Chores and memories and other ramblings....

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 While tying up the tomatoes I thought of Mom.  It didn't matter who brought her home grown tomatoes, she always told me that my tomatoes tasted the absolute best.

Also, bandaids and travel toilet paper brought Mom to my mind.  While cleaning her house, she had a good supply of travel toilet paper and bandaids.  I didn't think I would need them, but lately....found myself in a bathroom stall in a store and no toilet paper, and scratched the heck out of my arm removing hay from upstairs and have no bandaids.  I'm heading to the camper this morning in hopes to find more bandaids.

I don't want to waste gas for just one thing today, so I surely hope I find extras out there.  I have a travel tote we use when we go on car trips and camping trips, but I have yet to find it in this maze of a mess house right now.

In regards to the entire bale of hay I found upstairs, Daughter K left it in a tote.  When I inquired on the oddity of it, she said she "left it because Rosemary (her rabbit) didn't like it". Sigh....why an entire bale?  I have no idea.  Kids!

Daughter K called.  She wanted some zucchini.  Mom used to fry her sliced zucchini when they stayed over as kids.  Heck, she used to make it for us as kids.  So good too.

While cleaning green beans I thought of Dad.  He always told me I snapped the beans too big.  He said I needed to snap them in smaller bite size pieces.  Guess who snaps them in smaller pieces to this day?  Yep.  Me.

While searching for a new crochet pattern, I thought of Mom.  She was the one who always gave me an idea that ended up selling very well at craft shows.  The last item she asked me to make was the jar openers, and the first dozen sold completely.  I've since then made more, and have them for sale now at the museum gift shop.

The moon was very visible the other night.  Last night it was too cloudy.

My husband keeps reminding me that the flower beds need weeded.  I keep telling him, "yeah, and so do the hot peppers, kale, bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, and the herb garden..."  I'm only one person, and I have to paint to keep up with the bathroom project.

Speaking of the bathroom, we decided that it was best to change out the pvc water lines for the shower and put in a new shower handle/shower head.  We have no access if they bust down the road, so to ensure a good re-build, that was done before the last piece of drywall goes up (hopefully today).  One more thing to delay the finish, but better to do it, than to not.

The water was shut off for that last repair, so I am running the dishwasher very early, as it is completely full.

I cleaned out a 2 drawer filing cabinet, and gave the cabinet to a friend who is in the process of moving.  One more thing out of the living room maze of a mess (used to be in my kitchen under the desk).  We don't need that much file space anymore.

I brought down one more bag of trash from upstairs, as well as the tote with the remaining hay (why oh why??!!). More purged, and another box for donation.  I am also saving the very large cardboard from the vanity etc. and storing it for the garden next year.  I put it under my grow bags to keep the weeds down.

I purchased sun-block curtains for the west facing window and north and south in the smaller bedroom upstairs.  It made a huge difference in temperature up there.  It's cooler, although we are not running AC up there this year.