How to Make Homemade Beer Coasters | DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea

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Our make-your-own beer coasters are the perfect DIY Father’s Day gift!

homemade beer coasters as a diy father's day gift

In the market for an original gift idea?

Is the man in your life a fan of beer? If so, check out this unique DIY gift idea perfect for Father’s Day that uses cardboard beer carriers! These custom coasters turn out so cute and are super easy to make. If you prefer, you can opt to use soda boxes instead or even personal photos!

making diy father's day gift - beer coasters

Introducing the perfect DIY Father’s Day gift – beer coasters!

These beer coasters are a perfect gift and will definitely fit your budget. What’s even better is they will be personalized for that special person. You can make a party of it by inviting your friends over and have an adult arts and crafts day making coasters out of beer carriers.

However, if you choose to make them out of soda pop carriers or photographs, then this will become a great activity for the kids. Spend some time together on a Saturday morning or one afternoon after school to make that special gift for dad.

Not only are these beer coasters easy and fun to make, but they’re perfect to gift to the dad in your life with a 6-pack of his favorite brew!

Hip Tip: Don’t have any beer packaging at home? Try upcycling these from personal purchases! You could even ask a local beer or bottle shop if they have any extra 6-pack cases/packaging to use. These will potentially be free!

beer packaging

beer coasters


DIY Beer Coasters


Supplies Needed



Use a pen and trace the coaster on the cardboard so it’s the same size as the tile – then cut the square out of the cardboard.


Brush a coat of Mod Podge onto the back of the cardboard and place it on top of the tile smoothing out any bubbles.


Turn it over so the weight of the tile is on top and let it dry. If the edges pop up, be sure to press them down.


Let dry for about 15 minutes and apply 2-4 more layers of Mod Podge on top of the tiles, letting each layer dry in between coats.


After everything is completely dry, go back and sand down any rough edges.


Place the self-adhesive felt pads on the bottom of the tiles.


Finish by painting a coat of polycrylic protective finish clear over the top. This will protect your coaster and keep it lasting longer.

Easy Mod Podge Beer Coasters as a DIY Father's Day gift

A fun and simple DIY Father’s Day gift!

This is such a fun craft and a great way to upcycle cardboard beer carriers! My husband was pretty impressed and excited to use his coasters, especially while enjoying one of his favorite beers to place on top. 😃

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