut heart shapes made from construction paper.

Start by having your children use glue or tacky putty to attach the circles to each pipe cleaner. Then have them weave the pipe cleaners together until five hearts are connected – don’t forget that one slice should always remain free!

After weaving all hearts together, make sure they’re sturdy enough before letting them dry. In the following step, your child could hang up their hearts in their room to brighten up the space!

This is one of those easy Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers because they can do it with minimal help from you. Plus, they’re going to love displaying their creation in their rooms after it’s finished!

7. Painted Rocks – Valentine’s Painting Ideas 

Painted rocks valentine's painting ideas 

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day craft project that the whole family can take part in, consider painting rocks and gluing them together!

What makes this such an easy Valentine’s painting idea is that kids as young as 2 years old may be able to work on it with little help. Plus, they will love showing off their finished product on the driveway or sidewalk!

To start this activity, make sure to gather the required materials: some smooth stones (preferably flat ones) and paint.

You’ll also need a hot glue gun if you want to attach hearts made from construction paper to the stones, although this part is optional. With that being said, older kids could complete this project without any supervision.

After picking out your favorite colors and painting the stones, you and your children could add some embellishments to them. For example, you could glue on hearts made from construction paper or glittery stickers if they aren’t afraid of using a hot glue gun!

8. Paper Plate Heart – Valentine’s Art

Paper plate heart valentine's art

Valentine’s Day is all about showing affection towards the people that mean the most to us. So you should take some time in February to tell your child how much you love them with a simple crafting project: a paper plate heart.

This straightforward Valentine’s Day art project for toddlers involves gluing pieces of paper to a paper plate. It doesn’t get any simpler than this since you don’t have to worry about cutting out any shapes.

To get started, take a large paper plate and place it in the middle of your child’s art table. Give your kids decorative pieces of construction paper – hearts are a must, but different sizes and colors will work as well. And have them glue the paper to the plate.

Allow enough time for the glue to dry off before hanging the artwork on the wall, door, or window. You can also have your children use crayons or markers to decorate the hearts with cheerful designs.

9. Fingerprint Canvas – Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts 

Fingerprint canvas valentine's day arts and crafts 

If your kids love putting their palms on any surface, they’ll fall in love with this craft project: creating a fingerprint canvas!

This Valentine’s Day arts and crafts activity will make for a wonderful Valentine’s Day craft that the whole family can take part in. At the same time, it will keep everything active and engaged. Plus, you can use this as an opportunity to remind them about the importance of hygiene.

To get started, trace your child’s palm onto a piece of construction paper and have them color it with markers or crayons. Then tell them to place their hand over the drawing and press down until their handprint matches itself.

At this point, you or another parent should use scissors and cut out their print so that it stands alone on its own. You can also have your children decorate their prints – try using hearts or other shapes that fit the occasion!

10. Paper Plate Heart Wreath – Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts 

Paper plate heart wreath easy valentine's day crafts 

How cute is this paper plate heart wreath? Tying it up on the wall will make the perfect decoration for a Valentine’s Day party or a romantic evening at home. Besides, your kids with feel involved with the house decorations.

Gather a few things to get started on this easy Valentine’s Day craft project: a large paper plate, construction paper in different colors and sizes, glue, and ribbon. For older children, you could also add markers or crayons to decorate their hearts.

For young kids aged 3 or 4 years old, you can cut out shapes around their handprints using adult supervision. But be sure to do it before they start gluing everything together since superglue dries quickly!

After sticking their handprints to the paper plate, let your children decorate it with shapes made from construction paper. Have them write the words I love you or even draw pictures of their favorite teddy bears! Then tie a piece of ribbon to the back and hang it on your wall.

For more inspiration on how to make a paper plate heart wreath, visit The Resourceful Mama and check out the insightful tutorial!

Valentine Craft Ideas for Adults

Let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is all about spending more time with your significant other. So you can make the occasion more memorable by tackling a crafting project with your significant other.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Couples

Check out the following Valentine’s Day crafting ideas for couples!

1. Romantic Candle – Valentine’s Day DIY

Romantic candle valentine's day diy

Give your partner a treat with this DIY candle craft! It will definitely help set the mood for a romantic evening at home. It’s a pretty romantic Valentine’s craft for couples that’ll get you both in the mood!

The simple yet detailed Valentine’s Day DIY design will impress everyone lucky enough to see it. And since you’re using a candle, your love is sure to flicker for longer!

As far as supplies are concerned, you need yarn, a candle, hot glue, a pencil, red felt, a lighter, and scissors.

Take your favorite unscented candle and wrap it with yarn using a double knot. Do this until you reach about 1.4 inches from the bottom of the candle. Then place the candle back on your table and cut the excess yarn.

Next, take a piece of felt and wrap it tightly around the bottom part of your candle, gluing down the edges. Lastly, staple two pieces of red felt together to make one thicker piece. Wrap this fabric around the top part of your candle, and you’re done!

For more details on making a Valentine’s Day candle, check out our intuitive tutorial with pictures and video!

2. Button Picture Frame – Valentine Crafts 

Button picture frame valentine crafts 

Create a button picture frame you can fill with little notes to your lover! You’ll both love this Valentine’s craft idea because it’s simple, cute, and thoughtful.

To start working on this Valentine craft project, you need a photo frame, buttons, a glue gun, a lace ribbon, scissors, a paintbrush, and acrylic paint.

If you have wood-burning tools on hand, you can also use them – they’re perfect for making little hearts on the corners of your frame!

To begin, take some paint and cover the back of all your buttons. Wait until they dry completely before using a different color to make hearts. Then place each heart in one corner of your frame – this is where your notes will go!

Take the photo portion out of your picture frame and replace it with lace ribbon before gluing both pieces together. Now fill the frame with photos or memorabilia, put back the glass, and use double-sided tape (or hot glue) to secure it tightly!

For more details on making a button picture frame, check out our in-depth tutorial!

3. Pinecone Flowers Wall Art – Valentine Decoration Ideas

Pinecone flowers wall art valentine decoration ideas

It’s a simple yet stunning Valentine’s craft idea for couples: pinecone flower wall art! The small details on each flower will turn your home into a lovely winter wonderland.

But that’s not all! After completing this project, you’ll have a refreshing pop of green in your living room to lift your spirits after the cold season.

What makes this Valentine decoration idea even more remarkable is that you can customize it to suit your style and tastes, so feel free to get creative with colors and material!

You need acrylic paints in various colors, garden pruners, scissors, pinecones, a paintbrush, a silk ribbon, a glue gun, a branch, and a wood board.

Paint your branch with a single color and, while waiting for it to dry, paint the silk ribbon in a contrasting color so that it stands out. You can use any color you want, or even a pattern!

Once the branch has dried completely, secure your ribbon to the top, add some pinecones around it, and glue the silk ribbon to the board. Then take your pruners and cut out six small pieces of ribbon to tie up the flowers.

Next, take the painted pinecone and wrap a piece of string around its middle before tying a knot with each end of the string. Now dip the pinecone into a different color of paint before gluing it to your bouquet. Add some more small details if you want, and voila! Enjoy your new wall art!

For more ideas on making wall art with pinecone flowers, don’t hesitate to view our full guide!

4. Romantic Paper Flowers – DIY Valentine’s Decor

Romantic paper flowers diy valentine's decor

Create beautiful paper flowers to decorate your home throughout the year! These little details are perfect for adding romance to any room, and they’re a fantastic Valentine’s craft idea for couples!

As far as supplies are concerned, you need watercolors, a paintbrush, construction paper in two colors, scissors, a hot glue gun, a pencil, and crepe paper. This project also works as DIY Valentine’s decor.

Start by cutting the construction paper in rectangles and triangles. Then draw a pattern on it and paint it to show off your design; use one color for the main flowers and another for the stems, leaves, and petals. After they dry completely, glue them together while following your initial pattern!

If you’re planning to use these flowers as festive decor on Valentine’s Day, add crepe paper petals using a hot glue gun. To do this, make little cuts all around the flower and attach the petals at certain angles to each other.

We love how this crafty project turns out! Find out more about making romantic paper flowers by visiting our website!

5. Persian Love Cake for Valentine’s Day

Persian love cake for valentine's day

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s craft idea that’s incredibly sweet and romantic, we’ve got just the thing. Persian love cakes are beautiful desserts made with simple ingredients, which you and your significant others will fall in love with!

The best thing about this cake is that you can prepare it in advance and keep it in the freezer. If you intend to bake it on February 14th, all you’ll have to do is decorate it. It’s as simple as that! And it’s also an excellent Valentine’s Day decor idea.

When it comes to ingredients, you need the following: full-fat Greek yogurt, ground nutmeg, salt, softened unsalted butter, all-purpose flour, cardamom pods, superfine sugar, rosewater, baking powder, eggs, pistachios, oranges, and ground almonds.

Read our step-by-step guide to get the full recipe and more information on this mouth-watering Persian love cake!

6. String Art Photo Holder – Valentine Hearts 

String art photo holder valentine hearts 

Customize your very own DIY string art photo holder, and you’ll never want to put it down! It’s a beautiful Valentine’s craft idea for couples, and it also makes for the perfect gift.

To start working on this Valentine heart project, you need a lace ribbon, a wood block, scissors, a paper heart, thick jewelry wire, nails, a paintbrush, pink thread, a hammer, and wood stain.

Start by painting the block and letting it dry completely; it’s best to apply three coats, although this takes longer since you have to wait for each coat to dry before adding the next.

In the following steps, paint a heart on the block and cover it in the thread. Use nails to secure this design, and then stain it with wood stain before hanging or placing your photo!

We hope that you like this project. To learn more about making a string art photo holder, check out the full guide!

7. Wire Heart with Beads – Easy Valentine Crafts 

Wire heart with beads easy valentine crafts 

Valentine’s Day crafts don’t have to be complicated or expensive! In fact, this DIY wire heart with beads is the perfect example of that. You can make it without spending too much time or money, and you can use it in your daily life after Valentine’s Day is over!

To put the wire heart together for this easy Valentine crafting project, you need thick and thin wire, beads, a chain, standard and round-nose pliers, and a jump ring.

Start by creating a coil of wire, bending it to whatever shape you want, and connecting the ends. Feel free to use the round-nose pliers for this step. Then create accent loops on top of your heart. You’ll have to cut two pieces of 5-inch long thin wire and double them over with pliers until you obtain a loop on each end.

Use the jump ring to attach a few accent loops to the main loop of the heart, and then add a chain at the top. That’s it!

It’s possible to approach many creative projects involving wire hearts with beads. If you want to learn more about how to create this one, take a look at our complete tutorial!

8. LOVE Sequin Shirt – Valentine Craft Ideas

Love sequin shirt valentine craft ideas

Love is in the air, and it’s time to show it! At this point, you’ve probably thought of creative Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones. One suggestion is to make a LOVE sequin shirt.

This Valentine craft idea calls for a gold sequin ribbon, scissors, a simple grey shirt, a thread and needle, and chalk.

Cut the sequin ribbon and attach it to the front and back of your shirt. You can use a sewing machine for this task, or you can sew it by hand, depending on your preferences.

Next, you can draw hearts all around the shirt. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, as long as you have fun with it! Wear your shirt with pride, and show that you love yourself as much as you love the people around you.

Read our in-depth guide to discover more details about crafting a LOVE sequin shirt!

9. Paper Flower Ball – Valentine’s Day Home Decor

Paper flower ball valentine's day home decor

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to make Valentine’s Day crafts, this project might be the right option for you: paper flower balls. These beautiful decorations can be a nice addition to your home decor, and they’re a great way to show the people around you how much you care.

When it comes to materials for this Valentine’s Day home decor project, you need scissors, pearl head pins, a glue stick, small pots, a ribbon, a polystyrene sphere, a pencil, a hole punch, colored paper, dry foam, and a wooden stick.

Start by crafting the paper balls. To do this, take a piece of paper and roll it in a circle, and glue the paper to itself, leaving a hole at the bottom. You can then insert your foam into the paper tube for support.

Next, make a hole on the bottom of each paper ball using a pencil. After that, use a hole punch to make small holes on the bottom of your pots.

When decorating the flower balls, place a pearl head pin in each pot and insert it into the paper ball. You can then use this decoration to hold your flower together and add a ribbon to the top of each jar. Finish by putting your wooden stick in the middle of the flower, and voila!

Find out more about crafting a paper flower ball by reading our thorough guide!

10. Mason Jar Candle Holder – DIY Valentine Crafts

Mason jar candle holder diy valentine crafts

Another idea for crafting Valentine’s Day crafts is this mason jar candle holder. It requires only a few materials and provides an elegant touch to your home decor.

To make a mason jar candle holder for this DIY Valentine craft, you need scissors, a pencil, pink and red paper, a red ribbon, an empty jar, white liquid glue, a brush, and white vellum.

First, cut two hearts out of pink paper and a smaller heart out of red paper. Draw a white sticker on the middle of the smaller shape to make your candle look better.

After this, trace around the jar onto each piece of paper and cut out the shapes. Use these three pieces as patterns to two layers from vellum.

Fold the vellum in half to close the jar and draw around this shape with liquid glue. Glue the circle of pink paper on top of the glued area, and repeat these steps to make a second layer.

Cut out another heart-shaped piece from red paper, fold it in half, and place it on top of the jar. Finally, push a red ribbon through the hole at the bottom of the jar to secure your decoration.

Crafting this mason jar candle holder for Valentine’s Day is quite simple if you follow our detailed guide!

11. Valentine’s Day Edible Arrangements

Valentine’s day edible arrangements

If you’re looking to make Valentine’s Day edible crafts, our article will provide you with some ideas. You can use these projects to surprise the people around you with beautiful decorations that are also delicious!

For instance, you can use strawberries, chocolate heart candies, white chocolate clay, ribbon candy, melted dark chocolate drops, and a paintbrush.

Start by covering your strawberries in melted dark chocolate. Lay down wax paper before placing them on the table to prevent spills.

Use the paintbrush to coat each strawberry evenly in melted dark chocolate. You’ll then have a 1/2 inch of space between each chocolate drop around the edge of the strawberry for your final coating of white chocolate clay.

Next, place 1/2 teaspoon size dollop of white chocolate clay on the strawberry. Once it’s dry, put a ribbon candy on top and let your strawberries set for 24 hours.

After your delicious decorations are finished, you’ll be happy to display them as edible arrangements. It’s an excellent DIY Valentine crafting idea!

12. Embroidered Boxers – DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

Embroidered Boxers - DIY Valentine's Day Gift

A little hand sewing will show your Valentine how much time you’re willing to invest in a thoughtful but useful gift!(Source: Creativebug)

13. Custom Couples’ Silhouette – Valentine’s Day Gift

Custom Couples' Silhouette - Valentine's Day Gift

Tracing your profiles and placing them on a background that reflects your relationship is simple but romantic.(Source: Fave crafts)

14. Crocheted Chocolate Box – Valentine’s Day Gift

Crocheted Chocolate Box - Valentine's Day Gift

Maybe your Valentine is more into handmade things than super sweet treats? You can still give them Valentine’s chocolates! These decorative ones will last a little longer.(Source: Redheart)

15. Knitted Valentine’s Day Gift – Pink Blanket

Knitted Valentine's Day Gift - Pink Blanket

A knitted blanket is a lovely warm gift to receive and a fulfilling one to make!(Source: New Heritage Knits)

14. Valentine’s Towels – Valentine’s Day Couple’s Crafts

Valentine's Towels - Valentine's Day Couple's Crafts

Remind your Valentine that you love them throughout their day with a cute, simple towel.(Source: Handmaker of Things)

15. Heart iPad Case – Valentine’s Day DIY Gift

Heart iPad Case - Valentine's Day DIY Gift

This felting project will keep your Valentine’s electronics safe and remind them that someone cares.(Source: Lil Blue Boo)

16. Valentine’s Glitter Slime – Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Glitter Slime - Valentine's Day Gifts

Okay, so maybe glitter slime is more of a kid’s gift, but what adult doesn’t need a whimsical break in their work day? Give your Valentine a laugh with this silly DIY gift and accompany it with a note that says “You make my heart melt”.(Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose)

17. Pucker Up – Valentine’s Day DIY Gift 

Pucker Up - Valentine's Day DIY Gift 

The candies are delicious and the “punny” label will make your Valentine laugh. Pucker up!(Source: Shaken Together)

18. Valentine’s Day Coupons

Valentine's Day Coupons

Make your Valentine redeemable cards that they can use year round for cute favours from you, like back runs and breakfast in bed!(Source: BHG)

19. Tic Tac Valentine – DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Tic Tac Valentine - DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

The craft is simple, the contents are useful, and the sentiment is sweet! Make a custom Tic Tac label for your Valentine.(Source: The Idea Room)

20. Bath Bomb – Valentine’s Day Gift

Bath Bomb - Valentine's Day Gift

Pamper your valentine a little with relaxing homemade bath bombs and a cheesy-but-cute “You’re the bomb” label!(Source: Crazy About my Baybah)

Final Thoughts on Valentine’s Day Crafts

Choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many different options you can try for Valentine’s Day crafts.

These ideas should make it easy for you to find inspiration and create something extraordinary in time for February 14th. If you enjoyed our suggestions, please share this article with your friends and family members who might also want to learn how to craft beautiful gifts for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

And, if you have more ideas on great crafts that can be completed before Valentine’s Day, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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