How To Organize Your Home Like A Professional

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When it comes to organizing, there are some tricks that professional organizers follow. And these tricks are the reason why professionals can start organizing quickly. 

If you have ever hired a professional organizer, have you noticed they ask you lots of questions? And they ask you to see your space? There is a lot of discussion around your purpose for the space. All of these things are important pieces that professional organizers use to help you truly get organized.

These “tricks of the trade” are things that professional organizers use to create a plan and set goals. These goals are what they use to make sure an organizing project actually meets your needs and can be maintained by you. From these goals, professional organizers can make a plan. That plan is how you are going to truly get your home organized.

So where do you even start if you don’t want to hire a professional organizer?

I am breaking down how to set goals and make a plan so you can organize your home like a professional.

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Why Set Goals

Goal-setting is probably the most important piece of organizing…or any project really. Because when you set goals for specific projects, you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. 

When I am working in virtual clients, I always ask what they want to accomplish when organizing their space. 

Some people just want to have less stuff. Others want to give a room a purpose. While others hope to make finding things easier for themselves.

So it doesn’t matter what your end goal is. Just the fact that you have to have one so you know what you are aiming for while organizing.


Where To Start

Setting goals can be really easy or really challenging, depending on how you look at things. Sometimes you may not know why you want a space organized, so you aren’t sure what the end goal should be. 

I have found doing a brain dump can help get clear on what your goal should be. 

To do a brain dump, get a piece of paper and a pen. Set your timer for 15 minutes. Then write, doodle, and just keep moving that pen. I have some prompts I use to help keep me focused if I get stuck. 

I usually start with making my “to do list”. Then I will write down all the steps that I need to take with each item on the list. This helps keep the pen moving. 

I will also ask myself to write down my dream life. That gets the pen moving too!

You can write about the project you want to organize and how you want that to look when it is all done. As you write, ask yourself why you want the space organized. You will be surprised by what may come up.

Once the 15 minutes are up, look at your brain dump. See what things stand out. Most of the time, I find answers to questions I have been struggling with in the brain dump. 

This is going to help you create your goals for your project.

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Mental Clutter

I do want to add that sometimes we can get stuck on creating goals because we have some mental clutter that needs to be dealt with. 

Mental clutter is just like physical clutter, but it is taking up space in our minds. It is stopping use from thinking as clearly as we possibly can. 

When you clear mental clutter, you are removing things from your head space onto paper. Which is why using paper and pencil is so important. It helps our brains process better when we use paper and pencil instead of typing.

You can read my 5 Tips For Clearing Mental Clutter, which includes brain dumps and planning tips!

Make A Plan

Once you have cleared the mental clutter and set goals, you can focus on creating a plan. That plan should include all the steps you need to take to truly organize your space.

As professional organizer do, they create an in-depth plan to keep you focused while organizing. So if you know you aren’t the best at staying on task, I recommend making a plan you can stick to. 

My free plan guide below has space to clear mental clutter, plans, and more.


To create your plan, write down the area you want to organize. Then write down your goal. What do you want the space to be like once you are done?

Under the goal, write down steps you need to take to get to that end goal.

Some obvious steps include removing everything from shelves. Cleaning shelves. Removing items I don’t use. Grouping items together based on how I use them. Put items back on shelves. Go to store to get bins if needed.

In my Declutter + Organize Guide, I have space for you to plan out your organizing project along with checklists. Make sure to download that now.

where to start when decluttering your stuff

Take Action

You have your plan, so now it is time to take action. That means actually start the work.

I always recommend having a declutter caddy on hand for every project. It will keep you focused so you aren’t running all over the house looking for things. And it saves time! Since everything is on-hand, you can remove and clean without having to get up and down for items.

Now I have some tips for you for specific rooms to organize. Below you will find some of my favorite tips and tutorials for different rooms of your home. After you have decided on what area you are going to organize, you can read more specific tips below to help keep you focused!


Keeping bedrooms organized is the first place I recommend starting. When your bedroom space is tidy, research shows you get a better nights’ sleep because you can fall into REM sleep faster and for longer periods of time.

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In addition to keeping bedrooms organized, clothing should be organized as well. This helps eliminate indecision in the mornings when getting dressed. Because everything in your closet are things you love, wear, and fit you!

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Bathroom organization looks different for every bathroom I have ever organized. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to organizing bathrooms. So these tricks and tips can help no matter the space and size of your bathroom.

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Linen Closet

Linen closets are my favorite places to store towels, extra toiletries, and medicines. And while not everyone has ample space for all these things, I have some tutorials for creating order in any space.

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When it comes to kitchens, I always suggest doing it in one day. And use Post-It notes. Lots of Post-It notes. Most of the time, you just need to reorganize your things. Follow the guide to help if you just need to reorganize certain parts of the kitchen. These tutorials can help you organize cabinets, drawers, and everything in between!

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Pantry organizing doesn’t need to look like Pinterest to be truly organized. Follow these pantry tips to help you organize your items in practical ways.

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Living Room/Family Room

You may have toys in your living room. Maybe you keep storage items in your family room. Whatever it is you use your living room or family room for, make sure it stays organized with these tips.

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Play Spaces

I call play spaces any space that has toys. That may be a living room, designated play room, or basement. Whatever it is, these tricks will help keep the space organized, even if the kids play there.

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Office spaces have transformed over the last few years. These tutorials will help you create order in your office area.

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Mudroom/Coat Closet

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If you really think about it, the garage is just an extension of our home. So it should be organized too. These tips and tricks can help with creating order in any garage.

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Laundry Room

Laundry is never fun. But when you have an organized laundry room or closet, it helps you get laundry done faster. These tutorials are sure to help create an organized laundry area.

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Storage Room

I have seen it all when it comes to storage areas. So these tips and tutorials cover everything from holiday bins to sentimental items to craft supplies. Because whenever you aren’t sure where to store something, it usually ends in the storage area.

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How To Organize Your Home Like A Professional

When it comes to organizing, sometimes the pros do know a thing or two about the best ways to achieve your end goal.

Start by setting that goal. Clear mental clutter so you are able to create space in your mind to make quality decisions.

Set a plan for yourself. That plan should go into details of what you plan to do.

Then take action on that plan. Make sure you stick to what you want your goal to be. And you will find yourself with an organized home!

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