Spider Lollipop Craft

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This quick and easy spider lollipop craft will be a favorite preschool Halloween craft in your home or in the classroom. Little hands will easily turn a sucker into a cute spider!

Spider Lollipops made from pipe cleaners and tootsie rolls

Look no further for a perfect Halloween Craft for preschoolers. This easy spider craft is doable for little hands but can also be quite fun for older kiddos. Lollipop Spiders come together quickly and any well-stocked craft bin will have the pieces you need to make them.

Here is a short video to see how Spider Lollipops Come Together

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What You Need for Spider Lollipops

This craft is seriously one of the easiest Halloween Crafts we have. Here is what you need!

Pipe cleaners, tootsie roll and googly eyes

Step 2: Cut the pipe cleaners in half

An easy way for kids to gauge the halfway point is to have them fold the pipe cleaners in half first. Use some quality scissors and cut them in half.

Craft materials for Spider Lollipops

Step 3: Wrap the Pipe Cleaners Around the Sucker

Give the pipe cleaners you just cut one tight wrap around the sucker stick. No need to glue!

Making a spider lollipop

Step 4: Add the Eyes

If you have adhesive googly eyes, stick them on. If not, use glue to attach the eyes. Give it a little time to try!

Feel free to have fun with these. You can choose bigger eyes or make them a little uneven.

Closeup of a spider craft

Lollipop Spiders: A Great Halloween Party Favor!

Once you get the hang of these, it takes less than a minute to whip one up. They’d be great for a Halloween party favor or to have kids do in a class party.

Spider lollipops: Halloween Craft

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