Activities To Keep Your Toddler Busy All Week!

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Toddlers are busy little people, but we've created a full week of plans and activities that will keep them occupied!

I thought it might be a good time to share another week of activities with the holiday break coming up. I’m always looking for quick and easy activities to do with the kids over the holidays to entertain them!

This is a week of simple activities of things to do with toddlers. A little bit of everything, gross motor, fine motor, art, and a craft!

They’re all super easy to set up and with supplies I’m sure you’ll have on hand! And activities your toddler can actually do.

So have some fun with your toddler this week!

Grab all of our weekly activity plans – perfect for kids of all ages and interests!

Things To Keep Your Toddler Busy All Week!

On Monday…

Target practice is so much fun! Just grab some straws and make a target somewhere.

What you need: straw, pom poms (or cotton balls), painter’s tape.

On Tuesday… 

Set up a simple pom pom drop to ongoing fun throughout the week!

What you need: pom poms (or cotton balls), paper towel or toilet paper tubes, and painter’s tape.

On Wednesday… 

Let your toddler get crafty with glue and paper and make a paper bag mask! Decorate it however they please.

What you need: paper bag, scrap pieces of paper, glue, scissors (or rip the paper)

On Thursday…

Get the crazies out with some safe indoor throwing!

Use newspapers and a laundry basket.

On Friday…

A clean way for toddler to create is with water. They love it!

What you need: chalkboard, chalk, water, paintbrush. Or black paper, water and a paintbrush.

On Saturday…

Send your toddler on a scavenger hunt around the house. Hide items just like you would Easter eggs. And let them look for them. Add learning to it if they’re ready.

What you need: any objects you have multiple of.

On Sunday…

It’s family together time.

Make it a yes day and do whatever comes to your toddler’s mind! Try to enjoy every minute together!

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More fun things to do with toddlers:

We can’t wait to hear how you keep your toddler busy with things to do together! Share your activities with us!