Lucky Shamrock Crafts for Kids

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Nothing quite says St. Patrick’s Day like a few cute shamrock crafts.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, I thought I’d give you guys some craft ideas from not only myself but also my other favorite bloggers!

These easy shamrock crafts will have you feeling lucky in no time, so let’s get to it!

lucky shamrock crafts for kids to make

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Sticky Paper Shamrock Suncatcher Craft (Hands On as We Grow)

I laid a piece of contact paper on the table, sticky side up for this craft. Then, I let my son take control of the gold glitter (against my better judgment) and sprinkle it all over the contact paper.

Next, I ripped up green tissue paper, and my son stuck it all over the contact paper. Green is his favorite color, so he was genuinely enjoying this craft!

After that, we also added crinkle green grass paper for extra texture. After your kids finish decorating the contact paper, stick another piece of contact paper over it to seal in everything.

lucky shamrock crafts

Next, you can hold the contact paper up to the light to see how the craft catches the light! Then, cut out a few large shamrocks from the contact paper using a shamrock template or freehand.

Lastly, tape your shamrock suncatchers to the window and watch as the light shines through them!

lucky shamrocks for st. patrick's day crafts

Wine Cork Shamrock Craft (Crafty Morning)

You will need green paint, a tiny paintbrush, tape, and three wine corks for this craft.

I love simple crafts like these because they’re perfect for younger kids who are still developing fine motor skills. They can hold the shamrock stamp in their hands and try pressing it down on the paper!

Simple Shamrock Craft (Dabbling Momma)

This fun craft is super simple and only requires a few craft supplies.

I love this craft because it’s an easy way to incorporate fun sensory play into your little one’s routine and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Wall Hanging (Castleview Academy)

You will need empty toilet paper rolls, paint, paintbrushes, scissors, glue, and small cardboard squares for this craft.

You’ll need to have your kids paint rainbows onto the cardboard squares and let them dry for a couple of hours before making the craft itself.

When you’re done, you can tape a ribbon to the back of your shamrock art to hang it year after year!

3 more lucky shamrock crafts for kids

Shamrock Pepper Stamping (How Wee Learn)

You will need a few bell peppers, green paint, and construction paper for this cute craft.

You’ll have adorable four-leaf clover shamrock prints to put around your house! I love easy craft projects like these because they work well for every age group and are a great way to repurpose old produce!

Texture Collage Shamrock Craft (No Time for Flashcards)

You will need glue, cardboard, a marker, green paint or crayons, and green collage material such as tissue paper, felt, and pom poms for this craft. F

Let your child add the green collage materials however they want!

This simple shamrock collage is the perfect way to incorporate sensory play into their day!

3D Tissue Paper Shamrock (Crafts by Amanda)

You will need construction paper, glue, tissue paper, and scissors for this craft! F

You can also have your child dip the tissue paper ball into the glue and stick it on the shamrock. If you have older kids, they can take a piece of tissue paper and wrap it around the end of a pencil, dip it in the glue, and stick it onto the shamrock that way.

I love this craft because it works for kids of all ages and is great family fun!

Lucky shamrocks - crafts for kids to make

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Lucky, Lucky Shamrock Crafts

I hope you enjoyed these fun shamrock crafts as much as my kids and I did!

Fun projects like these are a fun way to learn about St. Patrick’s Day while enjoying fun activities!