50 Homemade Gift Ideas To Show Someone You Care About Them

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Gifts are a lot more rewarding when they’re unique and special and what can be more unique than something homemade? Homemade gifts are thoughtful, caring and infinitely customizable. They say a lot about the one offering them and about the receivers as well.

homemade gift ideas

They’re a great way to show someone that you care about them and to express your own creativity at the same time. So what do you say, is your next gift going to be a homemade one? Here are 50 DIY gifts and crafts that you can choose from in case the answer is yes.

50 Home Decor Gifts You Can Make At Home

1. A set of geometric felt coasters

A set of geometric homemade gift felt coasters

Every home needs a nice set of coasters so this would make a wonderful housewarming gift for someone who just moved house. Of course, coasters are not really hard to come by so if you want this to be a special gift you should put some thought into it. Make the coasters yourself from scratch. It’s actually one of the easiest things you could do and you only need a few simple supplies for this. Check out our geometric coaster tutorial to find out the details.

2. A jewelry organizer made from a cool branch perfect for a DIY gift

A jewelry organizer made from a cool branch

Searching for a gift idea for someone who likes to wear jewelry? Well it couldn’t be easier to find them a gift that they’re find both useful and amazing. Make them a jewelry tree display stand and make from a cool-looking branch so it actually looks like a miniature tree. You can also use a concrete plant pot saucer as a base to give it a bit of a modern-industrial feel. ‘

3. DIY Christmas Gift tree decorations

Handmade Christmas tree decorations

Homemade gifts in general are a perfect idea for Christmas. There’s probably plenty of special people that you’d like to offer a cute little gift to and these mini decorative wreaths are perfect for that. You can make a bunch of them and spread the love. They’re really to make too and all you need for this is a bunch of mason jar rings, a hot glue gun and some twine, string, twine and whatever else you can use to wrap around them.

4. DIY scented candles

Homemade scented candles

Sure, scented candles can seem like a mainstream and uninspired idea for a gift but not if you actually make them yourself. Then they become special and the gift becomes thoughtful and unique. So how do you make scented candles at home? Well, it’s actually easiest than you think and you can use a bunch of things as containers for them like bottles for instance. Check out our tutorial on how to make candles at home to

5. Simple DIY Wooden log plant pot

Wooden log plant pot

A cute wooden plant pot is a lovely gift idea for someone who loves plants and nature in general. This project also gives you an excuse to take a nice walk in the forest in search of the perfect fallen log. Once you found it, bring it home and turn it into a planter. All the details are explained in our tutorial so check it out before you get started.

6. Home sweet home pillow

Home sweet home pillow

Looking for a sweet housewarming gift idea for someone? What could fit the theme better than a “home sweet home” accent pillow? No worries, you don’t need to be an expert at embroidering in order to pull this off. The letters are quite easy to get right and if something doesn’t look perfect that’s just part of what makes it special.

7. A macrame hanging plant shelf

A macrame hanging plant shelf

Bringing someone a plant as a gift is a nice way of offering them a little piece of nature without having a negative impact on the environment. It’s something that they can grow and cherish, something to remind them of you every day. But it’s not just the plant itself that you should be focusing on. The accessories have a lot of potential for making wonderful gifts, like this macrame hanging plant shelf for example.

8. A set of handmade concrete coasters

A set of handmade concrete coasters

Coasters seem so simple but they make really nice gifts for a variety of reasons. There’s a lot of different styles and types to choose from which means you can definitely find a design that resonates with the person you’re gifting them to. Also, you can make the coasters yourself from scratch to make them even more special. If you want them to look simple and modern, check out these hexagon coasters made of concrete.

9. A live edge wooden cheese board

A live edge wooden cheese board

Another cool and also useful thing you could offer someone is a cheese board. They can use it to serve delicious snacks and appetizers and they’ll remember you every time they do so. Making a cheese board is quite simple and the trick to this particular design is finding a nice piece of hardwood that has an interesting shape and a live edge.

10. A simple and stylish cake stand

A simple and stylish cake stand

If you know someone who enjoys baking and making delicious deserts, gifting them a cake stand would make perfects sense and would definitely make them happy as well. This is also a lovely opportunity to go with a handmade gift instead of a store-bought one. Check out this modern wooden cake stand and see for yourself just how easy it is to make one from scratch.

11. Wooden log bookends

Wooden log bookends

A set of bookends would make a really nice gift for someone who enjoys reading or who has a nice book collection on display in their home or office. And since we’re talking about DIY gift ideas today, check out these wooden log bookends that we have a tutorial for. They’re really easy to make and you can customize them with your own choice of colors or leave them all natural if you want to.

12. A cute etched flower vase

A cute etched flower vase

Vases, in general, make nice gifts and your own gift can be even nicer if you make or in this case decorate the vase yourself. One idea can be to learn how to etch glass in order to give a simple glass vase a lovely makeover. It’s not difficult at all and the only special thing needed is some etching cream which you should be able to find at most craft stores.

13. A magnetic knife rack made of wood

A magnetic knife rack made of wood

You might be wondering how a wooden knife holder can be magnetic. Well, it’s simple really. The magnets are inserted into the wood on the back side and this way the knife holder can be easily attached to any magnetic surface. It’s a nice DIY gift idea or something that you can make for your own kitchen in your spare time.

14. Custom snow globes

Custom snow globes

Snow globes are an iconic decoration that used to be a must-have on Christmas. Today they’re nostalgic and charming in a slightly different way. A homemade snow globe would thus be a really nice gift idea, not to mention that it could also be something to do for yourself as well. So how do you even make a snow globe? Well, the easy way is by repurposing a glass jar.

15. A cute planter made from a tin can

A cute planter made from a tin can

Want something small and cute to give someone you’re visiting? Instead of a classic bouquet of flowers or other cliche gifts consider giving them a little succulent tin can planter made by you. You can make these adorable planters out of empty tin cans. You just need some spray paint to change their appearance and voila! It’s one of the easiest and most rewarding DIY crafts ever.

16. A bouquet of fluffy yarn flowers

A bouquet of fluffy yarn flowers

Offering someone a bouquet of flowers is a nice and classic gesture made as a sign of respect or friendship. There are two main routes you could go: natural flowers and the faux kind. If you opt for the latter there’s a whole world of beautiful DIY crafts that you can choose from. One of our favorite ones is this billy ball yarn flower bouquet. Isn’t it adorable?

17. Homemade pottery

Homemade pottery

Pottery sure sounds like an interesting hobby but also a fairly intimidating one because we associate it with various tools and equipment that we don’t really feel like investing in. Luckily, you don’t need all of that to make pottery because there’s more than one way to do it. For instance, to make speckled pottery at home you only need some air dry clay, a knife, some plates or bowls to use as templates, paint and glaze. This would make a magnificent gift for someone, wouldn’t you say?

18. Dinosaur bookends

Dinosaur bookends

These DIY bookends could be nice gifts for a kid or just someone who likes cute and playful things in general. You can make these out of all sorts of toys like dinosaurs, various animals or toy soldiers for example. In this particular case it looks like the dinosaur is going through the books and emerges on the other side. Check out the tutorial to see how these bookends were made.

19. Silicone snowflakes

Silicone snowflakes

These could either be used as coasters or can be hanged in a Christmas tree as decorations. Either way, they made lovely handmade gifts and they’re pretty fun and easy to craft as well. You need some paper, scissors, a silicone circle mold and some resin. If you’re not a fan of snowflakes you can try other designs or patterns.

20. A stylish terrarium

A stylish terrarium

A terrarium is one of those things that’s both fun to make and cool to display and look at. That’s a perfect combo because it means you would enjoy crafting this hanging terrarium and you can offer it as a gift to someone who can appreciate and enjoy it. You can use pretty much anything as a container including a jar, a case, a vase, a bowl and so on.

21. A string art heart decoration

A string art heart decoration

Once you start having fun making string art you just want to share the experience with everyone and that makes this string art heart decoration a really nice handmade gift idea. It’s a simple project which leaves a lot of room for your own creativity and imagination. Have fun personalizing it however you want or just keep it simple.

22. DIY rope coasters

DIY rope coasters

The rope is a very versatile material that you can use for all sorts of DIY crafts and homemade birthday gifts or various other projects. One of the easiest things you could do with is is some lovely rope coasters. Make them out of coiled white rope and decorate them with blue nautical details using stencils and fabric paint.

23. 3D Flower wall art

3D Flower wall art

This 3D fake flower wall art piece would also make a nice gift. It’s cute and colorful and you only need a few simple things to make it like a canvas, a bunch of paper straws and some fake flowers and leaves. Personalize it with the favorite flowers of the person you’re gifting this to. You can also use their favorite color palette as another way to make this project special.

24. Copper pipe tablet stand

Whether you need something like this for yourself or you want to craft it as a gift for somebody else, it’s a really nice project worth checking out. We’re talking about a stand for the tablet which can be made out of copper pipes and fittings. It has an industrial design and it’s very customizable based on the type of tablet it’s meant for. Check out the copper pipe iPad stand tutorial for more details.

25. Mason jar votives

Mason jar votives

Empty glass jars are always worth keeping because they can be used in lots of useful and interesting ways around the house. They can even be turned into decorations into beautiful handmade gifts, like these DIY mason jar votives for example. The metallic copper finish looks great on them and we slightly weathered look really suits the vibe of the project.

26. A marquee sign with LED string lights

A marquee sign with LED string lights

Another interesting DIY birthday gift idea can be to make a marquee sign. It’s not something you can easily buy which makes this project quite special in that sense. A string of LED globe lights would be perfect for this but you can definitely try other variations and ideas as well. This simple arrow design featured in our tutorial should give you a good idea of what it takes to make a marquee sign.

27. A cute doormat

A cute doormat

Gifting someone a doormat can seem like an odd thing to do but that’s actually one of the best housewarming gifts you could give someone who just moved into a new place. Of course, just going out and buying a generic doormat wouldn’t really be special so a much better idea is to customize a plain one with your own design or pattern. How about a cute heart eye emoji doormat? That would sure put a smile on the face of anyone visiting.

28. A custom embroidered map

A custom embroidered map

This embroidered map would be a lovely gift for someone who is planning a trip or who has fond memories related to a vacation or a certain destination. It’s very simple and easy to do but what makes it special is the fact that it’s meaningful and symbolic. The idea behind it is that you highlight a route or an area on the map using thread and then frame it.

29. DIY wrapping paper

DIY wrapping paper

This is not technically the gift but what you use to wrap the gift with. Making your gifts look special just adds that little extra touch that says you care and you put thought into the process. There’s plenty of ways to make custom wrapping paper and even to wrap the gifts in a specific way. One idea is to use a combination of white and black paper, some baking paper and marble effect spray paint.

30. Minimalist desk organizer

Minimalist desk organizer

This would be a cool gift for that one friend who just can’t keep their desk tidy. This minimalist desk organizer looks exquisite without standing out too much which makes sense since its role is to keep the space around it mess-free. It’s also very versatile and can be used in all sorts of different ways. Perhaps you should make 2 and keep one for yourself.

31. Cute heart decoration made of wood

Cute heart decoration made of wood

If you’re looking for something cute and thoughtful to offer as a Valentine’s Day or birthday gift, check out this lovely wood heart decor. It has a shabby chic look and it’s decorated using different paint colors as scrapbook paper. The little bird decoration is an adorable touch as well. This handmade gift can also be your source of inspiration for an entirely original project.

32. Stylish handmade wall clock

Stylish handmade wall clock

Wall clocks at this point are used mostly as decorations and they’re definitely not as popular as they used to be. We often overlook them as decorations but they make nice gifts, especially when handcrafted. Check out this DIY component wall clock if you’re thinking of making something similar from scratch. it’s a fun and easy project.

33. Paper flower mobile

Paper flower mobile

This paper flower mobile is a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea not because it’s cute but also because it’s an interesting and original variation of something very common. You can make this for a nursery room or as a baby shower gift for someone you care about. All you need is some paper flowers, a metal hoop, and a bunch of twine.

34. Homemade scented candle

Homemade scented candle

Once you realize just how easy it is to make scented candles at home all you want is to share them with everybody else. Homemade scented candles make lovely gifts and there’s all sorts of ways in which you can get creative with them and make them special. For instance, you can look for cute and beautiful containers to put them in.

35. Rustic picture frames

Rustic picture frames

Gift someone a nice picture frame along with a special picture to display in their home and brighten their day. This wooden frame is super easy to make and has a rustic look which is accentuated by the use of reclaimed wood. Make one or a couple and personalize them or use different types of stain so the design matches the style of the house decor.

36. Clay trinket box

Clay trinket box

Sometimes trying too hard to find the perfect gift for someone can send you down a rabbit hole when in fact the answer can be a lot simpler and more accessible. For instance, a small trinket box can make a lovely gift for someone even if it’s not particularly interesting in on itself. Since we’re talking about a handmade clay box it would actually be super special.

37. Interactive fridge magnets

Interactive fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are universal because pretty much everybody has some. With that in mind, you could make some custom DIY magnets as a gift for someone. These are actually interactive magnets which makes them even more fun and interesting. You can make them in different geometric shapes, sizes and colors using vinyl-faced magnetic sheets and acrylic paints.

38. Cute animal silhouette clock

Cute animal silhouette clock

This handmade wall clock is a really nice gift that you can make either for a kid or for an adult who appreciates adorable decorations. The animal silhouette design is lovely and the materials needed for the project as a whole are inexpensive and easy to get. Enjoy creating your own custom pattern if you want to make the project more original.

39. DIY charging dock

DIY charging dock

In this day and age everybody has a smartphone and many of us actually use multiple gadgets and accessories that require to be charged daily or on a regular basis. On that note, a charging dock can be a useful thing to have and a really nice idea for a gift. You can make a charging dock from scratch by reusing a simple wooden box.

40. Hand-shaped concrete plant stand

Hand-shaped concrete plant stand

Concrete is a great material to use for all sorts of interesting and creative DIY projects and crafts, including some cool handmade gifts. A nice example is this concrete plant stand shaped like a hand. To give it this shape you can use a rubber or a latex glove as a mold. You can tweak it however you want and place it in a nice position but make sure you create a nice flat surface for the planter to sit on.

41. A cute rope basket

A cute rope basket

Rope baskets are quite addictive because they’re super easy and fun to make. Once you know how it’s done you just want to do it again. Share this passion wit those you love. Make a cute rope basket to offer as a gift. It can be sued as a jewelry box and it has a lovely lid that’s also made of rope. There’s all sorts of ways n which you can decorate it and customize it if you want to.

42. Popsicle stick wall art

Popsicle stick wall art

Share your love for DIY crafts and projects through lovely handmade gifts. Here’s a cute little housewarming gift that you could make for someone: a popsicle stick wall art piece that they can display in their entryway. You can personalize it with a nice message or keep the simple “home” design featured in our tutorial.

43. A pine cone wall decoration

A pine cone wall decoration

Don’t you wish you could use pine cones for more projects around the house? They’re lovely and they’re a nice way to let nature into our home, especially in autumn or winter. Share this love with someone by gifting them a beautiful wall decoration which you can make yourself using pine cones. What’s cool about this one is that the cones look like cute and colorful flowers.

44. A little bean bag chair for kids

A little bean bag chair for kids

In case you’re ever looking for a gift idea for a kid, check out this DIY bean bag chair. It’s small and super cute and it’s actually something that you could make yourself from scratch. It’s a really nice gift idea, less mainstream and predictable than giving them toys and really thoughtful and caring too. Keep in mind that having a sewing machine would really help with this project.

45. Farmhouse-inspired key holder

Farmhouse-inspired key holder

This farmhouse-inspired key holder would also be a cool housewarming gift idea. It’s one of those little things that add charm and character to a home. Although it looks quite detailed, this is actually pretty easy to make. You need wood for the actual back panel, a little box and some hooks and as for the rest you can use various things as decorations. In this case we went with a welcome stencil, some cute painted birds and a few artificial flowers.

46. A gilded pencil holder

A gilded pencil holder

This gilded wood pencil holder can make a nice desk accessory, something that you can offer someone as a gift or make for yourself. It’s both pretty and useful and it’s easy to make if you have some basic tools like a drill and some drill bits of different sizes. You’ll also need a wooden block and some spray paint. If you’re not a fan of the gilded metallic finish try something different instead. Perhaps a chalkboard finish or something colorful would look cool.

47. DIY terrarium from an oversized vase

DIY terrarium from an oversized vase

Terrariums are a lot of fun to make and very customizable. This one is an oversized vase terrarium and looks simple and modern thanks to its cylindrical shape. You can make something similar by repurposing a vase or a glass candle votive or even a bowl. Fill it with some small rocks, some soil moss and a few cute little succulents or cacti. You can offer this as a gift or keep it for yourself.

48. Vintage photos transferred on wood

Vintage photos transferred on wood

This is such a cool idea for a gift. It’s a project that works best with old photos because it lets you emphasize nostalgia with a vintage design. The idea is to take a photo and to transfer it onto a piece of wood. In a way you’re embedding the picture itself into the frame. To do this you need a photo printed on paper, some mod podge, a wood plaque, a towel and some paint. You can check out our tutorial to learn how to transfer a photo in more detail.

49. A flip-clock desk calendar

A flip-clock desk calendar

Speaking of retro decorations, check out this DIY desk calendar inspired by flip clocks. It’s a nice little handmade gift or an accessory that you can make for yourself. Making it is a bit like putting together a puzzle. We went with a simple design using black paint and some wood grain contact paper but there’s plenty of other styles and finishes to choose from if you have a different idea in mind.

50. A stylish leather catchall

A stylish leather catchall

This catchall is a little something to keep on the desk or in the entrance hallway so you can easily drop your keys, cell phone, sunglasses and various other things in. It’s a stylish container for various knick knacks so you can easily find them all in one place when you need them. It can also be a beautiful gift for someone and you can make it from scratch out of leather and some embroidery thread.

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