DIY Garlands for Parties or Decor Are Easy to Make!

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Learn how to make the best and easiest DIY garlands for parties or decor! There are some very unique options for birthday, holidays, Christmas, and more. These also use a variety of materials: paper, felt, yarn, fabric, balloons, and even contact paper.

Easy DIY Garlands

I never knew how much I liked garlands until this past Christmas. I had turned some pom poms into a garland for the mantel, where it stayed until the end of the holiday season.

And then a funny thing happened.

As I was putting away other Christmas decor, I realized something. I didn’t want to put my pom pom garland away! I loved it so much that I kept it up. And it’s still up, months later (it’s #29 in the list below!).

I need to make one that is more spring-friendly, but it hasn’t happened. Because why make a seasonally appropriate garland when you can just use the red and green one all year? I kid!

Making Garlands

The need for a new garland is the entire reason I pulled together this post. I started collecting some ideas for DIY garlands – and I found a ton! Not only for decor, but for parties and other occasions.

I believe I’ve pulled together the ultimate list!

The thing about garlands is that you can make them with just about anything! I think the list below is going to prove that! There’s so much more than just stringing beads or flags onto yarn.

Banners can be made with paper, fabric, felt, wood, tissue paper, washi tape, yarn, and even clothespins! It’s kind of surprising what you can throw together and hang to decorate or celebrate.

Take a peek at the list of DIY garlands below and let me know which ones you have in your home, or have made for other purposes. I’d love to know! You’re going to love these 35+ ideas, I promise. Scroll down to see them.

DIY Garlands

Learn how to make a variety of garlands for parties and beyond! You'll find a bunch of different styles that all have in common: they are very easy DIY projects.


Wood Bead Garland

Learn how to make a wood beaded garland on a budget! This is a perfect home decor craft idea for beginners. You'll complete this project in three simple steps.


Pom Pom Garland

Making a pom pom garland is so simple! I'll show you how to do it in the color and size that you like. Perfect for beginning crafters.


Felt Ball Garland

Don’t buy a felt ball garland when they are SO easy to make! Use felt balls and embroidery floss to add colorful and fun DIY garland to an unexpected spot in your home.


Tissue Paper Garland

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It's fun to use various patterns of tissue paper to make the coolest colorful bunting you've ever seen. Great for decorating and using up paper scraps.


Scrappy Fabric Garland

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Learn how to make the easiest garland ever with a simple technique! Allison saw this idea at a baby shower - you can make this in any fabrics and colors you like.


Paper Garland

Are you looking for an easy, fun, and cheap way to decorate your home for parties? Then check out these DIY paper garlands. You can make them very quickly, and customize the colors!


Rainbow Fan Garland

Photo Credit: Louisa Kopp

If you’re planning a rainbow-themed or art-themed party, make sure to include this bright and easy rainbow fan garland. It’s such an inexpensive craft and looks amazing!


Party Hat Garland Tutorial

What's better than a birthday garland made from party hats? If you like cute DIY garlands . . . this is going to be perfect for your next celebration.


How to Make a DIY Balloon Garland

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Need a gorgeous statement piece for your next party? Learn how to make this DIY balloon garland . . . it's easier than you think!


Super Simple Felt Olive Leaf Garland

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Grab some felt and string to create this super adorable felt olive leaf garland! Learn how to do it using the colors of your choice. I love this garland because it's perfect for farmhouse decorating.


Upcycled Denim Bunting

Photo Credit: Claire Armstrong

Make fabulous upcycled denim bunting using old jeans. There are 2 versions of this patriotic bunting, Union Jack and Stars and Stripes.


Feather and Bead Garland

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Some garlands can be used for both parties and for decorating - and this one fits the bill for me! I love the colors; it's so bright and fun. It's also perfect for a room wall.


How to Finger Knit a Holiday Garland

Photo Credit: Chelsey Foy

How to finger knit a holiday garland! Finger knitting is simple and comes together quickly for a fun DIY project. Make several strands in the color of your choice.


Art Deco Fan Garland DIY

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Bright and colorful fan garland shapes are just about as cool as it gets! I love the statement these big banners make at any celebration.


Candy Garland

This candy garland is SO easy to make - it's perfect for parties, or the Christmas tree. Fun for kids or for adults.


DIY Vintage Contact Paper Bunting

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When I said you could turn just about anything into a garland - I meant it! That includes contact paper. Pick a pretty pattern, and you'll have a banner in minutes.


Crepe Paper Garland Tutorial - with Fringe!

Make a crepe paper garland – they’re inexpensive, easy, and very versatile! Perfect if you want a quick craft fix or some simple decor on a budget.


Free Printable Candy Letter Garland

Photo Credit: Jordan Ferney

If you're looking for a birthday banner that is ready to go with just a pair of scissors, you're going to love this free printable. Just print and hang.


Easy No-Sew Felt Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day

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Make this easy no-sew felt heart garland with pre-made red felt hearts, glue dots, and vintage-looking scrubby yarn from the craft store!


Valentine's Day Garland That Kids Can Make

Use tags and twine from the craft store to make a pretty Valentine’s Day garland in minutes! This method works for any holiday – no skills required.


How to Make a Felt Circle Garland

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Felt circles are so easy to sew together - and turn into a banner! You will need a sewing machine for this (it would take too long by hand), and it's very easy.


Easter Bunny Garland in a Few Easy Steps!

This cute and colorful Easter garland is so easy to make with scrapbook paper and yarn! Who doesn’t love a sweet bunny? Both kids and adults will love making this together.


Easter Egg Garland You'll Leave Up All Spring

Learn how to make a simple and colorful Easter egg garland using Mod Molds and Melts. This is such a fun and easy craft idea! Customize for any holiday.


Easter Banner for Kids Made with Paint Chips

You can make this easy Easter banner out of old paint chips – and children will love it; this project teaches them to weave!


DIY Fall Garland

Learn how to make the easiest autumn garland EVER! This fall garland is done and on your mantel in three steps.


DIY Book Page Ghost Garland

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Make a simple ghost garland with just a few supplies in no time at all, for festive Halloween fun! What other types of garlands can you make out of book pages?


Snowy Mountain Garland

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I love the idea of a garland that can take you from Christmas all the way through winter! You're just going to need some felt, and you can make this in any color you like.


Ribbon Candy Felt Garland

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Learn how to make a Christmas garland that looks just like ribbon candy! I love the idea of using this in bright colors for a birthday as well.


Pom Pom Christmas Garland

Learn how to make a pom pom Christmas garland to decorate your holiday home! This is SO easy to make, even for beginning crafters.


Christmas Banner

Learn how to make a simple Christmas banner using scrapbook paper and pom pom trim.


Winter Gnome Garland

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I absolutely love how a garland can transform a space and create some whimsy anywhere it lays! That's absolutely true for this Christmas gnome garland. Isn't it cute?


Make an Easy Paper Ornament Christmas Garland

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Hang this easy paper garland over the mantle or on your front door for the Christmas holidays. Kids or adults will love to make this simple craft in five easy steps.


Make a Christmas Ornament Garland

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Christmas ornament garland, is a simple and easy DIY to up your Christmas decor game! Learn how to make this unique christmas garland in a few simple steps!


Christmas Tree Garland Made with Perler Beads

This unique Christmas tree garland made from perler beads looks so awesome on a tree! You can make it in minutes and it’s great for any celebration.

If you enjoyed these homemade garlands, I’d love for you to check out these other ideas:

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