Get Your Life Organized For Once and For All

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Are you struggling with decluttering?

Planning on downsizing soon?

Is it a major challenge to keep your home and life organized? 

Perhaps you are moving and logistics aren’t your strong suit…

As if going through menopause, empty nesting and all the rest isn’t enough, midlife often brings lots of changes, including moving, starting over and dealing our belongings and sometimes our families  stuff too.

A few years ago, I  divorced, and moved into a much smaller home.  At that time, I cut my belongings in half.  But I still had a lot of stuff!  A collection of craft supplies, a cabinet of cook books,  all sorts of sentimental items—and, my addiction to dishes, silverware and serving pieces. Oh, and holiday decorations—some of which aren’t my style anymore.  Yep, our style changes sometimes and we want to start fresh.

But, what to do with all the sentimental stuff?  Do we hold on to it hoping our kids will want it some day?  And if we want to let go of stuff, what is the best way?

I am sharing all my tips and tricks on September 13, as one of the speakers in the Get Organized HQ Summit.  I participated last year and was blown away by the speakers and all the great advice I got.  This year, I’m talking about letting go of sentimental items—and I’ve made a beautiful workbook to go with my talk.  

But I’m just one of many speakers all of whom are talking about various aspects of home and life management and organization from moving, and decluttering to how to organize your pantry.  This event is packed. Plus, there’s a Facebook group where you can connect with others, share your progress and chat with the instructors.

Best of all, it’s free.  You don’t have to spend a cent to watch all of the speakers.  If you’d like an all access pass with all the freebies and goodies,  you get a huge discount I think its $39 right now (it goes up some each week before the event)—and if you decide to buy the all access pass after the event, it’s $99.

Oh, by the way, the event is the week of September 13, 2021.  

Are you Ready?

It’s never too late to live your best life, I always say.

Grab your free ticket to a smooth midlife transition-get your life organized and take on the world. Get your ticket here.

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