Pool Noodle Wreaths You’ll Want to Decorate With

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These pool noodle wreaths are so easy to make and look lovely in your home. Grab a pool noodle from the dollar store and get creative!

Pool Noodle Wreaths

The first time I discovered that a pool noodle could be turned into a wreath form? Mind blown. If you’re here reading this blog post, you’re probably thinking the same thing. And maybe even wondering how to do it.

Well my friends, it’s simple. All you do is a grab a foam noodle from Dollar Tree (or your local dollar store), some Duck Tape, and then do a little bit of this action:

Pool Noodle Wreath Form

You simply tape it into a ring, and now you have a basic round wreath form that you can decorate to your heart’s content! It’s that easy. Some people use glue guns to secure the ring as well, but I’m a Duck tape girl.

Whatever method you choose for securing, you’ll have an inexpensive wreath form ready for your crafting adventures in a few minutes flat.

There are two features of making a form like this that I really love: 1) it’s very lightweight and 2) the form itself is waterproof. Which is nice if you want to put a noodle wreath on your front porch or door.

So once you have the pool noodle wreath form, what do you do with it? That’s really why you’re here! And I’ve got over 35 ideas for you. There are a variety of styles and techniques, from wreaths made in under 30 minutes to some Christmas and holiday options.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, I think you’re going to love these wreath projects below. Please take a peek. These DIYs are relatively easy, but if you have questions, please leave them as comments. Enjoy!

Pool Noodle Wreaths

You're going to love these pool noodle wreath ideas! All of them are inexpensive, easy to make, and look great in your home. Scroll down to get the projects, including holiday (at the bottom of the list).


Pool Noodle Flower Wreath

Learn to make a pool noodle flower wreath using felt and a modern theme. Perfect for spring and you can customize it with your fave colors.


Four Step Wreath That Wows

This DIY fall wreath is easy to create on a budget - and looks great! You'd never guess that it's made from a pool noodle.


Dollar Store Fabulous Fall Wreath

If you love dollar store crafts, you're going to love this dollar store fall wreath from Vanessa made for $5 - so fabulous for autumn!


Rustic Wreath Made in Under 30 Minutes

This knitted rustic wreath is the perfect holiday decorating DIY that works for busy crafters. Only 30 minutes and no tools required.


Easy Pool Noodle Spring Wreath

Photo Credit: Wren’s Little Nest

This beautiful spring wreath is the perfect way to spruce up your front door this season. It’s simple and classy while still being cheerful and fun. Takes less than an hour to put together!


Florals and Greenery Wreath

Photo Credit: diyeverywhere.com

If you need a little bit of spring bling in your home, grab some faux florals and greenery along with your wreath form. This adds a bright touch to any corner of your decor.


Wine Cork Wreath

We've done a wine cork wreath before, but not on a pool noodle base! This is a different way to make a cork wreath, but I think the results turned out stunning.


Welcome to My Home Wreath

Photo Credit: One Simple Country Girl

Donna brought together a variety of materials for her wreath: gingham fabric, paint chips, ribbon, yarn . . . it's a great reminder to check through your stash and see what you have to make decor on a budget.


Seed Packet Summer Wreath

Photo Credit: sondralynathome.com

Not only can you get pool noodles at the dollar store, but you can get seed packets too! Wrap a little ribbon, add some flowers, and you have a perfect seasonal wreath for your front door.


Heart Wreath Door Decor

Photo Credit: www.blesserhouse.com

Learn how to make a DIY wreath using a repurposed coat hanger, pool noodle, and greenery clippings from around your house for totally free door decor.


Home Kitchen Wreath

Vintage kitchen tools are pretty cool, and perfect for decorating. Wrap some fabric around a pool noodle, then add the tools and other accoutrements to make stunning wreath for your kitchen.


Pom Pom Pool Noodle Wreath

Photo Credit: www.re-fabbed.com

I'm all about color, and that's what this wreath features! I love the black and white stripes combined with the rainbow pom poms. This would look cute in a kids' room or craft room.


Hydrangea and Burlap Wreath

Photo Credit: Our Prairie Home

Hydrangeas are beautiful, and we love mason jars around here too. You'll get both in this cute pool noodle wreath project, along with some burlap and lace perfect for spring.


Valentine XOXO Wreath

Photo Credit: Amy Bell

You might be a fan of pink and red, but sometimes they can be overwhelming with your Valentine's Day decor. This is a great way to incorporate the colors of the holiday while making a pretty wreath that is a little more subtle.


Pool Noodle St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Photo Credit: Sam Henderson

This DIY wreath is way easier than it looks! You're going to put down a base of gray yarn, then use shamrock cutouts to decorate. If you're looking for something simple to decorate for St. Pat's, this is the perfect idea.


Ribbon Tied Wreath

Photo Credit: www.theribbonretreat.com

Welcome in the next season or holiday with an adorable wreath covered in your favorite holiday inspired ribbon! It is easy to make and so fun to look at.


Burlap Wreath for Spring

Photo Credit: Debbie Westbrooks

Debbie collected spring supplies from dollar bins and on sale to make her unique pool noodle wreath. This wreath is a perfect excuse to raid your stash and use up ribbon, florals, and other supplies you've been holding on to.


Pool Noodle Wreath with Recycled Fabric

Photo Credit: www.mom4real.com

Jessica used existing curtains, coffee filter flowers, and some other supplies to make her wreath. This easy project is a perfect example of using what you have on hand to make something fabulous!


Denim Pool Noodle Wreath

Photo Credit: foxhollowcottage.com

Come on over and learn how to make a summer wreath using simple supplies, including denim! You could adapt this to any holiday (I can see it working really well for fall or back to school!).


Pool Noodle Patriotic Wreath

Photo Credit: growingupgabel.com

Make a patriotic wreath in less than 30 minutes with supplies from the dollar store! Just use a pool noodle, Duck Tape, and patriotic decorations for a one of a kind wreath.


Simple Starfish Wreath for Summer

If you want to make something pretty and perfect for summer - put a starfish on it! That's exactly what Dee added to a pool noodle wreath form, along with some ribbon as well. I love how it turned out!


Flip Flop Summer Pool Noodle Wreath

Photo Credit: foxhollowcottage.com

Follow this fun (and frugal) flip flop summer pool noodle wreath tutorial to create your own seasonal door decor!


Cozy Sweater Pool Noodle Fall Wreath

Photo Credit: onecreativemommy.com

Learn how to make this cozy fall wreath using a pool noodle and an old sweater! Once you learn how to do it, you'll be at the thrift store thinking about what other clothing you can turn into home decor.


Simple Yarn Wreath for Autumn

Photo Credit: placeofmytaste.com

Make this gorgeous wreath by using colorful yarn and fake flowers. I love how easy it is to embrace the shades of autumn in such a simple and pretty project.


DIY Double Fall Wreaths

Photo Credit: christinamariablog.com

What's better than one wreath? A double wreath! This fall project is made from pool noodles - wrapped with yarn and burlap. It's very simple and budget friendly, and looks great on a front door.


Square Burlap Pool Noodle Wreath

Photo Credit: www.hometalk.com

It would be hard to shape a pool noodle into a square on its own - but you can do it with the help of a wire form! The pool noodle gives the metal wreath form some depth and allows for a perfect wrapping surface that you can also pin into and glue onto easily.


Make a Wreath with Corn Tassels

Photo Credit: Amy Huntley

Learn how to make a wreath with corn tassels with this step by step tutorial. This wreath will add a simple but stunning element to your fall decor.


How to Make a Sugar Skull Wreath

Photo Credit: jaimecostiglio.com

I love the bold colors and cute sugar skulls used to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos! This wreath embraces my favorite parts of the holiday into one fun wreath project.


Candy Corn Wreath

Photo Credit: satsumadesigns.com

I'm excited to share Jennifer's candy corn wreath project because it ticks all my craft criteria boxes. It's easy, fast, cheap, and it's Halloween themed! My favorite holiday. Learn how she cut the pool noodle into three sections to make this.


Easy DIY Halloween Tulle Wreath

Photo Credit: diynoodles.com

Make this cute Halloween tulle wreath with these easy instructions and video tutorial. Using a pool noodle as a form works very well for wrapping tulle.


Easy Oversized Christmas Wreath DIY

Photo Credit: abeautifulmess.com

Learn how to make the biggest pool noodle wreath ever for Christmas! This huge statement piece will look amazing in your home - and the post shows you how to pull it apart for storage.


Easy Ornament Wreath Tutorial

Photo Credit: milkpaint.com

Ornament wreaths can get really heavy, especially as they get larger. The nice thing about a pool noodle is it keeps the wreath somewhat light and definitely easy to hang! You'll want this statement piece wreath above your mantel.


Pine and Plaid Christmas Wreath

Photo Credit: www.homeroad.net

If you like a bit of a rustic touch for your decor, this pool noodle wreath is going to be right up your alley! I particularly love the pine and the buffalo plaid ribbon that was used.


DIY Pool Noodle Christmas Wreath

Photo Credit: theprojectpile.com

Christmas garland is awesome for making wreaths. I used it along with a wire wreath form to make five minute Christmas wreaths. I love this version with dollar store supplies, and an ornament to boot.


Super Cute Pool Noodle Snowman Wreath

Photo Credit: diynoodles.com

Make this awesome snowman wreath from pool noodles. A cute winter decoration for your front door, it's easy to make and fun, too!


Thrifty Winter Pool Noodle Wreath

Change out your holiday decor for this cute wreath made just for winter. I love that it uses leg warmers to cover the noodle!

Did you enjoy these pool noodle wreath ideas? Let me know what you think in the comments! I hope you’ll check out these other posts with home decor projects:

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