Organize Your Craft Supplies With These 6 Hacks

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When you have craft supplies, you have to keep them organized! I am sharing my 6 hacks for craft organization, along with ways you can do the same in your home.

Ribbon Storage 3 Ways

I love ribbon. Which is why I have so much of it. But keeping the ribbon organized can be tricky depending on how much space you have.

Store In A Drawer With Drawer Dividers

To keep ribbon from rolling around in a drawer, use a drawer divider to keep them separated.

I use drawer dividers for my large ribbon and ribbon on spools. I will line them up in my drawer. Then I add the drawer divider to keep them from moving. Now I can open and close the drawer without worrying about ribbons rolling around.

Store In A Cabinet In A Bin

Another way to store ribbon is to keep it contained in a basket with holes.

Line up the ribbon, and pull a small amount of ribbon out of one of the holds. Repeat this process for all the ribbon. Now you have a basket that can contain your ribbon and you have an easy way to pull the ribbon for wrapping presents without having to worry about things getting messy.

Store On A Rolling Cart

Rolling carts are my favorite. So keeping a cart to store your ribbon and other gift wrapping items can be super helpful to keeping the craft organization together.

Find a cart that can easily hold everything for your wrapping items, including ribbon.

Box full of colored ribbons and strings #ribbonstorage

Organizing Craft Paper 2 Ways

Organizing craft paper can be done in two ways.

Paper Organizers

For us, I use a paper organizer to keep all of my craft paper together. I group the paper by loose sheets and bundles. This helps me keep the scrapbook paper organized while still being able to grab what I need.

Scrapbook Paper Bins

You can also organize your scrapbook paper by color-coding them and storing them in scrapbook bins. These bins are perfect for storing all sizes of colored paper together, making it easy for you to select the colors you want when you are crafting.

Elfa craft closet

Cutting Machine Organization

My cutting machine sits on my large cart. I can store my vinyl and other cutting items on that cart as well.

To organize all the cutting machine materials, start by selecting a cart that fits the size of your cutting machine. Then find bins that fit on the cart to hold your items. For vinyl, you can use magazine holders so the vinyl stands up. Or you can just lay the rolls on a tier of the cart.

I like using smaller bins to keep the supplies organized. All my favorite items are linked below:

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