Magnificent DIY Fall Crafts Decorations Waiting To Happen

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Fall is all about foliage, pumpkins, cinnamon, and warm and earthy colors. It’s a time to withdraw indoors and to stay connected to the outdoors by bringing nature in and by customizing our homes with wonderful fall decorations.

Fall Craft Ideas

As it often happens, it’s the small things that matter the most, things like the vase that you keep on your dining table, the wreath that you hang on the front door, or the new piece of wall art that you add to a room. We’re ready to cover various versions of these elements and more in the DIY fall decorations that follow.

60 DIY Decorations for a Glamorous Fall

1. Wheat Table Display

Wheat Table Display

Your fall table decor doesn’t have to be too busy or colorful. In fact, there’s no need to overthink it when you can easily get a stylish result using nothing more than some wheat and a vase or a repurposed container acting as one. You can safely keep the wheat till next year’s batch and it won’t go bad. Moreover, it will give the decor a bountiful and cozy look.

Wheat is symbolic of prosperity and the harvest, so it’s a lucky decoration to have around your home. This is an idea that we got from Shabbyfufublog.

2. Porch Pumpkin Arrangement

Porch Pumpkin Arrangement

Porch Pumpkin Arrangement

For the front porch, you could gather a few nice-looking pumpkins of different sizes and even different colors and you could group them up near the front door or in a corner. If you want you can paint some of the pumpkins to give them the desired color. You can see here a few ones that are white with gold polka dots or half white and half gold. They look very chic, especially in combination with the framed chalkboard.

Keeping the pumpkins in a neutral color palette ensures they can be added anywhere in the home and still look like they match the existing decor. Find more such inspiring ideas on Lollyjane.

3. Faux Pumpkin Vases

Faux Pumpkin Vases

There are lots and lots of interesting and beautiful ways in which you can use pumpkins to give your home the charm that comes with autumn and we find our idea to be particularly interesting. It has to do with faux pumpkins and the fact that they can be repurposed into vases. To do that, you need to cut out the top and to put a block of styrofoam inside the pumpkin. After that, insert the stems into the styrofoam and create a fall arrangement.

Faux pumpkins are a good match for dried grasses, branches, artificial berries, and other dry foliage that can be used throughout the season without having to add water. The idea comes from apumpkinandaprincess.

4. Vintage Fall Sign

Vintage Fall Sign

These images from Ellaclaireinspired actually show two separate fall DIY projects. One is the vintage-looking sign which can be made out of an old cabinet door or some scrap pieces of wood. You can distress the wood to make it look intentionally old after which you can use a stencil to paint the desired design on. You can always just freehand it if you’re confident in your skills.

If you’re decorating around an orchard motif, you can include signage to that effect, or you can decorate around a pumpkin patch theme. There are no limits to what you could include on a fall sign, from literary quotes to family mottos. The other project is the pinwheel garland which can be made out of old book pages. Check out the details if you like them.

5. Farmhouse Pumpkin Bucket Display

Farmhouse Pumpkin Bucket Display

Speaking of pumpkin patches, how about something with a little bit of farmhouse charm for your porch or garden? This bucket full of pumpkins should do the trick. To make something like this you need a galvanized steel bucket, rust-colored paint, dark and light grey paint, black paint, sponges, and a paint pouncer.

First, you use grey paint on the bucket’s surface and then you make the bucket intentionally look rusted, and then you paint the writing on using a template. Distressing the bucket helps add to the rustic look of the piece. It’s all described in detail on Anightowlblog.

6. Fall Greenery Centerpiece

Fall Greenery Centerpiece

If you want your fall decorations to look authentic and natural, we suggest using things like pumpkins, leaves, branches, and seasonal plants and flowers. You can put together a bunch of your favorite fall goodies and display them on a tray or in a basket. Tray centerpieces are a useful fall decoration since they can be easily rotated out to make way for new accents month by month. This tray can serve as a table centerpiece or as a decoration for the fireplace mantel, the hallway console table, or the front door porch. Find out more from Cherishedbliss.

7. Cozy Fall Rocking Chair

Cozy Fall Rocking Chair

It’s definitely nice to spend time out on the porch when it’s sunny and warm outside but it can also be very charming to do the same time thing in autumn when you can watch the leaves fall from the trees, listen to the rustle of the branches and enjoy the smell of fall. Make sure you set up your rocking chair, a nice warm blanket, and a bucket full of pumpkins to keep you company. It can be a little chilly on the porch when autumn comes around, so be sure to have plenty of warm comfy pillows and hot cider on hand to ward off the cold. {found on stonegableblog}.

8. DIY Pumpkin Doily

DIY Pumpkin Doily

With so many interesting projects revolving around pumpkins, we can;t help but come back to them in our projects. We love the diversity of the DIY projects involving pumpkins and the fact that there are so many ways in which to make them look beautiful and eye-catching. Right now we’re interested in a method of decorating pumpkins with lace.

As decor pumpkins can look bulky and clunky, but adding feminine touches like lace or floral accents can make them fit better into delicate interiors. All you need for this is mod podge and lace or a doily, whichever you prefer. {found on stonegableblog}.

9. Fall Faux Leaf Collage

Fall Faux Leaf Collage

Just like pumpkins, leaves are very versatile and can be used in a lot of creative ways. For instance, you can use some to make a unique piece of wall art. The idea comes from Justagirlblog and the supplies needed include a plywood board, a twig, a bunch of dried leaves, mod podge and a brush. The idea is simple: paint or stain the board, dry the leaves in between wax paper and then glue them in the shape of an oversized maple leaf or of a tree.

This project requires patience, but the end result is well worth the effort to put it together. This is a fall decoration you’ll want to bring out as the accent of honor for years to come.

10. Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

When getting your home decor ready for fall, you can start at the front door. There are a bunch of great fall wreath ideas which you can try as well as a lot of other cool projects. You can find some inspiring ideas on Thistlewoodfarms. They show you how to capture fall’s beauty and how you can enjoy it and make it a part of your everyday life.

Making wreaths is a fun fall activity to undertake when cold fall weather makes it too uncomfortable to do things outdoors. Check out these twig pumpkins and all the other decorations done with seasonal supplies. They’d surely look nice anywhere.

11. Fall Napkin Rings and Grapevine Wreaths

Fall Napkin Rings and Grapevine Wreaths

Of course, there are ways to welcome autumn into your home and to be subtle about it at the same time. For instance, you could be inspired by this chic table setting that we found on Thewoodgraincottage. It features a thin blanket as a table runner and the soup bowls are set in small grapevine wreaths. The napkin rings are very stylish too. A few branches casually form a wreath at the center of the table.

The fall accents in this design are bold compared to some of the others on this list, but they’re great for bringing the room together in a refined way. Setting them against a neutral backdrop with a light tartan pattern helps add visual appeal without overwhelming the table.  

12. Wheat and Floral Centerpiece

Wheat and Floral Centerpiece

Doesn’t this wheat decoration look lovely? It’s not only beautiful but also very easy to make. It all starts with an empty tin can. Clean it and then wrap a piece of cardboard around it just to make the can a bit taller, preserving the cylindrical form. After that, trim your wheat or barley and glue it onto the cardboard, all around the can. The idea is to hide the cardboard completely.

When you’re done you can wrap some twine around the wheat to keep it tightly together. Mixing dried grasses together with fresh foliage is a beautiful way to help symbolize the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. Find more similar ideas on Craftberrybush.

13. Dried Leaf and Citrus Wall Hanging

Dried Leaf and Citrus Wall Hanging

Another easy DIY project which you can do to beautify your home this fall was featured on Elsarblog. It’s a decorative garland made of all natural products such as dried fruit slices, leaves, cinnamon sticks and twigs. You’ll also need a piece of twine or cord to hang the garland. You can pair dried orange slices with leaves that have a similar color or you can mix and match different colors and shapes. If you want this wall hanging to scent your space as well as decorate it, you can also spritz it with some aromatic oils such as orange or cinnamon oil.

14. Welcome Fall Porch Display

Welcome Fall Porch Display

Everything here looks lovely, and we like the way in which the Welcome sign ties it all together. To find out how the sign was made, head over to Akreativewhim. We also like the diversity of the other decorations displayed here. The pumpkins, the hay bale, the potted plants, and the lanterns all contribute to a very welcoming look.

Setting up a fall display on your front porch is one of the best ways to make a great first impression with your houseguests. Stay with us for more fall front door decor ideas.

15. Fall Flower Topiary

Fall Flower Topiary

Everything is easy if you follow the right steps. For example, building a flower topiary doesn’t have to be complicated if you keep things neat and simple. The first step is to gather the supplies which include a selection of fall flowers, a foam ball, a flower pot or some other container, and a hot glue gun. Using artificial flowers in fall decor can help you keep your house looking lush even after cold autumn winds have started to kill the live flowers in your landscaping. You can find details on the steps to follow from Thenavagepatch.

16. Painted Pumpkin Bottles

Painted Pumpkin Bottles

Aren’t these bottles adorable? They look like pumpkins and they’re perfect for autumn parties, Thanksgiving gatherings, and even Halloween. The brushed look of these bottles is a part of their charm since it gives them a rustic whitewashed vibe. To get the color and texture right, be sure to check out the tips and instructions offered on Sadieseasongoods. The bottles need to be primed first after which the orange paint is applied. The finishing touch is the twine wrapped around the top and the leaves that hang like tags.

17. Chalk Paint Welcome Door Sign

Chalk Paint Welcome Door Sign

Can you believe that this welcome sign used to be a mirror? Actually, now that we know it, it actually makes sense. If you like the idea, find yourself a mirror with a frame that you like. You could also look for an old framed painting at a thrift store or yard sale. Paint the frame and paint the mirror using chalk paint. After that, you need to use a stencil to add the welcome message. You can use white paint or chalk. In fact, you may not even need a stencil if you can freehand the message. {found on organizedclutter}.

18. Neutral Fall Wood Slice Wreath

Neutral Fall Wood Slice Wreath

With so many different types of wreaths to choose from, it can be hard to keep things simple and to give up all the little ornaments and colors that you could add in favor of a less cluttered look. Still, we encourage you to try and to inspire you we found this beautiful wood slice wreath on Twelveonmain. It looks exquisite and if you want you can make your own version using a foam core board (or a flat wreath form), a bunch of wood slices, burlap ribbon, some faux foliage, and a hot glue gun.

19. Fall Knick-Knack Mantel Display

Fall Knick-Knack Mantel Display

If you can’t decide on a single fall decoration, then how about a bunch of small ones which can work together to set a warm and cozy mood? You could decorate the mantel or shelves with fall signs, framed artwork, and garlands and you can display seasonal flower bouquets on the coffee table together with some small painted pumpkins and even some fall candle votives.

Adding several small accents to your interior design can help it look more finished and refined. Just be careful not to add too many elements, as this can make the space look cluttered instead. Have a look at all the great ideas on Mycreativedays for more inspiration.

20. Fall Grapevine Wreath

Fall Grapevine Wreath

Next, we’d like to show you another beautiful fall wreath, one that we found on Angelamariemade. The project starts with a simple grapevine wreath. The idea is to decorate it with seasonal elements without cluttering it too much. Some eucalyptus, a few pine cones, and a mini pumpkin should be enough to get a diverse color palette and a nice combination of textures. Making handcrafted wreaths is a good fall tradition to start with your family every year since it lets everyone help participate in decorating the home for fall.

21. Mini White Pumpkin Centerpiece

Mini White Pumpkin Centerpiece

If you want to craft a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table, one that’s chic and simple but also eye-catching, we may have found the perfect design for you. It comes from Jojotastic and it involves a bowl, some mini white pumpkins, string lights, some twine and a bouquet of dried flowers. The pumpkins and the string lights are placed inside the bowl and the flowers are wrapped in twine and set next to the bowl together with a few more pumpkins.

22. Horizontal Fall Foliage

Horizontal Fall Foliage

Not all wreaths are round. In fact, by simply choosing another form you can make your wreath look original and eye-catching. Check out this one from one-o. It’s definitely very beautiful and it looks like a traditional wreaths seen from the side. It was made using two magnolia branches, autumn foliage, two flowers, green wire, gold elastic thread and a round weaving loom. It’s bold, colorful, and special. Homemade wreaths are a creative fall decoration because they can contain so many different elements. You can truly personalize each one to the aesthetics of your home.

23. Faux Leaf Garland

Faux Leaf Garland

We have already mentioned garlands once or twice so far and it’s about time we showed you how to make one. For the leaf garland featured on Themagiconions you don’t actually need real leaves. Of course, you could use some if you really want but that would be an entirely different project.

For this particular one, you need a bunch of felt leaves, some hemp string, a needle, and scissors. Thread the leaves onto the string making sure they’re evenly spaced apart and then secure the ends of the strings to the shelf, mantel or wall. You can use glue or tape. Try using different kinds and colors of fall leaves to give the garland a more realistic look.

24. Twigs and Berries Fall Wreath

Twigs and Berries Fall Wreath

When it comes to fall wreaths, there are more design options than we can count and a lot of them are very inspiring. What we like about this particular one are the palette of colors, all the berries, and scattered leaves and twigs. The variety of textures is also visually interesting, reminding viewers of the complex patterns in a Persian carpet. The overall design is very bohemian. You could use some spray paint to get the colors just right if you feel like your wreath is missing character. {found on gatheredthreads}.

25. DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

If you want, you can use all this enthusiasm that comes with the new season to also make something new for your home, like a new piece of furniture or a new accessory. You can be practical while thinking of the aesthetics. We found this great tutorial on Funkyjunginteriors which shows how to build a coat rack and shelves for the entryway. The reclaimed wood is a really nice touch and everything is infused with fall charm and we absolutely love it.

26. Comfy Fall Pillow Wreath

Comfy Fall Pillow Wreath

Two of the reasons why we love fall have to do with all the cool DIY projects we can do (wreaths being our favorites) and the fact that it’s extremely cozy inside, especially when you’re surrounded by a bunch of pillows. These two things were combined in the most interesting way and the result is a pillow wreath. This ingenious idea comes from Bugaboocity.

Yes…those are actually tiny pillows and yes…you’ll need to sew them and fill them individually so don’t expect this project to be over very quickly. This wreath might be more labor-intensive than some others, but it’s perfect for a fall decoration your guests won’t soon forget.

27. DIY Fall Felted Napkin Rings

DIY Fall Felted Napkin Rings

If you’re not in the mood to make a bunch of tiny pillows, perhaps we can interest you in something a lot simpler. It’s a napkin ring decorated with twigs, a felt leaf, a felted acorn, and hemp string. This craft is simple enough that even household children can join in the fun. Once you have everything ready, you can put it all together in a minute. If you want you can make your own version of the design and add ornaments or replace some of the elements with things you like better. {found on themagiconions}.

28. DIY Copper-Wrapped Candles

DIY Copper-Wrapped Candles

Not everything has to be obvious to send the desired message. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to use pine cones, dried leaves and pumpkins to make your decorations about fall. Something more abstract can work too. For example, simply by using a particular color can be enough to suggest a fall-inspired decor.

Copper is a wonderful metallic accent for evoking memories of autumn. These DIY copper-wrapped candles are a really good example. You can find out more about them on Designimprovised.

29. Rustic Candle Centerpiece

Rustic Candle Centerpiece

You can find pine cones pretty much everywhere so it shouldn’t be a problem to gather some. Once you have them, find an interesting way to make them a part of your home decor. You could use them in the design of a rustic candle centerpiece like the one on Ellabellaworld.

This design is merely a suggestion but if you like it we can tell you what you need to make one just as lovely: pine cones (obviously), a piece of wood, a hot glue gun, spray paint, and a candle holder/ votive. This crafting project is great for adding some log cabin sensibility to your fall decorating scheme.

30. DIY Basket Wreath

DIY Basket Wreath

There’s a cool DIY project on Twelveonmain that combines two of the things we like most: a basket and a wreath. That’s right…it’s a basket wreath. Baskets are perfect for fall decor since they are symbolic of the harvest season. It’s a very easy project which you can make using things you already have such as a shallow basket (or a basket lid – you can improvise), a bunch of faux flowers (or real leaves), some black craft paint, a sharpie, ribbon, and a hot glue gun. You can customize your wreath however you want, of course, so don’t feel obligated to follow all the steps to the letter.

31. DIY Foraged Fall Bowl Centerpiece

DIY Foraged Fall Bowl Centerpiece

Fall is a bountiful season and to show that you can make a centerpiece that’s basically just a big bowl filled with autumn goodies such as miniature pumpkins, berries, pine cones, acorns, moss, leaves and branches and pretty much anything else you can find in your own backyard. This dark centerpiece can help ground an interior design that uses lighter colors in the walls and furniture. Check out this nice bowl that we found on Thegoodwillgal. Doesn’t it look great?

32. Twine-Wrapped Can Centerpieces

Twine-Wrapped Can Centerpieces

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a fall centerpiece or any other kind of ornament. In fact, most of the projects we showed you are quite inexpensive. These twine-wrapped cans, for example, can be made for only $5. You can use empty cans from the food you’d buy anyway and in addition to those you’d only need some twine, a bit of string, pages from a book or magazine, a few mini pumpkins and a bunch of dried plants or flowers which you can prepare in advance or find in your own yard. Even though these can centerpieces are very affordable to make, they end up looking like you bought them in a high-end home decor boutique. {found on thehoneycombhome}.

33. Burlap Fall Sunflower Centerpiece

Burlap Fall Sunflower Centerpiece

We love using burlap in our projects. It’s inexpensive, versatile, and very chic when used right. The table centerpiece featured on Staceyhomemaker is a combination of several different elements, including burlap, sunflowers, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and a candle in a jar. Everything is framed by a grapevine wreath placed on a wood slice.

34. Felted Fall Arrow Embroidery Hoop

Felted Fall Arrow Embroidery Hoop

There’s not much that suggests this craft featured on Southernmomloves has anything to do with fall in particular except maybe for the colors and the cozy textures. It’s a wall decoration that was done using a wooden embroidery hoop, felt sheets in four colors and craft glue. The background is light gray which allows the orange, brown, and yellow arrows to stand out. To make the design more fall-like, you could add a leaf or two.

35. Faux Wood Fall Picture Frame

Faux Wood Fall Picture Frame

Although it may seem like this fall decoration is made of wood, that’s actually not the case. The frame is made of pool noodle segments made to look like wood. It’s an ingenious idea that gives the frame a full and interesting look. To get this look you can cover the noodle in contact paper that mimics the color and texture of real wood. Once you’ve put the frame together, decorating it is easy. Just use some seasonal plants or flowers. They can be painted for a nice metallic shine. {found on ahometogrowoldin}.

36. Painted Fall Mason Jars

Painted Fall Mason Jars

With all these great ideas, we almost forgot about Mason jars so here we are with a project that puts them on display. It’s an idea that we found on Midwesternmoms. To make something similar, you need a wooden box, a few jars of different sizes, some twine, white chalk paint, sandpaper, top coat spray, and some flowers. There’s not much to it really and you can figure out all you need to do by looking at this picture.

37. Mini Pumpkin Placecard Holders

Mini Pumpkin Placecard Holders

It’s a project like this one that shows just how important the little details are in a decor. The project is extremely simple and comes from Themerrythought. It has to do with mini craft pumpkins which are cute no matter how you use them. The idea here is to cut a slit in them at the top and to insert a place card in there so you can use them as decorations for the table setting.

38. Craft Pumpkin Tablescape

Craft Pumpkin Tablescape

There’s actually a lot you can do with craft pumpkins. They’re super versatile and easy to work with. You can paint them, put them in baskets, on tables, glue them onto wreaths or frames and combine them with just about anything from leaves to branches and flowers to create beautiful decorations for a great fall tablescape. Check out Ourhousenowahome for inspiration.

39. Picture Frame Fall Wreath Display

Picture Frame Fall Wreath Display

Like we said before, not all wreaths are round and not all are actually wreaths…if that even makes sense. Anyway, the idea is that you can be creative and, for example, repurpose an old picture frame and some of the usual fall items like dried leaves, berries and pinecones to make a lovely ornament which you can display on your door or wall. If you like this design, check out Recreateddesigns for details.

40. Fall Fruit Basket Display

Fall Fruit Basket Display

We’ll add to this list on a fresh note, with a basket full of fruit. It’s not something necessarily fall-related and you can use this as a decoration all year-round. It all depends on what type of fruit you put in. It actually works with vegetables too. It’s easy, fresh and practical too. A perfect combo. {found on housefulofhandmade}.

41. DIY Crochet Pumpkin

DIY Crochet Pumpkin

For crafters who know how to crochet, DIY crochet pumpkins like these at Gina Michele can add a touch of artisan elegance to your fall decor. Unlike crochet clothing, which can take a long time to make, piecemeal crochet work like these pumpkins can come together in just a few hours of work on a cold autumn evening. The wide variety of yarns available means you can design a crochet pumpkin in just about any color or texture.

42. DIY Feather Wreath

DIY Feather Wreath

This DIY feather wreath at Dans le Lakehouse was created from foraged feathers out of the author’s chicken run and coop, but even crafters who don’t keep backyard hens can still make one of these statement fall wreaths using fathers purchased at a crafts shop or online. While darker colored or partridge chicken feathers are probably best for a traditional fall look, other colors such as white and black can also be used depending on your other exterior decor. Guests will be petting your door wreath all season long!

43. DIY Cotton Wreath

DIY Cotton Wreath

If you have a dark-colored front door, you might need a light-colored fall wreath to help it stand out. This DIY cotton wreath from The Honeycomb Home is a good look for farmhouses or just anyone who wants a lighter, softer-looking wreath than most of the rustic wreaths sold or created in the fall. The cotton element is also a good neutral textile if you’re trying to set up a more monochromatic color palette. These wreaths are perfect for modern or minimalist homes where you still want a little extra flair for fall.

44. Bedazzled No-Carve Pumpkin

Bedazzled No-Carve Pumpkin

Even if you don’t want to carve pumpkins for Halloween, there are other ways to incorporate the pumpkin motif into your fall decor. This gold painted pumpkin bedazzled with large rhinestones from The Anastasia Co. helps give your decorations some art deco style. This neutral accent is great for adding a little glitz and glamor to your next autumn party without adding another shade to your design’s color palette. Other metallic paint colors such as silver and copper can also be used to fit different kinds of interiors. Try matching these metallic pumpkins to the hardware in the room to create a cohesive look.

45. DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Black and Gold

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Black and Gold

Going with a neutral palette of white or cream, black, and metallics is a modern way to add fall decor without using an earth tones palette. In some interiors, the traditional fall colors of red, orange, and brown may look out of place, but elevating fall decor with contemporary color combinations can bring your fall design to the next level. To achieve this look, check out this DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece with black and gold at Inspired By This.

46. Fall Apple Candleholders

Fall Apple Candleholders

Apples are a popular motif for fall decor, especially in rustic or farmhouse designs. One way to add instant autumn charm to your candle display is to core out a bunch of apples and place votive candles inside them. Choosing candles with an apple cider or other fall-inspired scent can help accentuate the effect. To finish off this fruity fall look from Designer Trapped, try placing some cinnamon sticks or other fall accents in a display around the apples.

47. Flower Painted Pumpkins

Flower Painted Pumpkins

Using pumpkins in fall decor doesn’t have to be spooky. These flower painted pumpkins from Sisters What are a pretty and colorful variation on the traditional fall pumpkin display. The best thing about this fall pumpkin craft is that it can be personalized to fit any mix of color combinations and preferences. Use traditional fall flower motifs or go with your personal favorites. You can also either incorporate colors from the rest of the room or choose completely different shades to make the pumpkins stand out as one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

48. DIY Minimalist Eucalyptus Wreath

DIY Minimalist Eucalyptus Wreath

Putting a fall wreath on your door doesn’t mean going with the same bulky pinecone and grapevine wreaths that everybody puts up around this time of year. You can still pull off a fall foliage look in a less bulky variation by including more slender branches like eucalyptus in your design. These branches give a more willowy vibe while also making your front door smell fresh and inviting. Give this eucalyptus wreath a try over at A Pretty Fix.

49. Natural Dried Fruit Wreath

Natural Dried Fruit Wreath

One way to invoke the spirit of the fall season is to bring motifs of harvest and preservation into your home. This natural dried fruit wreath at Hearth and Vine brings in a lot of interesting colors and textures for a unique door accent you won’t see anywhere else in the neighborhood. Along with looking beautiful, this wreath can also help bring a citrus fragrance into your home if hung indoors. Accentuate this pleasant smell by spritzing the wreath with citrus essential oils like grapefruit and orange.

50. DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins

You don’t need expensive fabrics to create decorative pumpkins for your fall design. These DIY 3D paper pumpkins from Gathering Beauty can be constructed from paper with a limitless number of different designs on it. Whether you’re going for a modern minimalist look or you want a Halloween print, these pumpkins are easy to give a personal touch. These decorations are versatile too. You can arrange them in a statement centerpiece or even string them on twine to make a festive fall garland on your porch or across your mantel.

51. Preserved Leaf Hangings

Preserved Leaf Hangings

Faux leaves are useful for fall decorating, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. If you live in a region with colorful fall foliage, you can put these fallen leaves to good use indoors. Learning how to preserve leaves allows you to use them in a wide variety of different crafting projects without having to worry about them decaying over the course of a few days. Figure out how to make these preserved leaves yourself for homemade leaf hangings over at The Homesteady.

52. DIY Fall Napkin Ring Placeholders

DIY Fall Napkin Ring Placeholders

Cinnamon salt dough is a useful material for constructing elegant fall decorations by hand, and these DIY fall napkin ring placeholders from Amy Latta Creations are no exception. These placeholders are formal enough to make the Thanksgiving table, but also casual enough to use for Sunday dinners throughout the fall season. Make a personalized napkin ring for each family member or houseguest so that everyone has a special place of their own.

53. DIY Blessing Tree with Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaves

DIY Blessing Tree with Cinnamon Salt Dough Leaves

Here’s another DIY craft with cinnamon salt dough from Amy Latta Creations, only this one involves creating salt dough leaves for a blessing tree centerpiece. Each of the leaves on this tree can be marked with a blessing or thing to be grateful for, making it a beautiful tribute for your Thanksgiving table. Learn how to make your own version at Amy’s tutorial here.

54. Drilled Pumpkin Light

Drilled Pumpkin Light

Nothing says cozy quite like ambient lighting, and this drilled pumpkin light at Dream a Little Bigger helps you bring in some fall decor and some additional mood lighting at the same time. This crafting project is easy to customize – you can drill holes in geometric patterns or at random for a more eclectic lighting scheme. Place these lamps in a corner to create interesting shadows on two different walls.

55. Pumpkin Mug Rugs

Sometimes it isn’t the large statement decorations that make or break a fall design. These pumpkin mug rugs at Divine Debris are a small accent piece, but they can make your entire kitchen feel a lot more seasonal once you have them set at the table. Mug rugs serve a practical purpose too – they stop cold drinks from leaving rings, and they can help protect delicate furniture from hot drinks.

56. Painted Pine Cone Angel Wings

Painted Pine Cone Angel Wings

Fall decorations don’t have to mean pumpkins and Indian corn everywhere. You can incorporate natural fall elements like pine cones into other aspects of your interior design, such as these painted pine cone angel wings from Pillar Box Blue. Using pine cones is an interesting way to bring outdoor elements indoors without them causing the space to look too rustic. This is also a good option for lighter color schemes where dark brown might clash or make the room look small.

57. Wheat Wall Hanging

Wheat Wall Hanging

Wheat is one of the most iconic symbols of the fall harvest, and this wheat wall hanging from Oh Oh Deco is the perfect way to bring wheat into your home decor for a seriously bohemian vibe. The neutral color palette of this decoration means it fits in well with multiple different designs easily. Dried grasses are a great way to bring a touch of foliage and nature indoors without having to maintain cut flowers or houseplants. 

58. DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath

Decorating your home seasonally doesn’t mean having to shell out a bunch of money to do it. These DIY Dollar Tree pumpkin wreaths at Soap Deli News are a practical way to turn everyday items into creative fall decorations. With just a pumpkin wreath frame, some gold metallic paint, some burlap ribbon, and some faux leaves, you can create an eye-catching focal point for your front porch. Creating a homemade fall wreath doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Just a handful of simple crafting supplies and you’re ready to get started!

59. DIY Palmistry Wall Hanging

DIY Palmistry Wall Hanging

Felt is an affordable crafting supply that can help you put out some incredible-looking decorations for fall. This DIY palmistry wall hanging from Lost Mom doesn’t require many supplies to create and it’s a fun way to get your kids involved in your home decorating. Either trace your hand or your child’s hand, then use it as the stencil to create a felted embroidery piece that you can bring out year after year. This type of low-key magical accent is perfect for households that don’t want to put out gory or spooky decor. 

60. Upcycled DIY Acorn and Oak Leaf Pillows

Upcycled DIY Acorn and Oak Leaf Pillows

When you’re putting together fall decorations, you’ll want to upcycle old crafting materials wherever you can to both save money and add a rustic homemade look. These DIY acorn and oak leaf pillows at Pillar Box Blue use old sweaters that are too small or unusable and repurposes them as comfy material for creating throw pillows. If you want to make these pillows even more fall-friendly, consider adding a scented fall sachet to the middle of the pillow’s batting to create a lovely drift of autumn fragrance in your sitting areas.

When you’re putting together crafting projects to decorate your house for fall, it’s a good idea to look at each of the individual spaces you’re intending to decorate and group your accents accordingly. Even if you don’t have advanced crafting skills, there are still plenty of DIY fall decorations you can create to make your home look magnificent. You don’t need the fall holidays as an excuse. These decorations will make your space look beautiful all season.

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