How To Make $100 A Day- 53 Sides Hustles To Increase Your Income

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Do you want to learn how to make $100 a day?

There are so many different ways that people can make money every single day. You don’t have to be an expert or work crazy hours in order to get ahead with your finances. 

All you need is the right mindset and some creativity!

You could make money online by selling stuff on eBay, becoming an Uber driver, starting a blog, and much more. Read on to discover over 50 ways for how to make $100 a day!

53 Ways For How To Make $100 A Day

1. Blogging

Starting a blog was the best decision we ever made!

We were both able to make money online successfully- enough that we both quit our “typical” jobs, and it has made a huge difference in our lives.

Whether it’s a travel blog or a personal finance blog, there are tons of ways you can make money when you start a blog. You can make $100 a day or more through affiliate links and sponsored posts.

One thing you need to know to make your blog successful is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and we recommend Stupid Simple SEO to increase your blog traffic.

Two other blog resources to help with SEO are SurferSEO and Jarvis, which will help you optimize your SEO as you write and help you write amazing and original content.

2. Paid Surveys

Best Survey Sites young woman outside with phone in hand happily making a fist and smiling at phone

You can make money online is by taking paid surveys. There are several research companies that pay for your opinion in market research.

Here are some of our favorite survey sites where you can watch videos, shop, or answer surveys to earn money. Click the links to snag a sweet welcome bonus!

3. Watch TV & Videos

If you have a long commute to work each day on the subway or bus, why not use that time to make some extra money by watching videos or TV online with Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars?

Both of these survey sites offer paid opportunities to watch videos online. You can do this activity on your computer or download the app on your phone so that you can even earn money on your commute.

4. Focus Groups (Market Research)

Another way to make money online is to participate in market research focus groups. If you have some time, this can be a great way to make extra money each month.

You can join a market research focus group as long as you meet the age restrictions and fit into their target audience category. You will be paid to give your opinion about products, services, and marketing campaigns over the phone or via Skype.

Market research companies pay out between $50 – $150 per focus group. Focus groups can be an easy way to earn $100 per day.

5. YouTube Streamers

Cosmetology and online video translation concept. Female cosmetologist blogging before breakfast, having her personal online journal in internet, making photos for it while using camera with tripod

Nowadays, it is very common to earn extra money by posting videos on YouTube.

Although you won’t earn a lot per video unless your channel grows in popularity, this can be a fun way to make some extra money. It really helps if you have an entertaining personality and once your channel starts growing in popularity, advertisers will pay you to feature their products and services in your videos.

6. E-Book Author

Did you know that you can become an e-Book author without having to go through a book publishing company?

This is definitely one of the most profitable ways to make 100 a day online but it does require a little work and time from you!

Write an e-Book and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing where you can earn 70% royalties for each sale.

Don’t want to share royalties with anyone? You can set up your own website or blog and sell the digital copies of your e-books on there.

7. Drive Sharing

Put your car to work earning passive income for you!

Another way to make some extra money is by driving sharing services like Uber and Lyft. These are really popular services that work just like taxi companies, but they use ordinary drivers to transport their customers.

The best part about driving for Lyft or Uber is that you can do it whenever you want. This means that you can make the extra cash on the nights and weekends when there isn’t enough work at your normal job.

8. Food Delivery

Another type of side hustle that people love to do is delivering food with companies like Postmates or DoorDash.

Delivering food is a great way to make some extra cash and it’s also fun because you get to meet new people and discover your city in a whole new way.

You can sign up for any of these services with your own vehicle and earn around $10 – $15 per hour. Make sure that you’re able to move quickly as you’ll need to deliver food as soon as possible!

9. Deliver Groceries

Another cool way to make some extra money on your own is by delivering groceries with companies like Instacart.

This is a great way to make some extra cash since you can make anywhere from $10 – $20 per hour. Plus, it’s a fun little side hustle that only requires you to work a few hours, here and there.

Instacart is a great way to make some extra cash and it’s really fun because you get to discover new stores and foods. Plus, the hours are completely flexible so you can work whenever you want.

10. Deliver For Amazon

If you have a car, truck, or van, why not sign up to be an Amazon Flex driver? The pay is between $18 – $25 per hour.

Payments are processed twice a week by Amazon Flex on Tuesday and Thursday and you get paid through direct deposit.

Delivering items for Amazon Flex might be a good option if you want to make some extra cash and don’t mind lifting packages and boxes.

11. Clinical Research Trials

Have you ever thought about participating in a clinical trial to earn extra money? I know, it sounds a little weird but it’s a great way to make money on the side.

Look for clinical research trials in your area. There are studies that test all kinds of different medications, medical devices, and therapies.

Most of the time these trials only require you to visit them for about 6-8 hours at a time. You can earn around $100 – $200 per trial session.

12. Pet Sitting

If you’re an animal lover, then this might just be the perfect side hustle for you to make money.

You can pet sit for people who are away on vacation or business trips to make 100 dollars a day.

Rover is an online service that lets you create pet care listings like pet sitting and dog walking. Clients look for sitters on Rover’s website, so you have to apply to be a pet sitter with the company.

You make money on Rover by charging an hourly rate or charging by the day or week and accepting tips.

13. Walk Dogs

Why not try walking dogs as a way to make some extra cash?

You can post flyers around your city, offer your services on Rover, or run an ad in your local Facebook neighborhood group advertising that you’ll walk dogs at certain times each day.

Walkers earn around $10 – $20 per hour and people love hiring dog walkers because it’s a great way for their furry friends to get some exercise and socialization.

14. Facebook Ads

Another way to make some extra money is by using Facebook ads before your Facebook videos.

If you’re a beginner, then we suggest that you don’t start with paid ads until you’ve made enough videos and know how your target audience reacts to them. After all, Facebook ads are only going to be effective if they’re being used in the right way.

15. Investments

If you have some money to spare and want to make more money, why not invest?

Investing your money online in the stock market can actually be fulfilling and your odds of making money fast increases exponentially.

You can check our website for plenty of stock how-tos as well as reviews of platforms, but don’t forget to check for opportunities to get free stocks!

Some online platforms for investing in:

16. Freelance Writing

Young beautiful female copywriter typing texts and blogs in spacious light office, her workplace, using pc keyboard. Busy woman working.

Freelance writing is the perfect side hustle for people who like writing and want to try something new. If you can write well, then why not make some money by writing for others?

One place you can find writing jobs is Fiverr. You can sign up for Fiverr and post your writing samples so that you can start getting gigs.

When you start a freelance writing job, the more you work, the more clients and money you get. If you need a little help writing, Jarvis is a great tool to use as a writing assistant.

17. Ghostwriting

Do you want to make money fast and easily make $100 a day?

Writing as a ghostwriter is one of the best side hustles!

A ghostwriter is basically a freelance writer who writes something for someone else under the other person’s name. You can write articles, books, or even screenplays under someone else’s name and get paid for it!

It’s not easy being a ghostwriter for books or long stories, but if you love writing and are willing to put in the time and effort for researching, it’s definitely worth it!

18. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in high demand and there’s a huge need for them everywhere.

You can make money by designing logos, company websites, flyers, business cards, product packaging, social media images, infographics, banners, and basically anything else that needs a good design.

Once you have the design skills down, then it’s just a matter of finding a company or person in need of a graphic designer. You can find these jobs online through Fiverr, Flex Jobs, or even on Craigslist if you live in a bigger city.

19. Videographer/Video Editor

If you have a good eye for visual details and know how to use video cameras and video editing programs, then becoming a videographer or video editor might be the perfect side hustle for you.

You can make money by creating videos for small businesses or even filming events such as weddings. You can also help people edit their wedding videos so that they look extra special and unique.

Videography and video editing require a lot of patience and creativity. You need to be able to work quickly under pressure and know how to use different types of cameras and programs.

20. Photographer

woman holding profressional camera taking photo

Do you enjoy capturing special moments and love to take pictures? Then photography may be the perfect way for you to make some extra money!

You can start by taking pictures of family, friends, and events for people and eventually start taking professional wedding photos, dog photos, pet photos, family portraits, and so much more!

If you’re really into photography then you could even turn it into your own full-time business!

21. Sell Stock Photos

Perhaps you’ve taken a lot of photos and don’t know what to do with them. You may want to sell your photos as stock photos.

If you’re not familiar with stock photos, then let me explain. Stock photos are photos that people can buy and use on their websites, social media profiles, advertisements, books, newspapers/magazines, etc.

There are several stock photo sites that you can get paid to take and upload your photos to in order to sell them.

22. Website Designer

Do you have a knack for technology and design skills? Then you might be able to make money by designing or updating people’s websites.

You’ll need to learn how to use HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc., and have a good eye for design. In other words, it can take a lot of time and effort before you can launch your own website design business.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of coding and website design, then you can start getting paid to make websites for small businesses or even individuals.

23. Sell Printables Online

There’s nothing more satisfying than having something handmade, especially if it’s practical!

One option is to sell printables that people can use in their homes or offices. You’ll basically be offering templates that people can customize with their own text and images.

You could sell anything from large weekly/monthly calendars to birthday party invitations.

There are tons of options when it comes to selling printables online. You can sell them through Etsy or your own website, for example. The key is finding the right niche!

24. Lose Weight

Get paid to lose weight?

Believe it or not, there are many companies that will pay you to lose weight and/or try their new diet products.

Basically, you sign up on a website and pick out the program that you want to participate in. Every week for a set amount of days, you take photos of yourself and track your progress.

Then, when you’ve reached your goal weight or even just after a certain time period that they specify, then you get paid! It’s a pretty good deal considering you’re getting paid to lose weight and get fit.

25. Fitness Instructor

best ways to invest money in yourself and health through fitness

If you have a passion for health and wellness, then why not turn it into a side hustle? You can start by offering people personal training sessions on websites like Fiverr.

Once you get your name out there, then you can start teaching classes at your local gym or even work with individual clients one-on-one.

Of course, you’ll have to invest some money into your business before it can start making a steady profit. You’ll need workout equipment and clothes, at the very least.

However, if you play your cards right, you can turn your work as a fitness instructor into a full-time career!

26. Become a Driving Ad

Driving for Uber or Lyft isn’t the only way you can use your car to make money!

Wrapify is one way you can use your car to make up to 100 dollars a day. They pay you to place advertisements on your car.

This is usually in the form of a wrap. Then you drive around town in areas where there is a high traffic of people.

For every mile that you drive, you get paid a certain amount! It’s the perfect option for someone to put their car to work for them.

27. E-Commerce Store

Opening a real brick-and-mortar shop can be expensive! But selling online is a cheaper way to make 100 dollars a day!

E-commerce stores can be a very profitable side hustle. The key is finding the right niche and competitive prices for your products.

What makes it even better is that you don’t need any special skills or training in order to get started. All you need is an idea, some time, and money to invest in the process.

If you’re good at coming up with ideas, then try making your own store.

But if not don’t worry! There are lots of sites where you can sell other people’s products. You can use Amazon or Shopify for example.

28. Sell Crafts Online

Crafts are a popular trend right now for people looking to make some side cash.

If you’re good at making crafts, then why not try selling them online? There are lots of craft markets that you can sell your products on.

For example, one of the most popular ones is Etsy, which is an online market that is filled with lots of different craft markets.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. If you want to increase your chances of making sales, then try selling on other sites like Amazon and eBay as well.

29. Airbnb

With Airbnb, you can rent out rooms, apartments, or your entire home for people who need someplace to stay when they visit your area.

It’s another way to earn passive income, though you do need to keep the place neat and tidy for guests.

There are lots of benefits to using the Airbnb platform, but one of the most popular ones is that you get to meet new people from all around the world.

If you have a bit of extra space in your home then why not give it a try?

30. Get Cashback

Get cash back on all of your online shopping needs. It’s the easiest way to save some money throughout the year while doing normal things that you were going to do anyway.

Our favorite cash back websites are Ibotta, Rakuten, and Honey. They are super easy to use!

You just download the app, go shopping as you normally would, and then scan your receipt to see how much cash back you’ve made!

The cashback is added to your account which can be redeemed once you reach a certain amount for cash added to your Paypal or gift cards.

31. RVShare

People love traveling but often don’t want to pay for a hotel.

With sites like RVShare, you can rent out your camper or recreational vehicle to other people in order to make a profit.

It’s very similar to Airbnb in the way that it works. You list your RV on their website for others to book when they’re looking for a place to stay during their visit.

This is great for anyone who has an RV that isn’t getting much use! They can make some extra money while doing something they enjoy.

32. Proofreading

Do you have a way with grammar? If you’re good at spotting mistakes and are looking for a way to make some extra cash, then proofreading is the perfect gig for you!

There are lots of websites that will pay freelancers to read through papers and other things in order to make sure there aren’t any mistakes.

Not sure how to get started?

Proofread Anywhere offers a free 76-minute workshop that will show you the basics of proofreading.

If you think this is something you might like to try, they also offer a training program that will teach you how to be a freelance proofreader in about four weeks.

33. Virtual Assistant

If you have good computer skills and are a multitasker, then becoming a virtual assistant could be the perfect side hustle for you!

As a virtual assistant, you can help people with their daily tasks such as answering emails, scheduling appointments, organizing their schedules, and even running errands.

It’s simple to get started as well. There are lots of sites that will match you with people looking for a virtual assistant.

And once you’re matched up, all you have to do is reach out to them and ask if they want you to take on any tasks. If so, then do what they ask!

Did you know that you can even turn your love of Pinterest into becoming a virtual assistant that specializes in Pinterest? Pinterest VA is a site where you can learn to help people manage their Pinterest accounts.

All you have to do is sign up on their site, sign up for some of their courses, and start helping people grow their Pinterest accounts.

Give it a try today! Take the steps to become a virtual assistant today!

34. Get Paid To Read

Get Paid To Read Books Young woman reading a book lying in a hammock

If you have a love of reading, then this is one of the best side hustles to make 100 dollars a day! You can get paid to read books.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading on a Kindle or on your phone, you can get paid to read books.  

With a company such as Publisher’s Weekly, you can get paid to read books for review. There are other companies that will also pay you to read books out loud, translate books to another language, and even read books for your kids at bedtime.

And the best part is that you can do this any time and anywhere!

Not only can you get paid for reading books but you can also get paid for reading emails.

We mentioned InboxDollar earlier. Well, you can get paid for reading emails through their “PaidEmail” page. Just sign up for an InboxDollar and activate the PaidEmail feature. Then, you can get paid to read emails that they send to their subscribers.

Sign up and give it a try today!

35. Play Games

Turn your love of playing games into a way to make extra cash.

You can earn gift cards and cash for playing games on your computer or gaming console through Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars.

Another way you can earn money playing games is by becoming a gamer on your YouTube channel. Lots of YouTubers make big bucks playing video games on YouTube. If this is something you enjoy, why not give it a try?

You can even take your love of gaming to another level by becoming a professional game tester.

This means you get paid to play video games. Some companies will pay you good money for playing games and giving your feedback on them.

This is a great way to get started making money doing something you already love.

36. Business Coaching

Have you started your own business, why not help others start their own businesses too?

You can become a business coach and offer one-on-one coaching sessions to people that are just starting out with their business.

It’s a great way to make money and help others improve their business and reach their full potential.

All you have to do is set up your own coaching website, offer your services, and start receiving clients.

This is also a great way to grow your network. You may find that the people you coach, help out in return.

37. Life Coach

Speaking of helping people, maybe you have a passion for helping others improve their lives.

You can turn this into a side job by becoming a life coach. Life coaches help guide and motivate their clients to achieve success in different areas of their lives such as love, health, wealth, and relationships.

It’s important that you have a natural knack for helping people and a strong passion for self-growth. Once you have that, then it’s just a matter of setting up your own coaching program, enrolling in online courses relevant to the topic, and marketing yourself.

This is definitely one of the easiest side hustles to start! Plus, you get to help people improve their lives.

38. Create Business Courses

Maybe you have a special business talent or skill that you can teach others? If so, then creating an online course is another passive income to make from home.

Creating an online business course is easy- you can have it up and running in a matter of days.

You don’t need any prior experience either. Check out Teachable for more information on how to create a professional online course.

And, if you’re unsure what type, of course, to create then just check out Udemy. You can find courses about practically anything on Udemy and the best part is that there’s no limit to what you can teach.

39. Social Media Manager

Social media is so important for businesses these days that many companies are looking to hire a dedicated social media manager.

This can be a great opportunity if you have experience in social media management or marketing.

Many companies want you to have at least three years of experience managing accounts on one or several major social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube.

You can find social media manager jobs on Fiverr, Flex Jobs, Monster, and Indeed.

40. Tutor or Teach English Online

If you’re a native English speaker, then tutoring and teaching English online may be something you’d like to consider.

There are several websites where you can register your services as an English tutor and start taking on clients.

You can teach other people how to speak English through video chats, voice chats, messaging apps, or by uploading files and screen-sharing with your clients.

This is a great way to make money from home and work flexible hours.

41. Flip Domain Names

Ever heard of someone buying a domain name for a low price and then selling it for a lot more? This is called “flipping” domain names.

Domain names are easy to buy and sell. It’s also not as competitive as other side hustles so it’s easier to profit.

If you want to get started with domain flipping, then all you need is a domain name and the desire to learn.

There are websites that teach people how to flip domains successfully and it’s also just a matter of researching and finding an in-demand name that hasn’t been snatched up yet.

42. Affiliate Marketing

Have you heard of affiliate marketing before? Bloggers use this as one of the ways to make money on their blogs.

Basically, it’s a way for marketers and bloggers to make passive income by giving recommendations (the affiliate link) about different products and services on their websites.

If someone clicks your affiliate links and buys those products or services, then you get a percentage of that sale as an affiliate commission.

It doesn’t take much to get started with affiliate marketing. You can join free affiliate programs or use your own website to make money.

You can find more information about how to become an affiliate marketer and start earning passive income in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course- we took it and it changed so much for our blog!

43. Flea Market Flipping

Online Flea markets Woman Donating Unwanted Items To Charity Shop

Have you ever watched the show Flea Market Flip and thought “I want to try that!”?

Well, you can!

Flea market flipping is basically where someone goes around buying and selling at flea markets in order to make a profit.

Here’s how it works: You spend the weekend scouting out different flea markets for useful, valuable, and unique items you can sell at flea markets, even online!

When you find something worthwhile, you buy the item using cash and then find creative ways to make something different from it.

Still not sure how to get started? There is a course you can take, Flea Market Flipper, that will teach you all the ins and outs of becoming a flea market flipper.

You can find a lot of fun items to flip at flea markets, so it’s a great side hustle – especially if you enjoy treasure hunting.

44. Real Estate Investments

If you’ve got the money to spare, then real estate is another way to make passive income.

You can buy a home or apartment building and rent it out for a profit

Or, you can buy it, fix it up, and sell it. This is often referred to as “house flipping”.

Real estate can be a risky business because it’s not simple to buy property at bargain prices.

It takes research, planning, negotiation, and hard work to become successful with real estate.

45. Create A Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to make money online because if your podcast is popular then you can monetize it.

This means that you can earn revenue from the ads on your show. With enough listeners, you might even be able to land sponsors for your show or sell products through it.

The best part about a podcast is that you can do it from anywhere, anytime.

Just get a mic and an audio-editing program, find a topic that people want to hear about, and start recording!

You can create your own podcast in less than an hour even if it’s just for fun.  

46. Catering

Love cooking for people and have a knack for entertaining? Why not try catering to earn extra cash?

Catering is a lot of work, but the potential for profit is huge.

It can be extremely lucrative if you know what you are doing and have the right connections in the food industry.

There are several ways to get started with catering including cooking at wedding receptions or hosting themed dinner parties.

Put those good recipes to use and become a caterer to make some serious money. You could eventually even open up your own restaurant if you wanted to.

47. Stream Moderator

Not sure what a stream moderator does?

Well, basically it’s where someone watches chat streams to keep them clean and free of inappropriate content or spam.

If someone posts something offensive, they report it to the chat host who will remove it from the chat.

People who have large chat streams pay a moderator to ensure that their chat remains spam-free.

As you can see, it’s a very important job, so the pay is usually decent for this kind of work.

48. Babysit/Nanny

Young beautiful teacher and toddler playing with building blocks toy at kindergarten

Does watching other people’s kids sound like something you might enjoy?

If so, then becoming a nanny or babysitter might be right up your alley and you can make 100 dollars a day or more no problem!

Babysitting is a great way to earn fast cash and if you’re good with kids – and some say that’s an important part of being a successful nanny – then it can also lead to building a long-term, solid clientele and great references.

If you like spending time with kids and can handle some of the stress (there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders), then this could be a lucrative way to make some money.

As a nanny, babysitter, or au pair, your job will be to take care of the children (or sometimes even infants) 24/7.

So, if you like spending your time with kids and are comfortable taking care of them, this could be perfect for you!

49. Cut Back On Bills

One way to make $100 in a day is by cutting back on bills to save money.

Take a look at your monthly bills and cut out anything that is unnecessary such as subscription services, gym memberships, or cable.

One way to find subscriptions and memberships that you can cancel is by using the Trim app.

This app takes a look at your spending and finds subscriptions and memberships that can be canceled in order to save money. It also negotiates a lower price on services such as cable, phone, and internet so you can pay less for the same amount of service.

It’s a fast way to make $100 a day without even breaking a sweat!

50. Sell Your Unused Items

Do you have a bunch of items lying around the house that you don’t need? Maybe you have old electronics or jewelry that you don’t want anymore.

Well, you can sell those things to make some easy money. Some people would love to get their hands on your stuff and they’re willing to pay for it!

Check out Worthy to sell your jewelry that you don’t want anymore. All you have to do is get the jewelry ready for auction. Then set a reserve price. Worthy will set up the auction and at the end of it all, you can sell your items for cash.

Another option is Decluttr which will buy almost anything from Apple products to video games and even books! You can sell your old CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and video games, as well.

Decluttr pays sellers through Paypal or direct deposit! It’s that easy to make $100 a day with this side hustle.

This is a great way to make some easy money and clean out your house in one fell swoop.

51. Donate Blood

Smiling woman donating plasma in hospital

A lot of people have the misconception that they aren’t allowed to donate blood if they are a certain age.

But in most cases, you can give blood as long as you’re within a few years of reaching the age of majority for your state or country.

You can also double-check with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough to donate blood.

Either way, donating blood can be a great way to make $100 in one day.

52. Tutor Online

If you have a specific skill like math, science, English, or another subject and like helping others learn it too – tutoring might be perfect for you.

You can tutor online with sites like Wyzant,, and Chegg that connect tutors with students who need help in all kinds of subjects.

Whether you work online or in person, tutoring can be a great way to make money fast.

53. Event Planning

There are many creative ways to make money with event planning.

You can start by offering to plan a friend or family member’s party. If you do a good job they’ll most likely ask if you can plan another event or tell others about you.

Once you learn the ropes, you can move on to bigger and more complex events like weddings and conferences.

You can grow this side business by offering to hire help, buying supplies in bulk, and networking with venues and vendors.

Our Thoughts On Ways To Make Money

Portrait of a happy smartly dressed couple celebrating while standing under money shower isolated over pink background

What are you waiting for? Get to work on your side hustle and make some extra money!

No doubt, our list of How To Make $100 A Day has given you a lot of inspiration on how to make money!

There are so many ways to make money. With so many options for making extra money, it’s easy to find one that suits you.

Whether it’s by starting a blog and monetizing with ads or finding other creative ways like getting cash back on your purchases or being paid to take surveys or selling stuff on eBay or becoming an Uber driver – the possibilities for side hustles to make $100 a day are endless

So why not give them all a try?  Have fun earning an extra $100 a day while doing something you enjoy.

Remember, if one doesn’t work out don’t get discouraged because there’s always another one to try!