Paper Plate Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft

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Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft

The perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit is with a haunted mansion craft! And this one’s really easy. All you need are some construction paper, scissors, a paper plate, and glue.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, just print the template out, cut out a door and the windows from the front of the construction paper, and put your haunted mansion papercraft together.

Then glue on some yellow construction paper so that it looks like the entrance and windows are glowing. Add the details and you have a quick and easy craft project that’s fun to make!

My favorite part about this paper plate haunted house craft is that you can move the ghost by maneuvering the long paper strip. It makes the craft interactive and entertaining for the kids to play with.

Haunted House Craft Ideas

To make your All Hallows Eve craft unique, draw in any kind of spooky decorations like bats or spiders that may be lurking around. Some ideas of Halloween items you can add to your project are:

  • spooky clouds in the sky
  • gravestones in the yard
  • spider webs or cracks in the windows
  • bats hanging from the roof
  • a creepy witch or ghost peering out one of the windows
  • a funny jack-o-lantern on the porch

You can also use other colors in the doors and windows for different effects: maybe purple for Dracula’s castle or lime green for Frankenstein’s lab? The possibilities to make this Halloween haunted house are endless and so much fun! Just use your imagination to create a spooky haunted house that matches your taste!

How to Make a Haunted House Craft for Halloween

List of Supplies:

  • Free printable haunted house template (Click on the image at the bottom of this post to download)
  • Colored craft or construction paper
  • Colored cardstock paper
  • Paper plate
  • Sharpie
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Step 1:

First, choose the color of cardstock paper you’d like for:

  • for the haunted house pattern
  • the paper strip to move the ghost
  • the curved shaped pattern that will go on the bottom of the haunted house

Second, pick colored construction papers for:

  • the background paper to cover the paper plate’s surface
  • the door and windows
  • the moon
  • bats
  • ghost
  • the speech bubble

Trace the templates on each of the colored papers and cut them out. Use scissors to carefully cut out the door and window areas from the haunted house pattern.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Template Patterns

Step 2:

Glue the haunted house to the flat side of the curved piece of paper, as shown in the photo.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Assemble Haunted House

Step 3:

Flip the haunted house pattern face down and apply glue ONLY along the top and outside right border of the door cutout. This leaves the opposite edge unattached so we can slide the ghost through the door opening.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Door

Step 4:

Place the door cover cutout over the door cutout and run your finger over the edges to secure it to the glue. Now, cover the window cutouts the same way, gluing all 4 sides. To help make sure you get the fit just right, the window and door patterns are numbered on the templates.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Door and Windows

Step 5:

Flip the haunted house over to the front. Glue one or two of the bats to the moon cutout.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Glue Bats

Step 6:

Write the word, “Booo” on the bubble cutout with the sharpie and attach it to the ghost cutout. Use a black sharpie to draw the face of the ghost, then attach the ghost to a 5″ long cardstock strip.  

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Write Boo

Step 7:

Measure the diameter across the flat area of the paper plate and cut a circle that size out of the colored paper you’d like for the background of your scene. Glue the background to the plate.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Paper Plate Background

Step 8:

Place the haunted house along the bottom side of the plate and mark the bottom side of the door on the plate lightly with a pencil. Cut a slit along the bottom side of the plate, right below the bottom side of the door pattern. 

Step 9:

Attach the haunted house pattern on the paper plate centering the door over the slit and keeping that area of the house free from glue. Take the moon and bats and glue them to the background.

Step 10:

Insert the ghost carefully through the slit of the plate, pulling it through and opening the slit a bit so the strip can move freely. You’re ready to spook!

Halloween Haunted Mansion Craft Stick Ghost Through Door

Your Haunted Mansion craft will look great on the fridge, spooking all who dare enter the kitchen or you can also give this project as a gift to someone who loves Halloween!

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