5 Ways to Have Fun Indoors This Summer

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Summertime is all about fun in the sun and time outdoors, but we can’t spend every day at the pool or the park. Whether you’re looking to escape the heat, the rain or the scorching sun, we have five fun-filled ways to spend a summer day indoors!

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Build an Obstacle Course

An at-home obstacle course is a DIY fort mixed with adrenaline! Rearrange the furniture and make your own obstacles out of household items: painter's tape is an easy way to create stepping stones and balance beams, a large cardboard box can easily be turned into a tunnel and a laundry basket and dryer balls work great for a mini game of hoops. See more obstacle course inspiration here.

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Get Crafty with Paper

You don’t need a ton of craft supplies to get creative! Whether you have construction paper, computer paper or yesterday’s newspaper, you have everything you need for a fun hands-on project. Try out origami, see if you can make a paper airplane or make cute matching bracelets. Get instructions for 34 easy paper crafts here.

Make Your Own Band

Sure, guitar is cool, but have you played a DIY pan flute? Get crafty by making your own instruments out of common household items like cardboard boxes, rubber bands and empty toilet paper rolls. Once you have a little practice, your kids can team up to make their own band and play some of their favorite tunes! Get instructions for 26 DIY musical instruments here. 

Try an At-Home Science Experiment

DIY science experiments are the perfect combo of entertainment and education. When your kid is making their own slime or invisible ink, they’ll also be learning about polymers and oxidation! Things may get a little messy, which is why we’ve ranked our at-home science experiments on a scale of one to five sponges so you can be prepared. See 59 at-home science experiments here.

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