People Are Sharing Pics Of The Worst Software Fails They’ve Encountered And They’re Hilarious (130 New Pics)

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[Beep boop, does not compute.] Computers and their software are only as smart as the people who program them. And even then, no programmer is perfect: there might be a small error in the code, a pesky bug, or an unexpected glitch that makes the software do what it’s not supposed to. The results can be hilarious and might get you chuckling whether you’re a coding tech veteran or you cheekily press your PC’s ‘off’ button when prompted to ‘press any button to continue.’

Our team here at Bored Panda loves humor and thinks that it’s one of the most powerful tools in anyone’s arsenal when life gets dark, dangerous, and depressing. So we’ve surfed all over the net to bring you these glorious software fails that would make even ‘The Matrix’ glitch out. Scroll down and remember to upvote the pics you liked the most, dear Pandas. Tell us all about the worst software chaos that you’ve personally seen in the comment section at the bottom of this list.

And if you’re hungry for some more digital laughter, take a peek at our previous article about software hilarity right here.

Steven Wooding, a member of the Institute of Physics in the UK and part of the Omni Calculator Project, who created the fun and useful Weird Units Converter, explained to Bored Panda how he approaches software bugs and glitches.

"I'm a physicist, so I like to use the scientific method when debugging troublesome code. If it's a bug that a user has reported, the first job is to reproduce the bug yourself. If you can't, then maybe there's a problem with something outside your control," he explained to us his approach. "Once you've reproduced it, develop a hypothesis as to why the software is behaving incorrectly and test it. Once you have a proven theory, it's time to fix the bug, then try again to see if the issue is resolved. You have to be careful, though, as the fix might introduce another bug. Having a standard set of tests will help catch such errors."

#1 Guess I’ll Be Living Unhealthy

Image credits: J0shn

Physicist Steven, who is part of the Omni Calculator Project, agreed with Bored Panda that computers are only as smart as the people who programmed them.

"A computer will do precisely what you tell it to do. No computer language yet developed will get the gist of what you want it to do and correct all your mistakes. That's why bugs are very easy to make and very frustrating learning to program," he said. Alas! A program that could interpret what we're trying to do would be a godsend and might get even more people into coding.

#2 Generosity Is Not Their Specialty

Image credits: k0hner

#3 Quite A Nice Run I Had This Evening

Image credits: Txy_

According to Steven, there should be a way to fix things, as long as you know that the problem lies with your code. At this point, patience and diligence are key.

"You just have to preserve with it until it's fixed. This may mean stepping through the code one line at a time, seeing how values change, just before the bug strikes. If the values are not what you expect, track back through the code to see how those values were derived to help find the bug. There is a great feeling of accomplishment once you've squashed a bug."

#4 Speechn’t

Image credits: Despair_Hope_11037

#5 Noodles

Image credits: personasexfree

#6 2020 Didn't End In Romania

Image credits: Cristi0078

Very recently, Bored Panda had a good long chat about the programming world with software engineer and all-around creative Andrew Eckel. He explained that when someone’s pushed to learn a new programming language, it can lead to a lot of growth.

"My undergrad program was taught in C++, but where I went to grad school, they used Java. To catch up, I wound up taking graduate-level classes and the freshman intro class in the same semester. My fellow students in the freshman class wondered how I suddenly became their TA in the following semester," he gave an example from his own life.

#7 No, I Don't Think That's A Jam Bun

Image credits: Newmaker_Sei_Zen

#8 My Sim Slept While Carrying A Plate

Image credits: Autisticgirl12

#9 Do Negative Numbers Count?

Image credits: TheLastConqueror

According to the software engineer, coding leaves a lot of room for creativity. He said that for anyone to say that programming isn’t creative is "like saying using a sewing machine isn't creative.”

He said: ”It's creative if you make something creative with it! It's a craft that can be done both artfully and in the service of creating great art. Or you can program a garage door opener with it."

Andrew added, jokingly: "If people say it isn't creative, you won't hear them over the sound of your garage door closing."

#10 This Is My Clock Now

Image credits: VanessaIzWeird

#11 Just My Casual Morning Run

Image credits: soniconor

#12 Chicken And Egg Problems

Image credits: allenthespider

Meanwhile, sometime before that, Andrew said that debugging can actually be fun. Programming, as a whole, is very rewarding once the coder manages to figure out the puzzle in front of them.

"The best moment for any programmer is seeing something you built work for the first time. It seems almost too good to be true, when something goes from an idea to a bunch of lines of code, to something that actually works and is helpful," the programming expert said.

#13 My Child's BMI Is Apparently Infinite

Image credits: _CxxcT_GD_

#14 Yes, I Got Successfully $0

Image credits: Lemuel0406

#15 This Planetarium's Computer Crashed

Image credits: Corporal98

"You don't even need to invent anything to experience this thrill. Often it's just a matter of taking a well-known algorithm and applying it to a new situation,” he added.

“There are many great teachers out there who can teach about algorithms and the thought process of how to apply them—people who can take something that has the potential to be really dry and make it fun and interesting," Andrew noted that teaching programming is the same as teaching anything else: a lot depends on the teacher, not just the subject.

#16 This Weather Reporter Got Caught In An On-Air Graphics Error That "Multiplied" Her Across The Screen. Earth, Wind, And A Chance Of Scattered Showers

Image credits: cnni

#17 But I Forgot My Face At Home

Image credits: Fake_Watch_Salesman

#18 I'm Really Alerted After This

Image credits: Carliin1

He stressed the fact that programmers have to learn to enjoy their daily lives that won’t be chock full of huge wins and breakthroughs.

"Those 'eureka' moments don't happen every day, but the day-to-day fun in programming is debugging. I know that sounds crazy because if you're debugging it usually means the code you wrote doesn't work! But everyone I work with feels this way. The more confusing and strange the program's behavior is, the more fun it is to unravel the mystery, find the cause, and fix it. It's like a puzzle."

#19 So This Just Happened

Image credits: kuriouskatz

#20 Left The PC On Overnight For An Automatic Update, Returned To This

Image credits: SSANISS

#21 Greek Architecture

Image credits: Azrodis

Aaron Genest, a manager with Siemens Technology, previously explained to Bored Panda what mindset we should have when considering the future of technology and making predictions.

"I'd argue that most people underestimate the timelines necessary to produce the technological goods on which we rely and the investment made to allow them to exist. By looking 'upstream' in that investment space, we can have a pretty good idea of what whole industries are betting on," he said.

#22 Yes You Are Train! Yes You Are

Image credits: halfpas22

#23 A Comforting Sign Before Watching A Horror Movie At My Local Cinema

Image credits: R3CONIK

#24 Umm, Apple?

Image credits: Wordandname

"For instance, it takes almost two years to develop and produce a computer chip and get it to market for a phone, and five years to get something into a new kind of car. So if we want to have a sense for what, for instance, the gadgets in our cars will look like in 2026, we just need to look at what the car manufacturers are asking their suppliers to design today,” Aaron said.

The tech expert pointed out that technologies like 5G or various chips that receive billions of dollars of investments will likely stick around in the future. At least, long enough for the companies that invested into them to get their money’s worth.

#25 Awfully Specific

Image credits: GenderfluidEllie

#26 My PC Started Crashing All Around And My Mouse Cursor Started Duplicating So I Drew A House With It

Image credits: Carbunclecatt

#27 Just Got This Ad

Image credits: BlackSun591

As such, when making predictions about the future of tech, prognosticators look ‘upstream’ at recent and not-so-recent industry trends instead of relying “on some crystal ball they hide in their robes." That means that if you want to know what the future looks like, you'd best take a good long look at the present and past. Though, in either case, one thing's for sure: the future is bound to have plenty of hilarious glitches, as well. There's no getting rid of software bugs for good, no matter how advanced society might be.

#28 My Package Had A Meltdown

Image credits: JJBA_Is_best_anime

#29 "Use Food Mode"

Image credits: UC767

#30 Woke Up To This, Panicked

Image credits: NicoPasche

#31 Guess I’ll Open The Window For A Bit Of Fresh Air

Image credits: _Wubawubwub_

#32 Now I Heard Of Dual Wielding, But Never Heard Of Dual Theming

Image credits: laspruca

#33 Good Old Fallout 4

Image credits: Rabid_Chicken_Nuggee

#34 Let's Get Some Food At?

Image credits: Hamsterbacke1911

#35 Portal Between Lithuania And Poland

Image credits: BirbMemesYT

#36 All Of My Shortcuts Have Been Tainted With Assassin's Creed Syndicate Icons

Image credits: MrTuckinator

#37 Text File On Paper

Image credits: janjon98

#38 French Is Such A Romantic Language

Image credits: crazycatnerd

#39 Just Why

Image credits: RealInfinityKid2048

#40 How Did This Even Happen

Image credits: polskidankmemer

#41 My Score For The German Test. Just Perfect

Image credits: Substantial_Storm_90

#42 "Where Are We Going To Again?"

Image credits: motivationwanted

#43 A Few Years Ago, Zooming Out Made Everything Become Disappointment Lake

Image credits: dragonsarmors

#44 Cursed Heart Rate

Image credits: the-only_vrind

#45 I Present To You, Windows 40

Image credits: EnoughCarrot778

#46 Well, Kudos To The Devs

Image credits: a-ignorant-mortal

#47 Something May Be Running Idk

Image credits: ISayHeck

#48 No Comment

Image credits: Shrekola-69

#49 And Then?

Image credits: CaptainBubblesMcGee

#50 Makes Sense

Image credits: Jedtin22

#51 I Guess I'm Not Shutting Down My PC Tonight

Image credits: makeanthrogreatagain

#52 Tried Taking A Wide Angle Selfie, Spawned A Twin

Image credits: maker__guy

#53 Diesel Prices Are Awfully Cheap Today

Image credits: Coolperson2323

#54 Next Stop... LSD Land?

Image credits: Suck_It_Green_Boy

#55 Got A Little Lost

Image credits: WhyYouWantMyNamePerv

#56 Behold, My Brother’s Phone

Image credits: SkillfulDigger

#57 Default Help Message

Image credits: Jlw2001

#58 McAfee Is Refusing Its Fate

Image credits: raynst0rm

#59 The Air Quality In Delhi Is So Bad That It Overflowed And Is Now Safe

Image credits: pluey200

#60 Work Training Is Going Well

Image credits: Ja_crispy-

#61 I Love The Way The Old iPad Icons Look

Image credits: JDT33658

#62 Borders Go Brrr

Image credits: NoCoolSenpai

#63 3s!$((* &%#~' ` ¬ ¦dsa

Image credits: nomaddd79

#64 France And The UK Now Share A Border

Image credits: 7dare

#65 Anyone Know How To Fix This?

Image credits:

#66 My Brother’s Computer May Be Having Just A Small Issue… Just A Really Tiny One

Image credits: AceQuail

#67 My Sim Just Casually Floating In The Air

Image credits: vinnete

#68 Cyberpunk 2077 Crashed And My PC. Didn't Like It (Completely Frozen)

Image credits: Malinicula

#69 Where Can I Buy

Image credits: notarealsu35

#70 Yes, That’s Exactly I Meant To Type

Image credits: Atomiclizard456

#71 I Can't Update My Password Because My Old Password Is Insecure

Image credits: metrenome

#72 Thank You, Adobe

Image credits:

#73 Behold, As This Calc Is Speaking The Language Of Gods

Image credits: Richi15000

#74 Please Stop, You're Scaring Me

Image credits: BankruptJohnWick

#75 The Gas Prices Are Out Of Hand

Image credits: XIXLOLXIX

#76 My Favorite Food, The McMeal

Image credits: 128username

#77 I'm Not An Expert In Chess But This Doesn't Seem Fair

Image credits: MulmVerbot

#78 Ah Yes, I Agree Bread Kinda Is That

Image credits: TransportationBrave7

#79 You Can't Spell "Line" With Those Letters

Image credits: ensui_ssb

#80 This Bus

Image credits: 3nd1ess

#81 Very Nice

Image credits: Superio_Sr

#82 I'm 100% Not Sure How I Should Proceed

Image credits: penguindeity1

#83 Riot Games You’ve Done It Again

Image credits: Im-sab

#84 My Younger Brother Sent Me This

Image credits: Random_KokichiKinnie

#85 Delivery Man Committing To His Job

Image credits: valiente93

#86 No-One Gets The Correct Answer

Image credits: icenando

#87 Just Paid $A And 2u Cents For Gas. Gas Prices Getting Ridiculous

Image credits: Rob_Rockly

#88 Cold War Has The Finest Graphics

Image credits: ThatRedCat1

#89 Guess I'm Up For Anything

Image credits: drhallloween

#90 D-Do I Answer?

Image credits: The_Gibby1

#91 What Do You Think?

Image credits: bubba_ur_cellmate

#92 Apparently Chemistry Requires You To Have A Brief Concept Of Summoning Demons

Image credits: PortalCornet154

#93 My Alarm Was Supposed To Be At 7

Image credits: Bucket_Lord_Jim

#94 Typical Texas

Image credits: SharquishaTBO

#95 Take Shelter Now In 9pi29ätqæ

Image credits: bread-mayo-ham-bacon

#96 This Is Probably What Ascending To The 19th Dimension Looks Like

Image credits: taulunraami

#97 How Long Did I Sleep?

Image credits: FalsePeak

#98 Machine Learning

Image credits: r0bin22

#99 You Don't Really Need 3D Glasses

Image credits: Rabbidscool

#100 I May Have Opened To Many Windows

Image credits: kajijis

#101 I Was Trying To Review For German, I Don't Think This Is German

Image credits: TheZephyr07

#102 I Just Wanna Use Chrome

Image credits: LevicusX

#103 Ah Yes My Favourite Game

Image credits: foxinspace69420

#104 I Mean, That Doesn’t Even Make Sense, Instagram

Image credits: nwboie

#105 My Desktop Started Crashing

Image credits: MasterangGG

#106 I Tried Opening A Document From Microsoft Teams

Image credits: SkyShredder89

#107 I Only Have One Pair Of AirPods?

Image credits: bradyfromcanada

#108 It Is Trying To Find Its Perfect Angle I Guess

Image credits: sarah314

#109 The Caption Is Scarily Accurate

Image credits: MrMartin777

#110 "What Time Is It?" "Oh It's MT:RC"

Image credits: PokeHypers

#111 So I Glitched Out A Snapchat Filter… This Might Be The Most Terrifying Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: InvestigatorNo7119

#112 Unlimited WiFi, Let’s Go

Image credits: alxndrmarkov656

#113 Please Don't Disturb Me. I Am Busy, Can't You See I'm Multitasking

Image credits: MRP_yt

#114 Only 18th Century Kids Will Remember This Game

Image credits: DeathBarrier

#115 So I Kinda Glitched The Weather App And Now It's Showing The Temperature In F But The C Won't Change

Image credits: comrade-cloudie

#116 What Do You Want?

Image credits: Chicchi7393

#117 W-What

Image credits: vasd21

#118 Do I Or Not

Image credits:

#119 This Is How I Didn't Eat Dinner Yesterday

Image credits: smartiphone7

#120 PS4 Fell Asleep With Prime Going. Turned It Back On To Find This

Image credits: sammys_babydoll

#121 Why Is A School Bus Texting My Sims

Image credits: BTWimamermaid

#122 Good Ol' Xbox

Image credits: Ok-Aioli-3811

#123 New Mount And Blade Game Brings Some New Glitches

Image credits: NoBannerFlags

#124 Had A Kurzesagt Clip As Walpaper

Image credits: Alex_Lak

#125 He Hates Having His View Being Blocked

Image credits: hfodhdshdgfgf

#126 I Don't Think That Is My AK Skin

Image credits: DrakXD

#127 PoGo Has Very... Odd Bugs

Image credits: MightyKin

#128 Absolutely Gorgeous

Image credits: Chloedraws123

#129 Sitting 10 Feet Away In My Bed And My Computer Woke Up From Its Slumber To Connect To The Void

Image credits: colouradical

#130 I'm Helping My Brother Fix His PC And Ran Across Baby Yobama And His Brothers

Image credits: DoctorUnsuspicous