Best Snow Day Activities

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Check out these Best Snow Day Activities at Stockpiling Moms. Need some ideas to help make a snow day FUN! Be sure to check out these fun activities that we have posted below. They are so much fun for the kids and adults during a big snow.

Looking for some Snow Day Activities to do with the kids, here's a great list of fun things to do!

How to make Snowcream - If you have never made snow cream you are missing out! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

How to make ice marbles - Wildly popular on the blog and Pinterest. Check out this fun activity.

Can you turn boiling water to snow - Be sure to be careful and do this with supervision.

Family Game Night - Always fun during a snow day.

Frugal Family Fun = Dance Party - YES! This will be a great way to burn off energy.

Build a Blanket Fort - A must. We love a good blanket fort.

Playing Cards = Cheap Entertainment - Playing cards is always so much fun.

Winter Craft Project - Snowman Lantern - These are so much fun to make and display during the winter.

Eco Friendly Winter Craft - Soup Can Snowman - This is a really popular craft idea on the blog.

DIY Snowman Birdfeeder - So easy to make with dollar store supplies.

How to make recycled crayons - This is a fun craft that you can make with crayons that you pick up at back to school time.

How To Make Homemade Playdoh - If you haven't made your own playdoh you are missing out.

Dress up - This has always been a fun activity for our kids.

Button Ring - An inexpensive craft. You can pick up supplies at the dollar store.

"Blessings" Jar - A great way to focus on the positive in the New Year.

DIY How to Make Cloud Dough - This is a fun DIY the kids will love.

DIY Bookmark - An inexpensive craft idea that promotes reading.

DIY Pedicures - A money saver and so much fun with the kids.

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