Lake Days

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Good morning to my favorite internet friends. I must say our weekend went by a little too fast but it was a good one filled with good things so I guess that’s all we can ask for over here!


Our plans on Saturday took us to the lake for Tommy’s birthday party! Tommy and his sister Lilly have been some of our boys’ best friends for years (I met their mom, Carrie, when our first babies were 6 months old) and we loved celebrating one of our favorite kid’s fourth birthdays!

The party was at Carrie’s parents’ house on the lake and it’s seriously a dream, especially during the summertime. They have a little beach and a two-story dock where they dredged 18 feet below the surface so you can safely jump the 18-feet off the dock.

It’s a blast and I always feel like the little kid in me comes out whenever we hang out at their place!

We actually packed our pack ‘n’ play and baby monitor so Rhett could nap at the house which freed us up to swim and splash with the big kids while he slept for two hours.

(Sunglasses / Bikini Bottoms / Bikini Top — got this one through my first Trunk Club delivery! This link will get you a $50 credit if you want to give it a try, too.) 

We ate lunch and hung out at the lake for most of the afternoon which, for me, is a perfect summer day. Give me water, my family and friends and I’m a happy camper.

By the time we made it home, we didn’t have time for much else other than a late nap for Rhett, bath time for the kids and bed. I did manage to tackle a few home organization projects during our rockin’ Saturday night though! First up was transforming the rolling cart we used to keep stocked with diapering supplies and newborn essentials when Rhett was in our room into a craft cart for the kids.

Up next was completely emptying the closet in my office and cleaning it out before putting everything away again. It felt amazing to take the time to go through everything in the closet and organize it in a way that actually makes sense. Hooray for seemingly simple things like organized gift wrap!


Our Sunday morning began with a walk to the playground and marina with our crew.

Rhett took his breakfast 2.0 to go in the form of a muffin. He’s muffin obsessed lately and loves these whole wheat sweet potato muffins. (I omit the chocolate chips in his muffins.)

We made our way back home so Rhett could take his morning nap and I could get a little work done while Ryan took the boys back out on a short bike ride.

By the time Rhett was awake and we were all finished eating lunch, our friend Ben arrived at our house and we set out for some boating fun on the lake.

(The boys were psyched when the ice cream boat pulled up at our beach 10 minutes after we arrived!) 

Longtime readers might remember Ben was our friend when we lived in Orlando and moved up to this area after falling in love with North Carolina when he visited us a few years ago. He’s the one-man show behind his affordable sunglasses company, Faded Days, and I feel like he’s basically Sunglasses Santa because whenever he comes over to hang out, he surprises us with some of his latest models.

(Sporting the Pink Chameleon Festival Sunglasses!) 

We spent most of the afternoon swimming in the lake and hanging out on a small beach before heading home. Rhett ended up partying through his afternoon nap — I tried, unsuccessfully, to put him down — and he surprised us by being quite the happy camper despite such little sleep. He is sooo into pushing toys around as faux-walkers and is practicing unassisted standing more and more. It’s so fun to see because he gets SO excited by his new skills. Ryan and I joke that Rhett morphed into a new baby when he began crawling because he was a million times happier once he could move around on his own. We’re convinced he’s just dying to keep up with his big brothers!

Ben stayed at our house for dinner and Ryan grilled burgers and chicken while I made a batch of homemade cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream for us to enjoy.

After saying goodbye to Ben and getting the boys in bed, Ryan and I followed shortly behind. I read my latest book, Oona Out of Order, until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

As for this week, it’s our last official week of summer break, as Chase begins kindergarten next week. It’s a staggered-start format so he won’t be there every day but this still feels like our last week of no schedules and true summer fun and I’m hoping to make the most of it!

Enjoy your week, my friends!

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