Kitchen Crafts: 30+ Ways to Add Personality to Your Decor

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Want to update your kitchen but don’t have the money for an extensive remodel? Try one or more of these 30+ fun and easy kitchen crafts to get a fresh new look on a low budget.

Kitchen Crafts

Flipping through home magazines or scrolling endlessly through Pinterest can make you yearn for a whole house redesign. Who has the time (or money) for that?

Not many people. I don’t!

But still, I like to do a little renovating now and then. Most of us need to take it one room at a time and one project at a time. Today I’m going to talk about how you can inject a bit of your personality into your kitchen with some budget-friendly crafts.

Kitchen Crafts on a Budget

Kitchens can be one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. The most obvious ways to change things are by painting a wall, the cabinets, or a light fixture. But even those cost money.

However, if you don’t have a large budget, there are still a lot of ways to update your kitchen. If you put a little time and effort into some DIY décor and organization crafts, you can get a new look without spending a lot of money.

I’ve come up with a list of thrifty kitchen crafts – some big (like a range hood update) and some small (like new refrigerator magnets). Scroll down to check them out and then get started on your new kitchen!

Kitchen Crafts

You're going to love these crafty ideas for decorating your kitchen! Use these projects to enhance a room when you can't do a total makeover.


Resin Cutting Board

Photo Credit: Plaid Crafts

A cutting board can function as both a useful kitchen tool and a piece of décor! Learn how to make a resin cutting board with epoxy casting resin and acrylic paint.


Clothespin Napkin Holder

Learn how to make a clothespin napkin holder on a budget! This kitchen craft was so easy to make and you can paint it any color you like.


Fruit Stamped Tea Towels

Use a fun fruit stamping technique to decorate some plain tea towels. These will look great in your kitchen and they are so easy – even a kid can make them!


Wooden Spoon Makeover

Photo Credit: Courtney Sanchez

Use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge for this unique wooden spoon makeover. Use colors to match your kitchen or give them as a gift!


Felt Ball Garland

Don’t buy a felt ball garland when they are SO easy to make! Use felt balls and embroidery floss to add colorful and fun DIY garland to an unexpected spot in your home (like the kitchen!).


Marble Mugs

Learn how to make the coolest nail polish mugs ever - on a budget! Learn the dos and don'ts for making the mugs, and get tips for washing.


Floral Magnets

If you love the look of hand embroidery, these DIY refrigerator magnets are perfect for you. The delicate floral pattern is so pretty! These make great gifts too.


This Clothespin Clock is Easy to Make

Learn how to make a clothespin clock to decorate your kitchen! If you want to make a cute clock from scratch, this is a fun project.


Reupholster a Chair with Colorful Denim

Reupholster a chair and give it a bright and fun new ‘seat.’ This is really easy to do, and this will show you how . . . with a pair of denim pants! I think these would be really fun and colorful around a kitchen table.


This DIY Poster Hanger is EASY & Budget Friendly

Use scalloped wood trim and magnets to make the most budget friendly poster hanger ever! Get any trim you like and your favorite stain color to customize.


Spray Paint Fake Flowers Any Color, In Minutes

If you can’t find artificial florals in the colors you need, paint them! Flowers are a perfect kitchen craft to add some cool color. You don't need any special floral spray.


DIY Dry Erase Board and Chalkboard

This dual DIY dry erase board and chalkboard makes a lovely kitchen craft. You can keep organized while also decorating at the same time.


Modern DIY Wooden Wall Art the Easy Way

Add a pop of color to your kitchen with this simple modern, wooden wall art. Learn how to make it with scrap wood using this tutorial.


DIY Plant Hanger Made from Wood for Any Decor

Use a plywood block to make this simple and modern DIY plant hanger – you’ll have a few of these hanging in your kitchen before long!


Wood Look Painted Hood

Photo Credit:

Update your kitchen cabinets, doors, or range hood using this easy wood-look painting technique. Doesn't that hood look awesome?


Wine Cork Wreath

Learn how to make a wine cork wreath the easiest way possible! This simple DIY wreath takes about 100 wine corks to make and is so pretty.

I love this as a kitchen craft because of the corks. And a wreath makes a big impact! You can also make a ribbon wreath or coffee filter wreath to decorate your eating space.


Pot Holder

Learn how to make a pot holder, and quilt it, using your fave fabric and this easy tutorial! You don’t even need a pattern for this DIY pot holder.


These Clothespin Trivets are Heat Resistant

Learn how to make clothespin trivets with a few simple supplies! These are easy and high heat resistant so you can use them with hot pots.

We also have some cool cork trivets if you'd like to check those out.


Coffee Bar Sign

Photo Credit: Courtney Sanchez

Make a farmhouse style, DIY coffee bar sign in a few easy steps! This Rae Dunn style sign is perfect for beginners.


Framed Fresh Herbs

Photo Credit:

Keep your fresh herbs handy, plus add some rustic charm to your kitchen with this framed bouquet. Looks great on the countertop or the wall.


Coloring Tea Towel

Use fabric markers to make a unique tea towel with color to match your kitchen! This is adult coloring with a twist, and so easy.


Wall Mounted Note Holder

Photo Credit:

This rustic wood paper note holder is perfect for the kitchen so you can write a quick note or keep a shopping list! It is so much cheaper to make than the ones you can buy online.


Farm Animal Bowls

Photo Credit:

Add a splash of color to your plain white bowls using a handmade stencil and bright colors to match your kitchen.


Rolling Pin Bookends

Photo Credit: David Cheaney

You can make DIY bookends out of almost anything, but this vintage rolling pin version is particularly charming. Looks great in a farmhouse kitchen!


Wood Spice Rack

Photo Credit:

This is a great beginner woodworking project. I love the sleek look of the rack with all of the matching spice jars!


Toaster Upcycle

Photo Credit:

Add some life to your kitchen with this quirky pop-up garden project! Spray paint an old toaster to use for some flowers and succulents.


Spice Jars

Convert dollar store plastic containers into modern DIY spice jars – and add a chalkboard strips so that you can label them, too!


Ransom Note Magnets

Photo Credit:

Make your own DIY fridge letter magnets the easy way – with a fun font too! So simple, kids can do it. Free printable with multiple letters included.


Rustic Recipe Box

Store all of your treasured recipes in this unique, rustic recipe box! It’s easy to make with chalkboard paint and perfect for gifting.


Chair Cushions

Learn how to make chair cushions with this easy tutorial! You'll need basic sewing machine skills to ensure success and they will look awesome at your kitchen table.


Wall Storage

Photo Credit: Angie Holdern

Make this kitchen wall storage for your home! Easy to make and the perfect way to add some farmhouse style to your kitchen!


Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Photo Credit: David Cheaney

Spice up those boring kitchen cabinets with DIY kitchen cabinet hardware that you can make with Mod Podge! You can change them out whenever you like.


Pallet Shelf

Learn how to make a rustic, DIY pallet shelf for your kitchen in under a few hours! It looks great with farmhouse decor.

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