Pomegranate Doodle Art Activity

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This pomegranate doodle art activity is a fun way to make DIY sukkah decorations and a fabulous Rosh Hashanah or Sukkot craft for older kids and teens! This post contains affiliate links.

To celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and High Holidays, we eat pomegranates. The plentiful seeds inside are meant to be symbolic of our good deeds and blessings.

Overall, pomegranates have become symbolic of arguably the most important holiday season for practicing Jews – in competition only with Passover. (Hanukkah doesn’t even rank.)

So this year, as I work on filling my Etsy shop, it’s all about the pomegranates! And I therefore illustrated a bundle of six pomegranate coloring pages for adults.

But as I was illustrating, I created two “blank templates” for myself to use. And then it occurred to me: why not offer them as a free printable pomegranate doodle art activity here on the blog? These are perfect doodle templates for anyone to enjoy.

I love encouraging creativity, but especially in tweens and teens and this is perfect for them! Why should I hand you an almost finished product if I can show you how to make your own?!

How to create your own pomegranate doodle art

The doodle art template comes with two styles of pages. One is a “stained glass” look with overlapping pomegranates. One has small, separate pomegranates to fill in with patterns.

Tip: as you can see mine is cut off at the ends! When you print, choose the “fit to page” option (or whatever your printer calls it. This will make sure that it’s not cut off if you don’t have edge-to-edge printing.

Pomegranate doodle art makes a fabulous DIY Sukkah decoration! It’s a low-key activity that can be presented in a classroom to early finishers. It can be stopped and started and completed at home. It’s relaxing and mindful.

Print it on cardstock for use in the Sukkah and laminate it when it’s complete.

Print it on paper if you’re doing it just for fun.

Simply take your favorite markers for doodling and fill in the spaces with different patterns! You may want to look around the room for pattern inspiration. Are there any patterned items? Can you whittle that down to a few lines and recreate something similar? Is there anything that’s arranged to form a pattern? What about the top-view of your markers? You can even stick to different arrangements of colored stripes if you’re not feeling artsy.

Download the free printable pomegranate doodle art templates

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Download your free pomegranate doodle templates
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Want the coloring pages that started it all? Six complex coloring pages are relaxing and mindful to fill in! And they make fabulous Sukkah posters too!

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Which markers are my favorite for doodling

Presenting kids with great coloring supplies is a great way to encourage creativity. Here are a few favorites:

  • Low-end: Crayola Supertips don’t have the finest tip but it’s definitely small enough for this. And they come in such a fabulous array of colors!
  • Medium: Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners have fine tips that produce super doodles in rich colors. This is what I used in my staged pomegranate doodle art! You can also go with their Pen 68 markers (I used both together for different line weights).
  • Quality Art Supplies: If you’re doing this in an art class setting, you may prefer to provide students with quality colored pencils, such as Polychromos. They can practice by creating mini arts and florals in the pomegranate sections. They can practice color theory with the stained glass page, by making overlapping pomegranates “make sense”. It’s a low-key way to practice and swatch while creating functional art.
  • Line art: If you prefer to turn this into your own coloring page (for personal use only), I recommend Micron pens for quality line art.

What will you be doing with this pomegranate doodle art activity? Will you be using it as a sukkah decoration? Comment below!

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