Crafts with Pista Shells: From Home Décor to Jewelry—You Will Be Amazed!

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Don’t throw away those pistachio shells the next time you are snacking; you can use them to make some awesome crafts! From home décor to jewelry, you’ll be amazed at these 20+ crafts with pista shells.

Crafts with Pista Shells

If you have kids, you’re probably familiar with crafts using food like dried pasta, beans, and even potato stamps. You also know all about upcycling paper trash like toilet paper rolls and magazines for crafting. Now you can add pista (or pistachio) shells to these crafting lists!

After munching on some pistachios, you probably throw your shells out, right? Now you are going to be collecting them for all of the fun DIY ideas you can make with them! There are numerous kid’s craft ideas using pista shells, but the list I’ve collected and shared below has 22 adult crafts you can make using these nutty shells.

Go ahead; scroll down and be amazed by what you can make using a pile of shells that would have been headed for the trash!

Crafts with Pista Shells

Don't toss those pistachio shells after snacking! From home décor to jewelry, you'll be amazed at these 20+ crafts made with pista shells.


Mini Christmas Tree

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After some holiday pistachio snacking, why not make this super cute pista shell mini Christmas tree? I love the addition of the craft snow!



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This is mainly a paper art design, but the peacock feathers are made using pistachio shells and paint. Just look at the detail—beautiful!


Gift Embellishment

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Use your pista shell flowers to dress up a wrapped gift. Add some twine and pieces of fresh greens to finish it off.


Ombre Necklace

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Paint and Mod Podge were used for this gradient, or Ombre effect, necklace.



Photo Credit: Imtiaz Craft Corner (screenshot of video)

I can't believe that these aren't real tulips! Painted pistachio shells create a beautiful tulip ready to bloom.



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A hot glue gun and green paint is all you need for this craft. I can't believe how real they look!


Faux Succulent Wreath

Now that you know how to make a succulent, you can make this wreath. This craft was time consuming, but definitely worth the effort, don't you think?


Wall Hanging

Photo Credit: Eenuz Art's & craft's (screenshot from video)

This Boho wall art is made using pista shells and thread. It reminds me of the new yarn wall hangings everyone is making!


Votive Candle Holder

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Katie loves candles and lanterns and also loves upcycling objects that would otherwise be trash. This votive candle holder encompasses both of these loves!


Pendant Necklace

Photo Credit: shazni

Create a medallion or pendant necklace using pistachio shells. This one has a tight faux succulent look, but keeps the natural shell color.


Cactus Plant

Photo Credit: Scroll For More (screenshot from video)

These are just the cutest mini prickly pear cacti I've ever seen! She also shows you how to make keychains with them.


Cotton Stems

Photo Credit:

Cotton stems are often used in home decorating. These stems are pretty much free and were made using found sticks, cotton balls and pista shells!


Mirror Frame

Photo Credit: Its Amy with craft (screenshot from video)

Have you ever seen those plastic spoon mirror frames? This is the same idea on a smaller scale using pista shells!


Flower Blooms

Photo Credit: Star Lai (screenshot from video)

Similar to the cotton stems shown earlier, these flower blooms were created using a small branch/twig from a tree. This really is a piece of art!


Sunflower Art

Photo Credit: Saheli Sang (screenshot from video)

Add a touch of bright yellow to your walls with this pistachio shell art with sunflowers!


Shell Art: Birds On a Tree

Photo Credit: Sumamsh Craft Corner (screenshot from video)

Use pista shells to create birds within a piece of art. My favorite part is the swing with 2 birds!


Strawberry Sign

Photo Credit: Scroll For More (screenshot from video)

Learn how to make this cute sign using pistachio shells as strawberries. They are so adorable!


Halter Top

Photo Credit:

This fun halter top is reminiscent of a 70's beaded curtain! There isn't a step-by-step for this DIY, but she does discuss a bit about creating this wearable art.



Photo Credit:

Pista shells and dried flowers come together to make an awesome topiary!



Photo Credit: Hafsa Art Box (screenshot from video)

Create a flower vase using a balloon and pista shells! The end result is actually quite elegant, don't you think?


Shell Mosaic

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Make your own version of this beautiful mosaic art. There is an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial on this site!


Eco Earrings

Photo Credit: Sandstorm12

Get out your earring-making supplies and incorporate pista shells into your new creations. Make some earrings to go with one of the necklaces shown earlier in the list.

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