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Happy Easter to all who celebrate! In addition to today’s feature on Easter Crafts, here’s a roundup of additional Easter resources from all corners of Surfnetkids.com.

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Easter Crafts


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Spring has sprung. Easter is around the corner. And bunnies, baskets and eggs are cropping up everywhere! In celebration, here’s a round-up of Easter craft sites that go above and beyond the usual egg dying projects. Happy Easter!

All Free Crafts: Easter

All Free Crafts offers more than fifty Easter-craft projects organized into five sections: Easter Bunnies, Easter Egg Crafts, Easter Baskets, Easter Projects, and Easter Printables. Each project is illustrated (yay!), has a supplies list, a video, and a printable version without ads. Crafts for other holidays can be found visiting the home page, and hovering over Celebrations in the main navigation menu.

Craftbits: Easter Crafts

Visit for ideas and instructions for homemade Easter baskets, Easter decorations, and Easter eggs. Some of the ideas are contributed by community members, but all are illustrated, include links to related crafts, estimated time to finish the crafts, and age group recommendations. Crafts for Christmas and Valentine’s Day are listed in the left-hand menu.

Martha Stewart: Easter Crafts and Activities

Although many of these projects are too complicated for little hands, there are plenty of crafts that can be done with your little ones. Scroll through the slide show to see thirty-two Easter ideas that include crafts and activities. “Think beyond the Easter egg hunt and set up fun kids’ activities, like an Egg Relay Race.”

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Quote of the Week

“Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose.” ~~ Charles Du Bos ~~ Check out more quotes about creativity to inspire your next Easter crafting session.

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