Apple Tree Craft for Toddlers

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George and I made a very simple apple tree craft, one that toddlers can do!

I’m so excited to be spending some extra one on one time with George lately now that Henry’s in kindergarten.

George loves to create things. He’s the one that likes to cut, color, draw, and do all the fine motor stuff that Henry rarely got into at that age (George is almost 3).

I have some awesome readers here at hands on : as we grow, and one that’s participating in the Kids Art Exchange sent the boys some art supplies in a bottle (so very cool)! In there was a glue stick. Nothing new to my boys, but that’s all George wanted to use when he got it.

With that glue stick, we created an apple tree!

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Apple Tree Craft for Toddlers

As I mentioned, George loves to cut.

So I gave him scrap pieces of green paper for him to cut into small pieces for leaves.

While he did that, I cut out the tree trunk from a brown piece of scrapbook paper.

Cutting leave for an apple tree craft

I glued the trunk onto another piece of white scrapbook paper to have the base of the craft ready for George to go crazy with.

Glue leaves on an apple tree

With the glue stick, George added the leaves to the tree.

He made dots carefully and very deliberately and added each leaf, one by one.

He asked me to help too, so I worked on a couple branches.

Glue leaves on an apple tree

Then we made apples for the apple tree craft.

I happened to have red tissue paper, but otherwise I would have used red scraps of paper for the apples.

I tore the tissue paper into small pieces (George could have done this too) and George wadded it up into small balls and glued it onto the apple tree.

Put the apples on the apple tree

George spied my glitter when I was getting the paper scraps out of my extremely disorganized craft cupboard… and he was adamant to include glitter on our apple tree.

Apple tree craft for toddlers

When the kids go overboard with glitter, I sometimes try to save it for a later use and scrape it into a salt shaker.This turned out really well for this apple tree craft. Because when I save glitter, its usually mixed and multi-colored. The mixture actually happened to be very fall colored and worked well with the apple tree!

George gets so excited when we get to add a piece of artwork or craft that we do to the display frame on the play room wall. He showed it off to Dad and Henry when he got home from school.

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