Best Left-Handed Scissors for Lefties

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Around 10% of the population of this planet is left-handed. It is thought that left-handed people are the odd ones out. To be an odd one is a good thing. It is surely more fun to be a left-handed person than a right-handed one.

However, it becomes problematic when you notice that almost every gadget, tool, and item is designed with the right hand in mind.

Even though almost everything can be used comfortably by a left-handed person, things that are specialized to fit properly into the hand can make it a bit difficult.

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Fiskars 1294508697WJ Left-hand 8
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Fiskars 194330 Back to School Supplies, Left Handed Kids Scisors Pointed-tip, 5 Inch, Color Received...
Gingher 01-005309 Knife Edge Bent Lefthanded 8 Inch Shears
Editors Choice
Fiskars 1294508697WJ Left-hand 8
Fiskars 1294508697WJ Left-hand 8" Bent-left, Stainless Steel - Orange
Also Great
Fiskars 194330 Back to School Supplies, Left Handed Kids Scisors Pointed-tip, 5 Inch, Color Received...
Fiskars 194330 Back to School Supplies, Left Handed Kids Scisors Pointed-tip, 5 Inch, Color Received...
Nice Pick
Gingher 01-005309 Knife Edge Bent Lefthanded 8 Inch Shears
Gingher 01-005309 Knife Edge Bent Lefthanded 8 Inch Shears

Because most of them are prone to fit perfectly on the right hand. For left-handed people, this can be a very challenging situation. Scissors are one such tool. Most scissors are made for right-handed use; using them as a left-handed for a long time can make the hands sore. There are many best left-handed scissors that can be used to cut fabrics and other stuff, in order to overcome this issue.

What Is a Left-Handed Scissor?

A left-handed scissor is specially designed for left-handed people. Its appearances are similar to any other ordinary scissors. Except for that the direction of the blades on left-handed scissors is reversed, where the top blade will be facing left. A pair of scissors is a very handy tool, from decorating to cutting fabric. 

This left-handed scissor makes cutting easier for a left-handed. As in most cases while cutting a paper a lefty will probably not get to see the lines drawn on the paper. Or even if they manage to see the lines the paper would bend more than being cut. Even while making a homemade water dispenser, the use of scissors is quite inevitable. So, for a cutting experience with ease, left-handed scissors are a must for a lefty.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Left-Handed Scissors

Before you start your hunt for your best left-handed scissors you should remember or take notes of some points for a better buying experience.

The Direction of the Blade

The direction of the blade is very important to notice before you attempt to buy the best scissor that cooperates with your left hand. A left-handed scissor should exactly look like a mirror image of a right-hand scissors.

An important thing to take into accounting is that not every left-handed scissor is offered with this facility. You may find left-handed scissors in which only the handles are left-handed and not the blades.

You might think that a left-handed handle is all you need to be able to cut properly. But if the blades are not left-handed then you won’t be able to cut things with ease. You will have problems doing the task. A true left-handed scissor will always look like a reversed right-handed scissors.


A left-handed scissor is also available in various shapes and sizes. Before you buy always have a clear estimation that it meets your requirements. There are scissors specialized for crafting, sewing, and fabrics individually.

A crafting scissor is more suitable for cutting papers, plastic bags, and strings, etc.; if you attempt to cut a piece of fabric with it then it wouldn’t cut the fabrics properly and would lose its sharpness.

And left handed sewing scissors will cut fabrics effectively but will get dull if you cut papers with them very often. So choose wisely before you buy the perfect left-handed scissor for you.

Easy to Use

All scissors are very easy to use, but it gets critical in case of a left-handed scissor if the design is not perfect. If the design is perfect which is the mirror image of a right-handed syrup then no doubt that it is perfect and easy to use for a lefty.


If the scissors are specialized in specific takes then it’s more likely that they will be in a perfect size which is appropriate for their tasks. But if it is an all-purpose scissor than you may need to choose an individual for different tasks. Choose a small scissor for crafting, along with scissors for seeing and dressmaking and a medium for DIY projects with fabrics.


Always choose a scissor that is very lightweight. It will let you work with ease. A heavy scissor will possibly create sore hands, finger fatigue, and muscle pains. For a comfortable working experience buy a scissor that is lightweight but effective.


The blades should be made of high-quality metals for better durability. An appropriate metal for the blades can be stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for being rustproof and corrosion resistant. A scissor blade made of better quality materials will also keep the blades sharp for long.


Make sure the handles are made of soft or comfortable materials like soft plastic or rubber. It will prevent finger fatigue and make you feel comfortable in long hours of work.

Best left-handed Scissors

Best Left-handed Scissors
Left-handed Scissors

1. Frisker’s 1249508697wj Left-Handed 8 Inch Bent-Left

This scissor is specialized with ergonomic handles that increase the control and sensitivity of the scissors. It can cut all the way up to the tip. It is very sharp and has precision ground blades which make it stay sharp for longer. The bent design of the handle keeps the materials flat for a better experience.

The scissors are very lightweight and fit comfortably in the hand. It is ideal for cutting silk, multiple layers of fabrics, and even denim. The blades are made of stainless steel so it won’t rust easily. It has a lifetime guarantee.

They don’t stay sharp for long as they promise to. But it cuts quite well when sharpened. It doesn’t let the hands sore. Fits very comfortably in the hand. Relative two positions of the handle are bad. More energy is required to open the scissors. The handles are made of hard plastic with edges which makes the grip uncomfortable. The scissors are durable and well made.

2. Frisker’s 5-Inch Left-Handed Pointed-Tip Kids Scissors

This scissor is specially made for left-handed children. The handles give a very soft and comfortable grip. Has pointed edges that give a clean and even cut. It is very safe for kids. Has “splash” design which makes cutting a fun thing for kids with this scissor. It has high-quality blades that give good cutting experience with safety.

The material with which the blades are made is very good. The handles are made of rubber instead of hard plastic, which gives excellent grip. No doubt, it is going to be one of the best left handed scissors for kids.

3. Ginger 8 Inch Knife Edge Bent Trimmers

These are ideal for longer length cuts. The edges are strong enough to cut multiple layers of fabric very effectively. The edges cut flawlessly all the way through the points. The bent created in the handle makes it comfortable to cut across a tabletop or a counter. It is an ideal scissor for left-handed people.

It can effectively cut patterns, seams, and swaths. The blades are double plated; which is chrome-over-nickel polished. Very comfortable to handle. The scissors are long-lasting and stay sharp for a long period of time. The scissors are a bit than usual. The thumb hole of the handles is larger, which makes the grip a little uncomfortable. Cuts thick fabrics effectively. The scissors are very durable.

4. Red Dot 8 ½ Inch Dressmakers Shears – True Left-Handed

This scissor is more for fabrics than for crafting. The blades are made of stainless steel. Won’t rust. The pivot of the blades can be adjustable. The blades are ground honed and polished for better sharpness and cutting experience. The handles are made of polypropylene, making the grip very comfortable and non-slippery. It is ideal for a different range of cutting experience.

Has a lifetime guarantee. The scissors are sturdy and very strong. The design is made accurately and durable also. It can easily cut through 16 layers of ordinary paper without any problems. The sharpness of this sears is excellent. You will hardly need to sharpen this.

5. Westcott Hard Handle Left Handed Kids Scissor

This scissor is children-friendly, has ergonomic handles that reduce the chances of hand fatigue and sore hands. The handles are designed in such a way it increases the power exerted on it and cuts evenly.

Featured with an antimicrobial technology that prevents the growth of microorganisms on the handles. Hence it’s a safe and fun product for kids. It is perfectly suitable for classroom projects, cuts paper evenly and smoothly, but also adaptable to fabrics and strings.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel that keeps the blades corrosion resistant and rust proof. It is made very strong and durable. It has a 5 years warranty. It sticks very often when the handles are closed together. It can break off into two parts after few times of usage. The packet on the advertisement shows a set of 4 scissors which is a bit confusing because only home scissor is delivered.

6. Scissors, iBayam 8″ Multipurpose Scissors Bulk Ultra Sharp Shears, Comfort-Grip Sturdy Scissors for Office Home School Sewing Fabric Craft Supplies, Right/Left Handed, 3-Pack, Mint, Grey, Purple

Scissors, iBayam 8

iBayam’s 8-inch soft-grip scissors are available in a set of mint, grey, and purple colors. Each pair features durable stainless steel blades that remain sharp for a long time. Their ergonomic handles provide a soft grip for clean cuts and are designed for both left and right-handed audiences. The set makes a good option for general household uses like cutting paper, card stock, tape, packaging, etc. You can also use these scissors for various dressmaking and quilting projects where you might want to cut out face masks and other fabric materials. They make a useful addition to craft tools in any workshop and classroom setting as they enable precise cuts with perfect balance. With reasonable pricing, iBayam scissors are popular for their sharp and effective results.

Some customers did complain about the set not being durable enough for long-term uses.

Since the design is heavy, you might find it tough to open, close, and glide the scissors smoothly during crafting and sewing. They are mostly suitable for cutting packaging and similar materials.

7. Westcott Right- & Left-Handed Scissors For Kids, 5’’ Blunt Safety Scissors, Assorted, 12 Pack (13140)

Westcott Right- & Left-Handed Scissors For Kids, 5’’ Blunt Safety Scissors, Assorted, 12 Pack (13140)

Westcott’s pack of 12 is available at a huge discount and includes pink, blue, yellow, and green scissors – 3 of each color. The blunt-tip assortment makes the best left-handed scissors for lefties, especially kids who are learning and practicing their cutting skills. The ambidextrous style allows both left and right-handed users to cut materials easily, which is indeed very handy for backup classroom supplies. Also, the different colors can be used to color-code activities and assign each pair for cutting paper, ribbon, tape, string, etc. during group projects – which is just one way of using this set for creative and engaging lessons! The scissors are designed to fit a child’s hand and allow comfortable grips for different applications. Their stainless steel safety blades have rounded tips; the molded plastic handles offer usability and extra safety for kids. You can also use them for photography projects as they can cut through photos effortlessly. The pack of 12 allows parents to have enough backups at home in case their kids break or lose a pair.

One major letdown is the pack’s misleading advertisement which says that a storage rack is included. Most users expected a proper storage organizer instead of the flimsy holder that is part of the packaging.

8. Lefty’s Blunt Tip True Left Handed Scissors for Kids, Two Pack (Blue Two-Tone)

Lefty's Blunt Tip True Left Handed Scissors for Kids, Two Pack (Blue Two-Tone)

Lefty’s blunt-tip left-handed scissors are the best choice for lefties – true to the brand’s name! The blue-colored pairs are ideal for kids who are 5 years and above. Each pair measures 5-1/2″ long with 2″ stainless steel blades and silicone grips. These reversed blades help lefties see the paper as they cut it, which also makes the scissors very maneuverable in the left-handed cutting direction. They are excellent tools for helping children work on their motor skills as well as cutting accuracy. The overall handle-to-blade ratio is comfortable and easy to use and manage by kids.

The scissors can be a little stiff for small children to use and handle on their own.

9. YAZEMKEL Left-Hand Scissors Stainless Steel 3-Pack, 8 inch

YAZEMKEL Left-Hand Scissors Stainless Steel 3-Pack, 8 inch

YAZEMKEL offers a 3-pack option of green, red, and blue left-handed scissors. They have stainless steel blades and can be used in homes and offices for various everyday cutting tasks. You can cut through paper, fabric, and even cardboard. Measuring 8 inches in length, these pairs of scissors are designed to be true left-handed scissors with reversed blades and molded ergonomic handles.

They ensure smooth gliding over materials and give clean cutting results with minimized wrist fatigue and finger pain. Overall, YAZEMKEL scissors are popular among lefties who struggle with right-handed tools and want true left-handed solutions for their work.

Some users found that the blades kept getting stuck and did not glide smoothly over any material apart from paper. Since you are paying for a set of 3, it can be disappointing to have all 3 scissors unable to open or close easily across your chosen material.

10. CANARY Left Handed Scissors Adults For Office, Sharp Japanese Stainless Steel Blade, All Purpose Left Hand Paper Scissors for Lefty, Blue Handle, Made in JAPAN

CANARY Left Handed Scissors Adults For Office, Sharp Japanese Stainless Steel Blade, All Purpose Left Hand Paper Scissors for Lefty, Blue Handle, Made in JAPAN

If you are tired of viewing scissor sets and would just like to buy a single pair, then Canary has a great option for single-piece left-handed scissors. This one has stainless steel blades that are extra-sharp and feature remarkable Japanese craftsmanship. It comes with an asymmetrical finger-ring design suitable for all lefties. The handle is made of ABS resin. They make a good choice for office and general home or DIY uses thanks to the comfortable grip that cuts down strain during prolonged cutting.

The only downside is that this pair of scissors is too small and lightweight for heavy-duty applications that include anything apart from paper.

11. Seki Japan Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors, Stainless Steel Blade Soft Grip Shears for Left-handed

Seki Japan Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors, Stainless Steel Blade Soft Grip Shears for Left-handed

Suncraft left-handed scissors are also famous for their superior Japanese craftsmanship from Seki City – which is known for its cutting-edge cutlery expertise. Made of durable stainless steel and EVA plastic, this pair of scissors is popular among DIY audiences as well as professionals. They feature thick and serrated blades that are effective in the kitchen for cutting different food packages. The handles also have extended tips that can be used on can lids and hard shells, so this is a helpful detail in the kitchen and makes Suncraft scissors the best left-handed kitchen scissors. They minimize hand/wrist strains, are incredibly sharp, and can last for a long time.

Compared to other Suncraft products, this pair of scissors lacks in quality and has flimsy construction that limits the way you can use it. Also, the gap between the blades can actually hinder the cutting process and make it difficult to use the scissors efficiently.

12. Left-Handed Sewing Scissors 10 Inch(25.5cm) – Fabric Dressmaking Shears, Lefty Tailor’s Scissors for Cutting Fabric, Leather, Clothes, Paper, Raw Materials(Left-Handed)

 Left-Handed Sewing Scissors 10 Inch(25.5cm) - Fabric Dressmaking Shears, Lefty Tailor's Scissors for Cutting Fabric, Leather, Clothes, Paper, Raw Materials(Left-Handed)

Donrime sewing scissor kit has one of the best left-handed scissors for lefties and is a great choice if you work with fabrics. The black 10″ design is made of high-quality manganese steel and is a true left-handed fabric scissor option for sewing, dressmaking, quilting, and upholstery projects. It has sharp blades and a flat-headed tip. The curved handle design is shaped ergonomically to help you cut through fabrics easily without straining your hands or wrists. The kit also includes a 4-inch thread snipper and a 60-inch measuring tape – the complete kit for your clothing workshop!

Apart from some alignment issues right out of the box, this sewing scissor kit has been a huge winner among lefties.

Best Left Handed Scissors for Cutting Fabric

13. Left-Handed Dressmaking Scissors and Shears for Lefties

Ideal for any cutting tasks held at home. Works really great for fabrics, plastic bags, thin and soft materials, and packaging materials. Handles are made of soft handles which gives a very comfortable grip. Has 18 months worry-free warranty with 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

The edges are very sharp and precise. It is usable for almost everything soft. It can nicely cut crisps. Cuts very well almost everything. High-quality scissors with greater durability.

No products found.

Left-handed Applique Scissor

14. True Left-Handed – Duckbill Applique Scissors

This duckbill scissor is made of an add ½ inches wider than usual. This scissor is made for learning applique for lefties. The blades are forged with German stainless steel. It is very strong and rustproof. The blades are 6inch long with ½ inch wide for better smoothness whole cutting the edges.

This scissor is perfect for trimming stabilizer under the embroidery and the seams. The scissors are sharp, not sharp enough, it loses its sharpness after few usages. The quality of the scissor is not that good. Otherwise, it’s an okay product for a lefty.

How to Use a Right-Handed Scissor by a Left-Handed Person

It might seem frustrating for a lefty but it’s true that finding a left-handed scissor can be very rare and a challenging thing. You will mostly need to order them online because a local store would rarely have them on a regular basis. So practicing your cutting skills with right-handed scissors can save you from an emergency or an unfortunate day.

Before you start your practice keep in mind that the handles would make you feel awkward no matter how comfortable the grip is. This is because the handle of the design is made for the right hands.

You will obviously need to exert your power carefully and find out at what angle it works best for you. You need to work this out because again it is designed for right-handed people, and our right hand and left-hand acts differently. A lefty’s nature is to cut clockwise.

But attempting to cut a paper with outlines with this nature can block the view of the lines. The upper blade of the right-handed scissor will hide the lines. To get rid of that you will need to cut in an anticlockwise pattern. In this way, you can cut a piece of paper or fabric with right-handed scissors with your left hand.


1. Why do right-hand scissors cut poorly with a left hand?

The cause is our right-hand functions differently. That’s why a right-handed scissor works best in the right hand. When it is used with a left hand the pressure is not utilized properly.

2. Can you use left-handed scissors with a right hand?

With a little practice, you can cut things with left-handed scissors while being a right-handed person. But you might not cut with ease, effectively or efficiently.

3. Is it okay for a left-handed person to use right-hand scissors for a long time?

It is not actually a good idea to do so unless you are used to it from the beginning. If you start using right-handed scissors suddenly for a long time there is a high probability that you will end up with a sore hand, finger fatigue or muscle soreness.

4. How to tell the difference between a left-handed and right-handed scissors?

The easiest answer to this is that a true left-handed scissor will look like a mirror image of a right-handed scissors.


Left-handed scissors are very hard to find. A very small proportion of the population of this world is a lefty. So it very unlikely that you will find a pair of left-handed scissors in your local stores.

To get your best left-handed scissors, whether to cut thicker canvases or decorating a baby shower chair, you will have to order them online. Frisker’s 1249508697wj Left-Handed 8 Inch Bent-Left scissor is our recommendation for common household works. But before you buy to gain a proper inquiry about the product, that whether it meets your requirements.