All the Things Teachers Really Want This Year

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It goes without saying that teachers are some of the hardest working professionals out there. Not only are they wrangling and educating our kids five days a week, but they often pay for the supplies out of their own pocket. With a new school year upon us, we asked teachers what kind of items they can always use in the classroom and here’s their wishlist.

Disinfecting Wipes

We love these Lemi Shine wipes because they are bleach free, made with biodegradable ingredients and kills over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Find them at, Home Depot, Kroger and Amazon.

Printer Paper

Whether its having enough paper to print out worksheets or its used as a craft, teachers love having a stock of paper on hand. You can give the gift of paper easily on your next Target run by picking up a box for less than $20.

Hand Sanitizer

We've all come to value the importance of hand sanitizer the last year and a half––especially teachers. Help them stock up easily by grabbing a few extra bottles on your next Target or Walmart run, or order a huge bottle from Amazon to keep little hands clean.

Glue Sticks

For some reason, glue sticks are always in short supply, especially for kindergarteners! During back to school shopping, large packs are usually on big specials where you can snag 12 for less than $5. Your teachers will thank you!


When you can find a pack of crayons for $.50, why not shower your classroom with several boxes? Whether its for your kindergartener or fourth grader, crayons are always in high demand!

Paper Towels & Tissues

Spills, sneezes, messes, oh my! When it comes to paper supplies, school districts often shop quantity over quality––and can still run out. Teachers are always open to softer tissues and thicker paper towels if you can donate.

Single Color Packs of Construction Paper

Teachers will ALWAYS use packs of construction paper, but sometimes the most popular colors (like around holidays) aren't always in supply from the school stash. You can help by picking up a single color pack of larger sizes like 12x18 and gifting to teachers a month before the holiday approaches.

Treasure Box Items

We may not understand the draw of a sticky hand, but a full treasure box in the classroom is a huge help to teachers and students. Help your kiddos teacher with a donation of incentive items like fidgets, squishy toys and finger boards, all for less than $20.

Dry Erase Markers & Erasers

Little learners love to use small whiteboards in class, but erasers can either be terrible quality or in short supply. Grab a huge pack of pens and erasers on your next Amazon order to keep the dry erase fun going!

––Karly Wood

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