DIY Wall Hangings: 25+ Creative Ways to Fill a Blank Wall

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Looking to fill a blank wall with something other than photos and traditional art? Below I’ve collected over 25 beautiful DIY wall hangings that will definitely inspire you.

DIY Wall Hangings - creative ways to fill a blank wall

Your home should reflect you and your creativity. This can be accomplished through what you choose to display on your walls. But what do you do if you are drawing a blank? This happens all of the time. Especially if you are facing a large blank wall in a room or if you’ve just moved into a new home.

How do you fill all of that space with things you love – and have it look good?

Decorating Your Walls

Many people go straight to the idea of a gallery wall and cluster framed photos together. This does fill the space, but the idea of a photo gallery wall has really been done way too much and doesn’t really show your creativity.

What can I put on my walls instead of framed photos?

Traditionally, people will add framed photos, paintings and mirrors to decorate the walls in their home. We’re not going to talk about those today. Today is about the non-traditional! Today is about wall hangings.

What is a wall hanging?

Just as the name implies, it is a decorative piece that is hung on the wall of a room. This includes the traditional items I listed earlier, but also includes things made from wood, glass, metal, paper, fabric and even yarn. These are the types of wall hangings I’ve collected below.

Why go the DIY route?

As with any DIY project, you are sure to save a bunch of money by creating what you love yourself instead of purchasing it in a store. You will also have a one of a kind piece that visitors will admire because you can add a bit of yourself to the wall art you create.

Scroll down to see these creative projects that offer wall décor ideas for varying tastes. These are some of the most unique DIY wall hangings I’ve seen around and I’m sure you will get inspired to fill your blank walls!

DIY Wall Hangings

Looking to fill a blank wall with something other than photos and traditional art? Here are over 25 beautiful DIY wall hangings that will inspire you. There are yarn, wood, paper, fabric and mixed media projects.

Yarn Wall Hangings


Simple Weaving

Photo Credit:

Find out how to make this beautiful piece, and get a detailed description of how to weave a piece from start to finish (great for beginners).


Simple Tied Yarn

Learn how to make a simple yarn wall hanging on a budget! This is easy even for a beginning maker and works with a variety of decor.


Pom Poms

Learn how to make a pom pom wall hanging using bright colors of yarn - easy enough for a beginning crafter. And you can customize it to your own decor!


DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial

Photo Credit:

This DIY wall hanging uses latch hooking and crochet techniques, for an easy-to-learn and simple to make vintage-inspired work of art!


Yarn Wrapped Word

Make this yarn wall art on a dime, and with no crafting skills required! Perfect for anywhere in your home, kids' rooms, dorm rooms, and more.

Wood Wall Hangings


Air Plant Art

Photo Credit: Sarah Fogle

Looking for a way to dress up your walls? This easy and creative DIY air plant wall hanging is made from wood scraps. Watch a video tutorial of this project as well.


Modern Wall Hanging

Learn how to make unique wooden wall art the easy and inexpensive way! This DIY project is perfect for beginners.


Ready to Roll Camper Pallet Art

Share your love of travel with this unique “ready to roll” camper wood pallet wall hanging! It didn’t cost us much to make – we got the pallets for free. So fun!


Wooden Poster Hanger

Learn to make a magnetic poster hanger with scalloped wood trim! This DIY poster hanger can be customized to any size you like.


Floating Shelves

Photo Credit:

Honeycomb shelves, or hexagon shelves, are a relatively simple DIY project that you can do to add a fun, geometric wall shelf into any room in your home.


Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban is the Japanese method of preserving wood by burning the surface with fire. Learn all about it and see how to make this beautiful wall hanging.


Stenciled Pallet Wood

Photo Credit:

Using pallet wood is a great way to get wall art for next to nothing! This pallet wood piece is created using paint and a stencil.


Clothespin Cross

Photo Credit: Steve Carrell

Learn how to make a clothespin cross in four easy steps! It’s a simple home decor craft, even if you’ve never made anything before.

Fabric Wall Hangings


Fall Embroidered

Fall banners are easy to make out of felt, and perfect for celebrating the season! Learn how to make this mini version, easy for all ages.


Modern Quilt Wall Hanging

Photo Credit:

This fabric wall art is like a modern quilt and is no-sew! A fun and cheap wall fabric project that will make a big statement in your home.


Quote Wall Hanging

If you've always wanted to make a wall hanging with the quote or saying of your choice, this is how it's done! No sewing skills required.


Mini Fall Banners

Fall banners are easy to make out of felt, and perfect for celebrating the season! Learn how to make this mini version, easy for all ages.


Spring Mini Quilt

Photo Credit: Stephanie Woodson

Find out how to use a Cricut Maker for a mini quilt wall hanging. The fabrics used here are perfect for spring, and can easily be customized. This project is easy for beginners.

Paper Wall Hangings


DIY Paper Leaves Wall Hanging

Photo Credit:

If you can cut paper and fold it, you can make these wall hangings! I love the leaves, but these could be made in any design you like.


Paper Flowers

Photo Credit:

Make a giant paper flower wall decoration for about $20.  It doesn't take much cash to make a big statement with this DIY wall art!


Pull Down

Photo Credit: Chelsea Coulston

This cute pull down wall hanging is super simple DIY project that requires just a few supplies: wrapping paper + wood. Grab the tutorial here.


DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Photo Credit:

In this wall hanging project, you're going to be using photo paper and scrapbook paper as your medium! It's very, very easy to assemble.


Cardboard Letters

Photo Credit:

Learn how to Mod Podge cardboard letters for your wall! This is an easy craft idea, perfect for inexpensive decor and easily customized.

Mixed Media Wall Hangings


DIY Animal Head Wall Mount

Photo Credit:

If you're in search for a little something different, this definitely fits the bill! Add a paper mache deer head to a wood plaque. Very unique!


State String Art

Photo Credit:

I think what is so striking about this string art is that the strings aren't overlapping like they are in most string art projects! You can use this same idea for any state shape.


Floral Frame

Jazz up a wire hanging photo holder with faux flowers in this unique DIY floral project! Easy to make in any colors you like and display on the wall.


DIY Deer Book Wall Display

Photo Credit:

This large scale wall art is made with old books as the "canvas." This home decor project is easy with no painting skill required! Just transfer the pattern and fill in with paint.


Botanical Clay

Photo Credit:

For this easy project, you add images to air dry clay circles and hang them from a piece of wood using jewelry wire. I love the botanical images used for this piece!


Floral Display Vase

Photo Credit: Natalie Wright

Display fresh flowers and herbs in your home with an easy-to-make DIY wall vase using a recycled bottle.


Felt Flower Wreath

Photo Credit:

Bring the feeling of spring into your home with this DIY felt flower wreath. This is a project easy enough for tweens and teens to complete.

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