Last Minute Mermaid Halloween Costume

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Last Minute Mermaid Halloween Costume made with Cricut Holographic Iron-On Vinyl


I love Halloween, but mostly I love dressing up! Give me any excuse to put on a costume and I am there. This is a simple but really attention grabbing last minute Halloween costume! It's a breeze to make with the Cricut, seriously, you should own one of these!

Become the queen of the sea with this simple but shiny shirt that takes less than 10 minutes to make. Perfect for the kids Halloween parties or a spooky night out!

Do you like dressing up?

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Back to the Mermaid Costume!

Pair it with Mermaid Scale Leggings or a shimmery Mermaid Skirt! (both on Amazon Prime, so you can get them in 2 days!)

Which do you like better? The skirt or the leggings?
I think you need both!

I wore the leggings set to a family party and the skirt set is going to be worn to church--again, any excuse to dress up!

Here's a quick video of the process, and honestly, it is about this fast! It takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish!

Supplies Needed for Last Minute Mermaid Costume:

Shirt or Sweatshirt

Coral or Shell Necklace

Right click to save off the seashell image:

Step 1: Cut Iron-On

Begin by uploading the seashell png above into Cricut Design Space, or searching for your own seashell pattern.

Then scale them to fit the desired shirt. I did mine 4 inches wide after a quick breast measurement. 

Place the iron-on vinyl on the strong grip mat with the shiny, colorful side face down. Then cut out 2 of the seashells.

Step 2: Weed the Iron-on

Remove the iron-on from the mat and cut around the seashells. Then use the Cricut hook tool to remove the excess iron-on. 

Step 3: Ironing on the Shells

Now put the shirt on and use a piece of chalk or a pin to mark where you want the shells to sit. They must not be too high, or too low, for obvious reasons! 

Then take the shirt off and place it on the EasyPress Mat. Set the iron-on shells on top and iron for 30 seconds at 330*. 

Let the iron-on cool down completely before removing the plastic carrier sheet. Then peel it off slowly and make sure the iron-on is secure. If not, press it again.

That's it! 

Fluff up the shirt in a dryer for a few minutes to remove any of the iron crease marks and it's ready to wear. 

It is so hard to photograph the shimmery shiny effect of the holographic iron-on. It is iridescent and changes color in different lights. It also reflects back a lot of shine! It draws attention to the chest in a really fun and playful...yet modest way!

Then accessorize as much as you want! Add flower or a flower crown to your hair...add a big statement necklace...or seashells! 
This costume can be adapted for any age or gender! Maybe a Mermaid Man or Barnacle Boy? Maybe a Manta Man? Aqua Man? 

I love how it turned out--and I'm excited to wear it year round!

Hope you enjoyed this easy Last Minute Halloween costume idea! 

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