How to Make School Bus Treat Cups with Free SVG Design

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Grab the free SVG design to create a school bus treat cup perfect for Back to School. Give to teachers, students, or bus drivers! Get the tutorial here. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission.

It is time to go back to school! This time of year can be exciting as well as a little scary.

Send your little one to school with these cute school bus treat cups. They are a perfect way to break the ice and say hello!

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Supplies You'll Need to Create this Project:

smiley face candy cardstock, sizzix shaker domes, tape runner

School Bus SVG Design:

To begin, you'll want to grab the Shooting Star SVG Design.

Receive the School Bus SVG

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    Upload the SVG file into your cutting software, I use Cricut Design Space.

    The cutting file is sized to fit the Sizzix Shaker Domes perfectly, so there is no need to resize.

    Select "Make It" and follow the prompts to cut the design out of the 4 different colors of cardstock.

    cutting red cardstock on a Cricut

    There are a total of 8 pieces to be cut for each school bus treat cup.

    school bus treat cups pieces

    Layering the School Bus Pieces:

    The first pieces we will glue in place are the red lights.

    The red strip goes on the top bus pieces and the two smaller pieces go on the bottom hood piece.

    The black pieces can really face either direction, so don't worry about what side is the front and back.

    Choose a back side to the black pieces and apply a strip of tape runner and adhere the red pieces covering the light holes.

    red lights adhered to the black pieces

    On the back of the yellow pieces, apply the tape runner.

    Align the yellow pieces at the top and center of the black pieces. Press to adhere.

    You should see a little black border around the inside pieces, but the outside of the yellow pieces should align with the black pieces.

    aligning the yellow pieces on top of the black pieces

    Assembling the School Bus Treat Cup:

    Apply tape runner to the back of the hood piece, but not at the very top of the hood. The treat cup will slide in there. Center the piece onto the white piece.

    The largest white piece is the backing for the entire project. It is cut slightly larger so you should have a bit of white border showing around all of the pieces.

    glueing the hoot piece onto the white backing piece

    Fill the shaker dome with the smiley face candies. Do not overfill, you want the backing pieces to lay flat against it.

    filling the shaker dome with candy

    Peel back the adhesive strip around the shaker dome.

    You have to do this part upside down so the candies don't fall out.

    With the white part of the bus facing up, and the yellow hood facing down, carefully slide the shaker dome lip under the yellow hood piece.

    Even though the sticky part is exposed, you can still move the cup around a little to center it.

    shaker dome adhered to the white backing piece

    Place the top yellow part of the bus on top of the shaker dome and make sure it is centered correctly. Once it is placed properly, press down around the edges to make sure it is good and stuck to the white backing piece.

    Apply tape runner to the back of the top bus piece, and press it into place.

    aligning the top yellow paper piece

    I absolutely love how these turned out! It makes me sad that my kids have all graduated and I have no one to send them to the first day of school with.

    finished school bus treat cups

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