The Best Easy DIY Halloween Party Decorations For The Whole Family

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Selection of easy homemade Halloween party decorations. Create some spooky decorations perfect for indoors and outdoors that both kids and adults will love.

Use these DIY decoration ideas to create a zone that is suitable scary and suitable fun all at the same time.

DIY Halloween Party Decorations

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How Can I Decorate My House For Halloween?

There are so many ways that you can decorate your home for Halloween, and whether you decorate inside, outside or both is really personal preference.

Whilst purchasing Halloween decorations is a quick and easy option, it can easily blow out the budget.

Creating your own Halloween decorations is easier than you think, and we have lots of ideas to keep you going. 

If you would like to substitute some store bought items to your crafted ones, keep an eye out in dollar shops for fun decor. You will be able to find some great items that can also be used with the craft ideas below.

When Should I Put Up My Halloween Party Decorations?

This question is really like answering “how long is a piece of string”. There is no right or wrong time to decorate your house for Halloween.

If you are someone who loves having festive decor around, then you might like to start putting up the decorations at the end of September and enjoy the whole of October as a Halloween month. 

Otherwise you might like to decorate purely for the party you are holding in which case you don’t need to put up the decorations until a few days before.

If you wish to decorate inside and outside of the home and really turn the space into a Halloween zone, then you will need more time than simply decorating the mantel.

If you are holding a large party, you will need to take into consideration how long it will take you to put up the decorations you require. It is always advisable to start sooner rather than later to avoid the last minute stress.

Also ensure that you allow enough time to make the decorations. If you are making several decorations, this may take longer than you initially think.

If however you are decorating purely for your own enjoyment, then the timing is really your own personal preference.

Generally Halloween decorations would be taken down during the first few days of November.

What Is The Most Popular Halloween Decoration?

So you want to know what is the most popular Halloween decoration? This is kind of a hard question to answer as there are SO many cool decorations that you can make.

However, there are a few certain common themes that if you use them in your decoration you can’t go too far wrong.

These include:

  • Jack O’Lanterns
  • Spiders
  • Ghosts
  • Witches
  • Skulls and Tombstones
  • Anything zombie!

What Are The Best Colors To Use For Halloween Decor?

Whilst you can decorate with any dark colors for Halloween, there are typically 3 colors that are popular.

  1. Black
  2. Orange
  3. Purple

Mix these colors with spooky white spider webs and you are off to the right start with your awesome party decor.

Halloween Wreaths

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of decor to the home is to create a Halloween wreath. Guests will instantly see it as they arrive at your door.

There are lots of different style Halloween wreaths that will all make an impact.

Halloween Treat Wreath

Source: Boulder Locavore

This Halloween wreath is not only an amazing Halloween party decoration, but it is also great for trick or treater’s.

The wreath is absolutely covered with candy pops that people can help themselves too.

That’s a pretty awesome wreath if you ask me!


Eyeball Halloween Wreath

Source: Crayons & Cravings

Do you get the feeling someone is watching you?

You certainly do with this wreath!

Create the wreath with lots of eyeballs and all the supplies you can pick up from the dollar store.

Eye Ball Halloween Wreath

Rustic Halloween Wreath

Source: Savvy Honey

The rustic Halloween wreath is perfect for those that want to decorate for Halloween, but like the idea of something subtle.

Black hydrangeas, plaid ribbon and a white wreath will provide you with a finished tasteful wreath that will greet everyone that comes to your home.


Skull Wreath

Source: Mom Foodie

The skulls in this wreath are solar powered, which adds a whole new element of fun to the wreath.

During the day you can appreciate and enjoy the decoration in the wreath and at night the wreath turns into a glowing ring of skulls. It’s pretty awesome.

skull wreath

Outdoor Halloween Party Decorations

Having decor outside of the home will add to the creepy vibe. These decorations are perfect for decorating the porch or the yard.

Wooden Ghosts

Source: Happiest Camper

These Halloween ghosts would look perfect sitting on the porch or scattered around the garden.

With a simple tutorial to follow, there is no limit to how many ghosts you could make.

Halloween Wooden Ghosts

Halloween Keep Out Door

Source: Crafts By Amanda

This keep out door is totally awesome. It would be the perfect way to set the scene of a Halloween party.

It’s an inexpensive decoration that is easy to put together and looks amazing.


Skeleton Bird Cage

Source: Big Bears Wife

This skeleton bird cage is the creepiest thing and as such ideal for Halloween.

Decorations don’t get much easier than this one!


Pumpkin Pinata

Source: Mom Junky

Everyone loves a pinata at a party, and this pumpkin pinata is perfect for Halloween parties.

The kids can enjoy creating it, filling it and then finally smashing it!

Pumpkin Pinata


Halloween Party Decorations For Around The House

Decorations inside the home are easy to coordinate since you don’t have to worry about any weather situations.

Plus you can really go to town with decorating every room in the house to really let everyone feel that Halloween vibe.

Halloween BOO Box’s

Source: Scrappy Geek

These Halloween box’s will look great scattered anywhere around the home.

Place them on the floor, on the mantel or anywhere that could do with a bit of extra holiday decoration. They are easy to make and a whole lot of fun to look at.

Halloween Boo Boxs

Cheesecloth Ghosts

Source: Scrappy Geek

Need some extra ghosts to sit on your food party table? How fun are these cheesecloth ghosts.

They would be perfect for scattering around the home and hiding some treats.

cheesecloth ghosts

Halloween Pine Cone Flowers

Source: Sustain My Craft Habit

Simple decorations are quite often the best and a great example of that are these Halloween pine cones. 

They have been painted in Halloween colors, and put together to form a fantastic bouquet. They would be perfect as a centrepiece or to scatter around the home.

Halloween pine cones

Halloween Flower Arrangement

Source: Unique Creations by Anita

This flower arrangement would look great as its own unique decoration, or also having several of them around the house would look fantastic for a party.


Skeleton Hand Candle Holders

Source: Finding Zest

With just a couple of items from the dollar store you could be making yourself this awesome skeleton hand candle holder.

It’s the perfect party decoration to have around the home and would look suitably spooky when lit up.


Halloween Skull Decor

Source: Unique Creations By Anita

Decorating the home with skulls is always going to look great over Halloween.

These fun skull decorations would be great to intermingle with other Halloween decorations, or to clump together as a group.

Halloween skulls

Halloween Potion Bottles

Source: The Soccer Mom Blog

Apothecary jars are always great to use as decoration and with a little bit of crafting they can be turned into any theme.

The free printables can be used to add an extra ‘punch’ to these Halloween styled potion bottles.

They would be perfect for decorating around the home.

Halloween Potion Bottles

Sparkly Spiderwebs

Source: The Craft At Home Family

Need some decoration for your indoor windows? These sparkly spiderwebs will do just the trick.

They may be a little bit fiddly to make, but they are also a whole lot of fun.


Spooky Halloween Soap

Source: Drug Store Divas

Have you thought about using some specific soap in your Halloween decoration? 

This is super simple to do and would be a lot of fun in the bathroom. It’s not where people would expect to see the decor which makes it even more reason to do it!


Pumpkin Faces With Cloves

Source: Cupcakes and Cutlery

These pumpkin faces are such a simple and fun decoration that the kids can enjoy making.

They would make the house smell great too!



Halloween Lanterns

Halloween Lanterns are perfect for decorating both indoors and outdoors.

This range will ensure that your home is suitably lit up in the most creepiest of ways.

  1. Laundry Jug Jack O’ Lantern – The Soccer Mom Blog
  2. Jack O’Lanterns Luminary – Boulder Locavore
  3. Mummy Mason Luminary – Pink Fortitude
  4. Paper Luminaries – Lil Tigers
  5. Halloween Lanterns – Frugal Mom Eh!
  6. Owl Luminary Craft – Frugal Mom Eh!

Lantern Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is a great time to fill your home with spooky decorations. Whether they are for a party or just home decor to get into the spirit of the Halloween season, the decorations will be fun to create and even more fun to look at.

With some simple crafting, your home indoors and outdoors will be rocking the Halloween vibe.

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