Beaded Wreath Kids Christmas Ornaments

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These DIY Christmas ornaments are a fun and easy craft for kids to make.

diy christmas ornaments for kids beaded wreaths

Christmas crafts for kids are my favorite. I love having activities to do together during their winter break. It’s just so cozy and festive to gather together to make Christmas crafts!

These beaded ornament wreaths are an easy, mess-free and adorable craft that even my three year old was able to do.

The key is using pipe cleaner because it grips the beads and keeps them from sliding off accidentally, which is a common problem I’ve faced when doing bead crafts with kids in the past.

I also love that this Christmas craft is mess-free and only takes a few supplies. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own beaded wreath ornaments.

materials needed to make beaded wreath ornaments

Materials Needed

Here are a few of the cutest Christmas bead kits I found online, including both of the kits I used in the photos:


Step 1: String beads onto a pipe cleaner. You can use this as an opportunity to practice making patterns or let your child choose a random design. Anything will end up looking cute, promise. Even the smallest beads in the kits we used fit over the pipe cleaner. I was actually surprised by that.

pipe cleaner beaded christmas wreath

Step 2: Once you’ve got 8 or 9 inches worth of beads on the pipe cleaner, bring the two ends together and twist the pipe cleaner to form a circle.

easy kids ornament to make

Step 3: Cut off the excess pipe cleaner ends.

easy kids christmas ornament diy

Step 4: Make a loop of ribbon for hanging and hot glue it around the pipe cleaner nub so that it’s hidden. Make a little ribbon bow and add that to the bottom of the loop too.

christmas wreath ornament with beads and pipe cleaner

And that’s it! Four simple steps to make these darling handmade Christmas ornaments! Look at my little guy’s cute, squishy hands:

christmas ornament for kids

He’s so proud of his wreath! You can also add a photo to the center of the ornament. Just print one out super small, cut it into a circle, then glue it to chipboard or something sturdy and tie it on with ribbon.

Project Tip!

If your child is struggling with beads rolling everywhere, try placing a piece of felt down on the table. It keeps beads from rolling away, which means less cleanup for mom.

Video Tutorial

You can completely change the look of the ornaments depending on the bead style you use, there’s hardly any mess, and it’s actually really fun to string the beads onto the pipe cleaner. I think you’ll love doing this kids craft this Christmas!

beaded wreath ornament kids can make

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