DIY Bee & Flower Garden Sensory Bin

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Spring is here and we're trying to make the most of it with our homeschool efforts and trying to work my crafting skills and supplies into them.  It's become a lot of fun doing themed weeks with my littlest ones and our latest sensory bin was too cute not to share - check out our DIY Bee & Flowers Sensory Bin!

We did a preschool unit learning about bees and their purpose in the world (using board books & various printable activities), so I wanted them to have the chance to do some bee-themed play and this bin was just the ticket!

For my base filler I used some extra large pom poms in green with a bunch of large silk flower blossoms, like peonies and daisies (plus a few other smaller flowers leftover from some other projects), to make a sweet flower garden section.

I used some large & extra large yellow pom poms to represent pollen and added some mini scoops and tweezers for them to pick them up with and added in a couple of little buckets for more collecting options.  I also put in some cut strips of gold deco mesh rope that I used in my previous St. Patrick's Day sensory bin for some extra texture and color.

I also found these fabulous hexagonal silicone ice trays to use as honeycombs off Amazon.  The pom poms ideally fit in each compartment.  They came with silicone covers too so we can use them for loads of other things too.  

I got some adorable felt bees (also from Amazon) that were the perfect size for our honeycombs and for "pollinating" our flowers.

My 2 & 4yr old both audibly "Oohed and ahhed" when took the top off the bin.  They loved flying the bees over to the flowers and into the honeycombs.  Everything was fun to touch and super colorful so there was lots to play with - even my older kids couldn't keep their hands out of it!  

We also used the bees, pom poms and flowers for counting and sorting activities and I expect to add them into other projects and crafts down the road.  

I'm looking forward to putting together more themes - I'm not sure who enjoy these bins more, me or my smalls!