DIY Mothers’ Day Stall Ideas

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These cute ideas have been sourced from the pleasure-garden that is Pinterest. I have collated some of the best ideas for you here, as inspiration for a Mothers’ Day stall or bazaar or something kids can make in-class. Where the original article can be found and credited, I have provided the appropriate links. 

Trickle pots: these could easily be made by even the youngest kids, because pouring paint is what they do best. After covering your pot with a base colour, it’s a matter of tipping your pot upside down and pouring contrasting paint drips down the side. Paint the saucer in a matching colour, and use a waterproof glaze to finish.

Original article here from Colorfully Behr

Sock Cupcakes: not only do they look cute but they are practical and calorie-free and are made with a pair of fluffy bed socks wrapped around a lipstick or bottle of nail polish.

You don’t need anything other than a stiff card cupcake case and a pair of (new) colourful socks. One option is to include a bottle of nail polish but you can also decorate with a pom pom as described in this article from Super Mommy.

Blow me a Kiss: take a photo of the children pretending to blow a kiss and then decorate with a sky blue background and little love hearts.

You can make this on a small canvas or the front of heavy card. Start a tradition and make a Kiss card every year and your Mum will see how much you have grown.

Mini terrariums: what mum wouldn’t love a little garden she can keep on her desk or window sill. The joy of this gift is that apart from the plant (which you can usually find for a few dollars at your local nursery) you often have the rest of the supplies at home. A plain drinking glass and some soil is the bare minimum, or make it a bit fancier with some tiny rocks or gravel (such as you would use in a fish tank).

Original article here from A Whimsicle Life.

Abstract mugs: these are made with plain white mugs and some nail polish. You can use one or more colour on each mugs or make a matched set like this. The best part is you can use Mum’s favourite colours. The same technique using warm water and nail polish can be used for a range of china/glass items so let your imagination go wild..

Original article from The Sweetest Occasion here.

Cookies in a jar: Not only do these look beautiful when decorated with some pretty fabric and ribbons, but the kids can help mum later bake (and eat!) a batch of delicious biscuits.

This article from DIY Projects for Teens  has more than 30 mason jar recipes including brownies and cookies with some eye popping flavour combinations Mum would like. Cookies in a Jar also make great products to sell at a Mothers’ Day Market as well.

Homemade sugar scrubs:  are easy to make and they smell delicious. There are so many great recipes available online with delicious scents that are sure to please even the fussiest Mum (just make sure they don’t eat it). These are often super cheap to make and look so pretty they make great items to sell at fetes.

Original article by Living the Nourished Life here.

Homemade bath bombs: it’s probably a debate over who will actually end up using these cute bath bombs – the kids or mum – but you can make them in a range of flavours and they’re a bit like having a science lessons while making gifts for Mum.

Original article from Inspired by Charm here.

Photo Booth: if you are having a Mothers’ Day event at school, why not set up a photo booth with props such as giant hearts and signs that say ‘I love you Mum’ or ‘Happy Mothers Day’ and invite the kids and their mums to take photos together (or do it prior and turn the pictures into cards).

For hundreds more ideas check out my ‘Special Events’ Pinterest Board which has great ideas for Mothers Day as well as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and more.

Author: Shannon Meyerkort

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