5 Of The Messiest Rooms In Your House And How To Organize Them

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Everyone has messy areas of their homes. Even professional organizers. But when you know how to tidy up quickly, you can keep your home organized. So we are breaking down the 5 messiest rooms in your home and how to organize each room. With so many different ways to keep your home organized, find some that you feel will work for you in your home.

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Kitchen + How To Organize

  • Papers can pile up on kitchen countertops. To keep things tidy, use a tray to collect all the papers. Now you don’t have to go out and buy a new tray. Instead, you can use serving trays you have around the house. Use the tray to collect items you don’t want loose on the counters.
  • Lazy Susans under sink can help keep cleaning supplies organized around those piles. Nothing gets lost in the back because you just can spin the turntable. To find the best turntable for your sink, measure from the side to the pipe. That will give you an idea of the largest you can go in diameter. Then search online for one that is that size or smaller.

Sink organizers are my favorite way to keep the sinks tidy. Use the organizers to hold your soaps and sponges so they aren’t piling up inside the sink and getting gross from food and dirty dishes.

My favorite sink organizer is from MadeSmart with a drying stone. The drying stone is anti-microbial and antibacterial! I love the one with the soap holder as well!


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Home Office + Ways To Organize

When it comes to your home office, you want to keep things as simple as possible. Whether you work from home full time, part time, or manage all the things, keeping this area tidy is a must.

  • When you work from home full time, create zones for different parts of your office to keep you focused. If you are unsure if you use an item in your home office, set it aside. Set a reminder on your phone for a week. If you don’t use that item, you can toss it/donate it. If you use it, find a place for it to be stored

Maybe you work from home part-time, so set up your desk like you have it in the office. This helps keep you semi consistent with how you work throughout your day. You don’t have to think about where pens are stored at home versus in the office because you set up the space the exact same way.

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Bathrooms + How To Organize

Check shelf life of your bathroom products. Not all products last forever. If you don’t see an expiration date, take your Sharpie and write the date you purchased the product. This will help you later when you are trying to remember if the product is still ok to use.

To keep the bathroom products tidy, line up the items in your cabinets in rows with the product that will expire first in the front. If you purchase anything new, add that item to the back of the line.

You really only need 2 bath towels per person in the house with a few additional towels for guests. If you don’t have laundry nearby, then 3-4 towels is acceptable.

Closets + How To Organize

Unsure if you wear something? Turn the hanger around. It is a visual reminder to see what you wear and what you don’t. I have a full tutorial on how to do the hanger trick so you can declutter your closet easily: The Hanger Trick For Your Closet.

Hang necklaces to they don’t get tangled. I love using hanging picture frames to store necklaces to add some decor to your closet walls. It’s functional and beautiful. Either keep them in the closet if you have a walk-in, or near the closet or mirror.

Have a basket for in-between clothes. The things that aren’t totally clean but aren’t totally dirty. It helps keep them off the floor.

Group clothing by how you wear it. All work attire together. All lounge wear together. When grouping clothing by how you use them, it makes getting ready easier. I have more ideas for how to group clothing below.

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Kids’ Stuff + How To Organize

Use a craft cart to keep kids’ art supplies organized. I love using the craft carts because you can wheel the cart over to where the kids want to create. Then you can wheel it back to a corner or closet when they aren’t using the craft supplies. Plus it keeps everything together so nothing gets lost while you are crafting.

Store paper in magazine holders on the top shelf of the cart. Group like items together in baggies or containers. Remove any unused items and leftover pieces. They just create clutter.

Label everything! Picture labels work best for emerging readers. But word labels work well too! I have both in my shop!

Printable Toy Bin Labels Bundle Pack

Keeping toys organized can be tricky, but these toy bin labels are perfect place to start!

Included in this label pack are over 90+ labels for every toy category you may have. Use the labels that work for your toys and keep things organized.

Messiest Rooms And How To Organize Them

When it comes to keeping everything organized, you will want to tackle the messiest rooms first. Use the tips suggested to help you keep things organized. Don’t buy products first. Remove the unwanted items first. Then you can find organizing materials or products to support you if you feel it will help.

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