A Luxury Condominium With Elegant White Interiors [Video]

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Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this chic contemporary home interior project is entitled “Living Curve” in response to its elegantly arched ceiling shape and arched interior details. Designed by Pins Studio, a blanket of white drapes the entire interior to create a peaceful visual. Black accents strike a contrasting balance in the decor scheme, whilst natural wood furniture pieces introduce visual warmth and texture. Measuring 1707 square feet, the home features a generously proportioned open plan living space, a welcoming home office/craft room, a stylish master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe, an impressive bathroom design clad in luxurious marble tile, and a cosy kids’ room.

The living room conveys an open and ethereal aesthetic. It is a place where music plays and the family spends quality time together in hobbies and relaxation.

The open layout is entirely unobstructed. There are no structural support pillars or partially dividing walls to interrupt the easy flow of the space. Natural light from the large windows floods the room from front to back.

A white sectional sofa is aligned with the edge of a grey living room rug to fashion a lounge area within the open concept living space. A small side table and white knitted pouf expand upon the white furniture theme, whilst a wooden coffee table offers a visually warm contrast at the centre of the space.

A small indoor plant makes a simple coffee table centrepiece. An upholstered lounge chair rounds out the furniture arrangement in a tan colour that complements the wooden table.

Opposite the modern sofa, the tv wall decor is composed of slatted panels that not only look beautiful but help with the acoustics in the room too.

Greige drapes frame the living room windows, whilst sheer white voiles softly filter direct sunlight, offer privacy, and billow prettily in the breeze from the balcony. A modern white ceiling fan cools the living room from the inside. See more inspiration for unique ceiling fans.

A stunning white grand piano is housed at the back of the space. Minimalist art and a floor planter provide quiet decor for the piano room, leaving all eyes on the pianist.

The kitchen diner runs perpendicular to the lounge and piano areas to promote family interactions.

The dining table is smoothly integrated into the kitchen island, where its wooden table top is sandwiched beneath a thick marble slab. The kitchen sink looks out upon the living room so that the cook can chat with the family during food prep tasks.

A modern dining chandelier hangs low to the dining table. Black track lights cross the rest of the room, dispersing even illumination from directional heads.

The side of the kitchen island features a spectacular marble grain that paints an artistic essence. The marble island is matched by the kitchen backsplash on the neighbouring wall and a coordinating wall treatment by the entryway.

The gold kitchen tap is matched by a boiling water tap on the island, making hot beverages a breeze.

An attractive, black-framed archway marks the entryway into the home office/craft room, where the children of the family like to spend time whilst their parents cook.

A wine cooler is situated in the base of the kitchen island, within close proximity of the dining table.

Inside the home office, two workspaces are arranged side by side to encourage collaboration. See more double workspaces.

Home office storage units provide both concealed storage space and open shelving units for more decorative elements.

Pegboard panels hold office and craft supplies within easy reach. A small desk lamp provides task lighting and a welcoming glow.

Inside the master bedroom, a unique winged headboard wall is created with a curvaceous grey wraparound and a smaller white marble panel. The effect is modern and luxurious, and makes the sleep area feel protected and cosy.

Beige headboard cushions and a matching beige throw make a warm and earthy tonal addition to the platform bed.

A small table lamp rests a gold accent on a modern bedside table. Gold fixtures scatter more lustrous gold moments across the serene grey, beige and white decor scheme.

Over by the bedroom window, a modern desk makes a home workspace where the adults of the family can get away to concentrate in complete quiet.

A slender designer table lamp is complemented by the lightweight black metal framework of a modern desk chair.

The master bedroom boasts a spacious walk-in wardrobe that features fixtures on each side of the room and a floor-to-ceiling window.

Ribbons of LED light brightly illuminate golden closet rails and bag shelves.

The gleaming fixtures present a boutique look in which to store a carefully curated fashion collection.

A woven pouf provides a place to sit whilst trying on shoes.

The bathroom is a luxurious spot, clad in clean white marble tiles from top to bottom. A natural wooden stool and a wooden clothes hanger add comforting touches of natural tone.

A beautiful bathtub is situated beside the window, where the homeowners can bask in both bubbles and sunlight.

A double sink vanity unit stretches the length of the room, beneath an expanse of mirrored wall units.

In the kid’s room, modern wall sconces light up each side of the bed, making a perfect spot for story time.

A trendy chevron headboard design brings pattern to the room.

Kids’ wardrobes feature chunky handles for little hands.

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