The Five Best Valentine Ideas for Good Childhood Memories

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 Valentine parties are a memorable part of childhood.  I always looked forward to decorating a little box to hold my special Valentine cards and treats from classmates.  These are the best kind of childhood memories! As a mom, I love seeing my own children enjoy Valentine's Day traditions with their classmates.  In today's post, I'll share five Valentine ideas that cover a variety of childhood interests and that make good childhood memories.  We ordered all of our Valentine supplies from Oriental Trading.  They have an amazing selection of Valentine supplies that cover every childhood interest, including cats, robots, planes, and more! No matter what your child is obsessed with, I bet that you'll find the supplies that you need for their perfect class Valentines.

1. Valentines for MineCraft, Robotics, and Computer Fans

My son is obsessed with robots and MineCraft. His robotics team meets every week and they have a lot of fun with their challenges. Similar to many other children, he also loves MineCraft. I merged these two interests to create the trendy Robot/Mine Craft themed Valentines below.  I filled the Love Robots Favor Boxes with Pixel Bytes Gummy Candy Fun Packs and Hershey Hugs & Kisses.  

The arms on the little robots move up and down.  The candies are sure to be a hit since the children all love MineCraft!

In addition to the trendy Valentines with candy, we also ordered a fun craft for his class party. We stuck with the computer and pixel theme by ordering the Pixilated Heart Weaving Mat Craft Kit. This is a great way to keep little hands busy.  It's perfect for class parties, clubs, playdates, and other parties.  I used to enjoy projects that involved weaving as a child such as making potholders. This kit from Oriental Trading is a modern twist on weaving projects.

2. Valentines for Star Wars Fans
Star Wars is still going strong, especially with the new movie release.  Oriental Trading has the most amazing selection of Star Wars products.  We combined the Star Wars Lollipop Card Valentine Exchange Kit with trendy Star Wars Pencils and BB-8 Erasers.

The combination of the fun Valentine card and candy with school supplies is perfect for the classroom setting. My son will tell you that cool pencils and erasers are a big deal at his age.

3. Valentines that Fly
The next set of Valentines are adorable!  Why give a plain Valentine when you can give one that flies?!  Oriental Trading has the cutest Valentine Glider Assortments. The assortment comes with 10 different types of gliders with everything from cats to camouflage!   These Valentines are sure to stand out!

4. Valentines that Double as School Supplies
Do you remember all of the school supplies that you sent to school with your child back in August?  Well, if you peak inside of your child's classroom, you'll probably find that the kids loved some of those school supplies a bit too much. They break a lot of pencils, wear out erasers, and more.  We love the Valentine Arrow Pencils with Erasers because they are a great way to freshen up some of the school supplies in the classroom.  The children in my son's class go through pencils and erasers quickly, so these pencils with the generously sized erasers are perfect.

5. Valentines for Chocolate Lovers
Finally, let's not forget about teachers.  We combined the trendy White Heart Metal Pails with Hershey's Kisses Truffle Chocolate Candy. The White Heart Metal Pails come in a set of 12 and are easy to fill with candy. We put these together in less than 15 minutes.


We also recommend putting a decorative bag around this Valentine gift so that it doesn't spill.  We used bags from the Valentine Cellophane Bags Assortment. This set of Valentine bags is nice because it includes 60 bags. We used some of the other bags to place a craft kit in a bag for each child for a class party. We also used some to combine the Valentine gliders with the Valentine arrow pencils and erasers.

We hope that you enjoy our tips and have fun creating good childhood memories with your children!

Thanks to Oriental Trading for providing complementary products. All opinions are honest and our own.